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The Nexus One made its debut as being the first phone sold directly through Google, and right now, the only accessory you can buy through that site is a spare/replacement battery. But what about all the sweet extras like protective covers and gel skins? Plenty of 3rd parties carry those, but it looks as though pretty soon you’ll be able to grab them directly from you local T-Mobile store courtesy of HTC!


Although HTC was left off the branding for the Nexus One itself, it seems as though the Carrier/Manufacturer duo have teamed up to bring accessories for the phone to customers. The picture above comes from TMOtoday from a “trusted source”. Doesn’t look like there is much you can argue about here.

Not only is this a great idea simply from a servicing your customers standpoint, but accessories have high margins, and I’m guessing this is just another way to leverage in-store traffic to drive additional revenue. TMOtoday suggests this COULD be a sign that T-Mobile will carry the Nexus One in-store soon… but I wouldn’t bank on that.

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  1. Maybe they’re getting the branding back? The boxes say “Designed to fit the HTC Nexus One”.

  2. I almost pulled out my credit card and bought this bad boy today! Something tells me there will be a price drop and in store soon.I will unfortunately wait a little longer.

  3. I have to agree I think that soon the Nexus One will be available at all major carriers and an in store buy as well. I hope that way I can play with the Nexus One before I buy it.

  4. Still wonder if it were in stores if people on a family contract can buy one or not…

  5. You can also get the overpriced dock at

  6. ??? The Nexus One has always had HTC branding… Google just sells it exclusively, and as the main developer phone. It’s official name is “HTC Nexus One by Google”… it’s on HTC’s website prominently as their phone… the media just loves to mis-represent it as the “Google Phone”…

  7. @ TF

    Very true

  8. Yep, everyone in the media is saying Google is now a phone manufacture – of course they are not.

  9. Where is the bloody car dock!!!

  10. I have a Nexus – and it has “HTC” written right on the back… not as large as other HTC devices, but it IS branded ‘HTC’…

  11. ZAGG, the owners of InvisibleSHIELD also sell a full body skin for the Nexus One on their site ( It’s a bit pricey at $24.99, but you can probably find similar competing products on eBay.

    If anybody isn’t familiar with InvisibleSHIELD, it’s been around for a few years. One thing I remember about them is that they test their material on helicopter rotor blades to ensure durability.

  12. How about the pouch? I need a new one :(

  13. Looks good.

    Would be nice if you could just pop into the shop and buy one.

  14. They don’t test their material on rotor blades, the technology was originally used to protect them from dust and other things that can be severely detrimental to a helicopter’s operations.

    And I can personally guarantee all of you hopefuls that the Nexus One will NOT be carried in stores. Google has exclusive rights to selling it.

  15. @peter the car dock is availible now through !!

  16. Bringing up ZAGG, the InvisibleSHIELD (which I have) is labeled as “Google Nexus One” on the packaging. Just to throw that out there. And to parrot what’s already been said: “HTC” is written on the back of the Nexus One, albeit much smaller than “Google”.

  17. @peter – not sure if you’re still checking this… but the Car Dock is now available on the site. I’m not sure if you’ll enjoy the numbers that come after “$” tho… it’s a tad bit more than I expected to see…

  18. Sorry David… didn’t read the rest, just checked the thread to make sure it was the correct one and it had that question in it.

  19. @James, eating your own words now that Google has said they will stop selling the phone online, due to poor reception because people want to play with it first, and that it will be sold in stores?

  20. I just bought one through google and LOVE it. Identical to the iphone…light weight, fun, and easy to use! GPS is amazing and it has a talk to text function that I love for when I am driving!

  21. screen cover and gel case also great and fit perfect…

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