Verizon iPhone To Dual Boot Android, Rock 4G LTE


A year ago, Verizon was still considered one of those uptight carriers who gimped their devices. Now America’s largest carrier is helping LEAD the way to innovation, aggressively adopting Android and integrating Skype. But the fact that the Motorola Droid landed on Verizon as the first 2.0 phone with Google Navigation while practically every other device got stuck on 1.x – coincidence? Absolutely not.

verizon-iphoneVerizon has bargaining power and they are some real tough mamma jammas. They turned down Apple to exclusively carry the iPhone and haven’t looked back. While rumors about a Verizon iPhone have cropped up every year for the past three, nothing has happened. You know why? Because Apple isn’t providing enough for Verizon Wireless. They want something special.

Just look at what Verizon did with the Palm Pre. They played “wait and see” with the device, and when they finally launched it, demanded they get “Plus” versions of the phone. For those waiting for the Verizon iPhone… Verizon has been waiting too – for Apple to give them that special “Plus” on top. And now they will… reluctantly.

According to an anonymous tipster, Verizon has agreed to terms with Apple on the iPhone 4GA, a device that will not only utilize the carrier’s brand new 4G LTE connectivity, but also dual boot Android. Yup… an Apple iPhone will dual boot Android.

With Android market share rapidly growing, Apple has been on the defensive and felt a partnership with Verizon would help them go on the offensive. Steve Jobs was reportedly “fuming and furious” at Verizon’s request/demand to dual boot Android, calling the concept ludicrous but leaving the door open for negotiation. So that’s what happened.

According to the tipster, Apple will ship up to 1 million iPhones in October, to an unidentified 3rd party software engineering firm in the United States. The contracted company will re-engineer the devices to dual boot Android before shipping them to Verizon stores in November, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Why the added step and 3rd party contractor? Steve Jobs REFUSED to ship anything but pure, holy iPhones although Apple IS altering their OS security and APIs so the 3rd party can integrate Android easier. These concessions weren’t achieved easily, which is exactly why the previous couple years of “Verizon iPhone” rumors have fallen flat. The Steve Jobs’ ego got in the way of allowing Verizon to do anything “extra” and once Android was mentioned? Look out.

I’m eager to see what Apple and Steve Jobs will have to say about the Verizon iPhone when it is announced – they will supposedly claim they have nothing to do with the Android portion of the phone and that Verizon licensed the iPhone OS to purchase the ability to do what they want. Android is what they chose to do, but I assume Jobs will provide some snark comments about the iPhone alone being more than enough.

Now that impromptu cafe meeting between Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt seems to make a  bit more sense… and Jobs’ temper regarding Google and Android seems a little more normal, too. Imagine having the Verizon CEO approaching Steve Jobs and saying, “We want to partner with Apple, but the iPhone isn’t good enough. We want Android on it, too.”

Yeah, that would piss anyone off. But forget about it, because the awesome outcome is that Verizon will be getting an iPhone that dual boots Android. Or not ;)

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. :-)


    First “AF” article I have read and actually smiled!


  2. April Fools!

  3. Poor smooter. If only he realized what today is. That’s what we like to call an easy target.

  4. damn it! haha

  5. @TJ +1! not happening…if APPLE is having a fit with HTC, they definitely would have an issue with VZW altering the iphone…April Fools!

  6. Haha, good one, wouldn’t it be funny if Jobs got a hold of this joke, he would probably spontaneously combust.

  7. Extremely great fools. Hopefully this gets to Steve Jobs I would love to see his face. But I like the one about Apple becoming a Health Insurance company.

  8. Bazman af=april fools lol

  9. Shameless plug of my own, a bit more realistic, April Fools – Android 2.5 upcoming features leaked: http://www.androidpolice.com/2010/04/01/exclusive-google-android-2-5-froyo-rom-and-upcoming-features-leaked/

    OK, I lied – it’s just as realistic as Yahoo buying Google. But poking Apple with a stick never gets old.

  10. Poor Bazman. If only he realized that “AF” meant April Fools. Then he would have known that smooter understood the concept of april fools, and knew that this was in fact an april fools article.

  11. Rob Jackson, you so crazy! Thanks for the laugh today.

  12. LMFAO – Half way though I was thinking, “What a damn stupid rumor, this is by far the dumbest iRumor that I have ever seen.” Then it hit me. You got me for a few sec.!

  13. this one is easy to detect !! :) but I bet you one day some good and brave guys will port Android to Iphone

  14. Nice one phandroid…lol,nearly got me.

  15. Well done.

  16. Like this story … too bad its an april fools prank

  17. This almost had me when I read the title lol. Good one.

  18. In my world, AF = AndroidForums ;)

  19. ah! totally got me… shish man! =)

  20. I forgot it was April 1st until I read that headline on Twitter.

  21. I knew it was your guys’ AF prank but I wasn’t sure until the part where Jobs gave in, then I knew

  22. lol @ Anthony
    pwned :P

  23. Jobs would more likely give up his ass in prison than submit to Google. He would rather fight Chick Norris than give in to Google… Yes, me too, I fell for it until you mentioned Jobs! hahahaha… Happy AF day!

