HTC Hero Getting Android 2.1 April 16th?


hero-otaVerizon recently pushed the Android 2.1 update to Motorola Droid’s around America and now its time for the HTC Hero to get its dose of goodness. Continue crying Droid Eris and Sprint Hero owners… this one is only rumored for the European HTC Hero. That doesn’t mean you won’t get it sooner or later, it just means this latest rumor is not associated.

According to HTC Club, an inquiry regarding the 2.1 update for the Hero was sent to HTC who responded with the following:

Thank you for contacting us,

Regarding your request, kindly be informed that there are Rom upgrades to the HTC Hero released for the handsets with the following Roms Nordic/Greek/RUS/UKR/SA on the 16th of April.
Rom upgrades for other handsets should follow shortly.

Please note that you can contact us via support line. For further details, please go to http://www.htc.com/europe/CA_Hotline.aspx, you’ll find a toll free number that you can dial only from a landline.
Best Regards,
HTC Team

Just to reiterate those key points:

  • HTC Hero
  • Android 2.1
  • April 16th
  • Other handsets should follow shortly

This is the kind of stuff we like to hear – let the waiting begin continue! Oh yeah, and for the record, this is filed as a rumor.

[Via PhoneArena, GSMdome]

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  1. there are some really nice 2.1 roms out on xda right now!

  2. They are talking about the EU GSM hero, which is a totally different beast than the sprint CDMA one all the readers here have.. We’ve been teased and mislead enough by sprint/google/htc and adobe when it comes to the hero.. The only article we want to see, at this point, is “sprint hero 2.1 update now available via OTA”

    How stupid is it that my GOOGLE phone doesn’t have GOOGLE EARTH??

    It’s funny how verizon has new droid ads because they finally have 2.1.. (running slow as @#$# I hear..) “here’s all the stuff droid didn’t, but now (barely) does do..”

  3. im sick of waiting for my Droid Eris…they missed their Q1 deadline and did not have the decency to even tell us that they knew they missed it

  4. Better to wait htc hero2
    rumor rumor rumor
    No more htc products

  5. ugh!!!sprint sucks too!!! Still waiting for 2.1 on my hero and moment!

  6. Sprint’s only promise was “early Q2”. Since Q2 just started, I’d say they have some time yet before we can start acting indignant. http://twitter.com/sprint/status/9189584357

  7. Russian HTC announced over twitter – multiple times from April the 2nd – that on 2nd of April an internal release has been distributed OTA to HTC employees for testing, and that they were looking forward to releasing the ROM to everyone on April the 16th. Meanwhile, Dutch HTC has, upon request, responded over twitter that the update will the “this month, can’t tell when exactly”.

  8. @prepH
    I have the Euro Hero, I’m from the UK. End your assumption that America = World.

  9. @prepH
    you have no idea what you’re talking about..
    America isn’t the only country that has the internet
    other people read this site as well
    America != World.

  10. I’ve been waiting for this since the rumoured Donut update 6 months ago. That list doesn’t include UK but surely it won’t be long after. Surely. My HTC Desire will (hopefully) be here by Friday. Oh well, I might get a bit more interest on eBay for a hero with 2.1.

    I wonder what the geographical distribution of Phandroiders is. N.A and E.U. dominated I would guess, although I know there are some south Asians on.

  11. EU Hero was better. Its a good question about how many Phandroid users are in North America and Europe. From my experience being so long in europe,asia, mid-east, Nokia phones seem dominant (except not in the USA – Motorola, blackberry, Samsung, iphone.) The Android scene is amazing in the US now, people installing custom ROMS on the HTC phones. “Droid Does” was a successful campaign and the buy-one-get free with a 2 year contract deals. Everyone’s Facebook now is like Posted by “Facebook for Android”.

  12. Other sites have rumors of April 9th for the Sprint Hero.

  13. You Know What this is fucking bullshit and I am sick of this shit Yes I bought the Hero with the knowledge it would be getting 1.6 and they are still bullshitting now! Fuck This! sick of Shit and these android sites always fueling the hype its bullshit too! I would XDA my phone but I need EVEYTHING WORKING (GPS)

  14. they have roms that will give you everything working(gps) using the google nav on my hero is cool.
    look for the latest damagecontrol roms. and donate some cash to him for his efforts if you’re pleased.

  15. Everyone who is whining about getting 2.1 on their Sprint Hero, seriously just drop over to XDA and flash it. It has been running perfectly on my Hero since last weekend. It takes all of 20 min and that’s if you are new to the process.

  16. Rich, how did you flash it? I couldn’t figure it out!!!

  17. Find me on the XDA CDMA Hero forum section http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=519. My forum name is richse. I and most of the people there can help you with flashing and whatever else. They taught me everything. They have some really great walkthrough guides too.

  18. Confirmed! More or less :) I’ve received respond from European support that upgrade will be rolling out by the middle of April. (POLAND)

  19. No UK? I’m outraged! I’m e-mailing HTC!

  20. Nordic/Greek/RUS/UKR/SA = Nordic/Greek/Russia/Ukraine/South Africa!
    No UK here :(

  21. Relax, UK English is included in most european based roms.
    “Nordic/Greek/RUS/UKR/SA” is probably the language pack.

