Reviews: HTC Desire & Entourage eDGe


A couple pretty interesting reviews popped up today on Engadget and CrunchGear, covering the HTC Desire and Entourage eDGe, respectively. We thought you’d like to hear the scoop so we’ve provided a summarizing snippet of each with links to the full reviews.

HTC Desire Review

The Desire is yet another fine piece of work from HTC – build quality is top notch as usual, and there’s little to complain about the software except for the Flash performance. Some may argue that the Desire lacks freshness since the Nexus One’s already shown it all, but we’d disagree – at the end of the day it’s mainly about the software and service, plus the Desire is available from more carriers to begin with (outside the US, anyway). [Read the full review]

Entourage eDGe Dualbook Review

The enTourage eDGe is a functional, easy-to-use device that currently defies formal classification. It’s primarily going to be useful to academics and people who spend a lot of time in books, but need more convenience than that offered by separate e-book reader and laptop. It has some warts, but offers surprising value in a first-generation device. [Read the full review]

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Speed Test: Flash vs. HTML5 On The Nexus One

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  1. Just got my Desire, it’s awesome!

    Only thing I’ve found is that my haptic feedback seems to be stuck on :( I hope its not faulty! I have definately disbaled it and restarted several times. Anyone experiencing the same issue?

    Other than that it rocks B-)

  2. Hah! Sorry… Just me being a no0b. Fixed :P Desire review looks good!

  3. Hi Patrick,

    Sorry for toal noob coment. I had desire on pre order but not sure what you ment by haptic feedback. Also just cancled my pre order due to delay, put back to the end of next week when i go on holiday(killing me expected to get it yesterday) now prob going to wait till the 20th when available from three

  4. lol such a noob i didnt even get no0b right

  5. Got mine yesterday – absolutely love it. Screen is a joy to behold, and compared to my old phone (LG Viewty), well its juswt a different world. Roll on the divX support though. Would like to be able to get the stargazer app that iphone has got though. I know we have Google sky maps, but the SG app just looks so neat. Want Google maps turn by turn as well, just no idea if it has it or not yet.

    Anybody want to educate me on how you actually buy apps from the marketplace? Does it just get added to your phone bill, or what is the deal please – much appreciated, thanks.

  6. it has google navigate built in so u dont need to buy anything. Apps basically are bought through your account with google via google checkout. credit or debit card

  7. Nice to see a N1-type phone make it onto the carriers :)

  8. Cheers Dustin _ posted from the Chinese takeaway on my new phone :-)

  9. Enjoy Ken!

  10. anyone know how to link the desire with entourage calendar?


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