  24. You had me going until the second last chapter. Nice work.

  25. It will never happen, why would someone put a dual boot device on the market and what does that say about Apple (desparation) and Jobs is not going to relenquish quality control over to some third party. For the last three years all of this talk of the iPhone going to VZW has been great for VZW not bleeding net adds. Everytime a carrier or phone maker comes out with something new that excludes VZW they (VZW) or some party affiliated with them either down plays the event. Why are their data cost going up and voice cost going down?

  26. Totally forgot it was April Fools, lol.

  27. > LEAD the way to innovation, aggressively adopting
    > Android and integrating Skype.


    Er… uh… Verizon was actually one of the LAST companies to have a Skype app.

  28. Nice work guys! I keep forgetting how much I love this time of year! Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

  29. > They turned down Apple to exclusively carry the iPhone
    > and haven’t looked back

    Huh????? Verizon CEO’s *HAVE* stated they want the iPhone.

    Not getting the iPhone was probably 1 of the biggest mistakes Verizon has *EVER* made. (They would currently have *ALL* 30 millions iphone users today. Instead, they have 0.)

  30. You guys have never gone fishing, have ya?

  31. “they will supposedly claim they have nothing to do with the Android portion of the phone and that Verizon licensed the iPhone OS to purchase the ability to do what they want. ” Yeah, those are doctor evil sized numbers. Steve Jobs can’t even count as high as he would like to open his system up.

  32. I read the title and knew what it was lol.

  33. LOL! I actually laughed out loud when I read the title of this one. Well done.

  34. I forgot that is wad April fools. Damn it.

  35. haha this got me for few sec and realized that today wat AF day..lol..this one is good to get any tech geeks lol

  36. At first I was like awesome. Then after getting about half way I realized what day it was.

  37. Damn! Got me again! You make the articles so damn believable.


    There’s absolutely NO WAY Steve Jobs will allow another device on their holier than thou iPhone.

    4G? Come on…. LTE is to far away for that to be believable.

    If your gonna do an April Fools story, make it believeable. I have to admit, I did bust a laugh at this one. Appreciate the Android Humor for the day.

  39. April fools!!!!!!!!!! If you believe this, I have a bridge to sell to you!!!

  40. dammit…i totally fell for this stint. nice!

  41. lolololololololololololololololoolololololoololololol


  42. Millions are willing to pay for the IPhone on Verizon, so do you really think Verizon is saying ‘No’ because the IPhone isn’t good enough?

    They don’t have it because they missed the boat when they had a chance. Businesses don’t get everything right. Remember “New Coke”?


  43. jajajaja, april fool, OMG this almost got me

  44. Pulte & Steve…. I’m guessing you don’t actually read the comments before you put your own, do you?

  45. I like how some folks have fallen for this, commented, and not read anyone elses comments, So they STLL DON”T KNOW! :)

  46. fucking april fools….

  47. Whew! I read this and my heart began to sink….then it hit me, April Fools! Thank God! lol

  48. hahaha. this was a really good one — one of my favorites today

  49. Wow…what a AF joke…had me for like 5 seconds…wouldn’t that be cool though??? Apple finally gets down of its high horse and rather than being a giant JERKOFF allows some integration? Hell has to freeze over first…HA! Stupid apple

  50. Man, I was so excited I went and told somebody, who reminded me it was April fools day..

    you got me

  51. Fortunately I made a mental note this morning while leaving the house that the Internet is not to be trusted in particular today.

  52. Totally got me until about half way through!! Great Post!

  53. hmm, although its a joke, this would be pretty interesting. bootcamp for iphone…

  54. Some of the comments on here are hilarious. You know which ones they are. The super aggravated/pissed off/serious comments. Good April Fools’ story.

  55. Yeah when I was reading this I was thinking, “what are you smoking Rob?” then when I was going to post some snarky comment about losing touch with reality I realized it was April Fools Day…Ah yes now it makes sense. Score one against team gullible :$

  56. LOL! Oh, shut up

  57. Lol I was confused at first then remembered what today was!

  58. I was about half way through before I remembered what day it was.

  59. Wade, I was so ticked at what I was reading that I couldn’t finish, but thanks

  60. I still like the one google has pulled better the translate to animals app in the market.

  61. hahahah thats pretty funny… u know what would be amazing though? If there was an iPhone-layered Android made, like HTC’s Sense or Motorola’s Motoblur… imagine?!

  62. no one would ever fall for that

  63. this was the ONLY good april fools day joke I’ve seen.

  64. LMFAO have very cheesy songs but i do like their songs .

  65. LMFAO is a good band, i like those hilarious MTV they make on youtube *,.

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