Sharp ISO1 Android Smartbook On Video!


Last week we told you a bunch about the Sharp ISO1 Android Smartbook and brought you a boatload of pictures and details. The hardware looked a tad bit dated, but the concept was one we thoroughly enjoyed, and now we get to see it in action! The friendly interwebz people at YouTube are so graciously hosting some videos by Gigazine (found by Pocketables) that show the Sharp ISO1 in action:

Not a whole lot of meat on those video-bones, but that IS action nonetheless. The images move don’t they? And they move pretty smoothly – multi-touch looking good. But how about seeing that keyboard in action? That definitely has me the most curious. Afterall, if the keyboard sucks, what’s the point in having one? Might as well be a tablet.

Keep it coming, Sharp!

Rob Jackson
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  1. lol, damm skippy the thing looks dated.
    Its rendering those pages pretty jittery as well.

    fail i would suggest

  2. I’m not seeing the point of this form factor. Tablets are the next “big thing”. I’d rather have my Droid than the ISO1.

  3. I personally wouldn’t buy one.

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