  22. im from the UK and I have a HTC Tattoo so count yourselves lucky you are getting any update at all. Although the mention of “other handsets” above does led me to think…………

  23. yawn…by the time Sprint releases Android 2.1 for the Hero, I’ll be buying Hero2, or Evo

  24. @Matt
    I’m from South Africa. The correct abbreviation for the Republic of South Africa is RSA. I’m guessing the SA in the list is South America… Normally we are linked (but delayed by a few weeks/months) to the UK.
    I also have a Tattoo…

  25. It’s a long time now that we are waiting for this upgrade… :-(

  26. And what about Spain? :(. We want our update too!!!

  27. Seriously… Yall are wineing over an update that you can easily download and install over on xda??? Is it the work involved that puts you off? Not easy enough?

  28. OurPrisonPlanet – All current ROM’s on XDA work on an old kernal which has flaws and problems. Some ROM programmers have minimised the impact, but the problems are still there.

    The real 2.1 will have a better kernal.
    That is why people want to wait.

    Also, some people are scared to root a phone, I don’t blame them either.
    Expensive thing to potentialy ruin!

    So stop being a cow.

  29. Is it possible that the forward slash is in the wrong place and it should read Nordic/Greek/RUS/UK/RSA ?

  30. OurPrisonPlanet – I’d say it’s general ignorance putting me off. When I read about ROMs, I read about broken Bluetooth or GPS, or lack of Sense or any of a thousand other little issues. Are there fully featured, stable ROMs available? How do they affect warranty and insurance?

  31. I cant believe this shit. I switched from iphone because I thought they treat their customers like crap but htc are even worse.

  32. They should just release it already.

  33. yes I know about xda roms, but I don’t want to use it, because people report that there are always some functions are not working, hence we are waiting for the official rom.

    BTW, if I flashed my phone with custom rom, can I still update my phone with the offical update rom?

  34. thanks Rich, I just flashed the 2.1 on mine

  35. @Ario Does everything work?

  36. Hmm…why is the European Hero called European Hero when we also get the same one here in Asia? So what about the update for us here in Hong Kong?

  37. Reading with interest this 16th April update time frame, I have been having several issues with the Hero which has put me in contact with the supplier and HTC direct in the UK, the last email I had from HTC with regards to the Android 2.1 update states, there is as yet no time frame for the release due to problems with the sense UI..I think the point to take into account here is the wording ‘problems’ what what I have seen of Android 2.1 on an actual Hero albeit in a Beta state, its slows the system down so much that I don’t think people will be to happy with it…time will tell!

  38. If the iPhone G4 has multitasking, I’m done with Google, HTC and Sprint. They are playing all these games but the end-game is that they have alienated so many people that nobody wants to play anymore in their sandbox. Apple is easy to criticize, but at least the rules of the game are consistent and everything they promise comes with a delivery date.

  39. zdrman
    HTC are in no way needing to pump out this update at all. They are doing what they can to provide the update but Sense takes time to test and perfect.

    I don’t know why people are so up in arms about the “delays” (even though there were never any defined release dates). Exactly, what? Two devices have the 2.1 update officially? HTC are hardly behind the game.

  40. G8D
    I guess the only reason why people are fired up is because of hearing these never-ending rumors of the updates(which get confused into promises)and that new android phones are on the herizon stating they’ll be out with the 2.1 update. Also the HTC Hero was the first to have the Sense UI and people are wondering whats the problem with updating it on an specific date. I just wish we could get an official word on updates to certain phones.

  41. what ever happened to “My Touch” UPGRADES from TMobile… Come on!!

  42. G8D,

    I get it….don’t make any promises…just keep saying soon…well soon the G4 iPhone will be here ….you will know it…Apple will announce a date and people will be queuing outside their stores wanting it, knowing they will get it and it will be multi-tasking! HTC has sense working on lots of phones, but no sense about keeping their existing customers happy…perfect way to turn them into ex-customers… the “Soon Network” experience is a losing proposition for me.

  43. G8D,

    There are people who bought the phone because they heard HTC will be releasing the update “soon”. Just like you bought a house in a new area because the council told you there will be a brand new town center “soon” but keeps delaying.

  44. Sprint HTC Hero Android 2.1 = Vaporware? Sure seems like it.

  45. I still have 1.5, but if I don’t hear anything by 4/16, I’m going to flashytown and getting 2.1.

  46. Well?… Where is it then?

  47. im thinking the same thing spatchcock. Just been on phone to HTC, and T-mobile.
    HTC is saying they only have confirmation of OTA STARTING on the 30th april, but that not everyone in uk will update at same time, and T-mobile’s response was along the lines of “what update?….”

  48. so where is it Sprint? nice april 16th update. nice april 9th update. glad you got your shit in gear. i thought you are a “COMMUNICATIONS” company.

  49. I’m pretty sure it’s coming out tomorrow. Or the next day. DEFINITELY by the day after that. Maybe.

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