Xperia X10 Launching On Rogers Next Week


xperia-x10-rogersThe Xperia X10 no longer has the crown for hottest upcoming Android, and pretty soon (finally) it won’t be “upcoming” in Canada. Last week the carrier sent out an E-Mail saying it would soon be available for pre-order, but that would be a short-lived pre-order has MobileSyrup says the phone should be made available between April 7th and 14th. That’s next week!

Plop down $550 straight up, or $150 on a 3-year contract, and the you could be wielding a Maple-powered X10. Whether you’ll want to? Let us know.

I’d just like to make a point that the “3-year contract” policy of Canadian carriers is ludicrous. Phones are evolving so quickly that ONE year later your mobile device is ancient, after 3 years it may have already crumbled into dust.

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  1. Sony, The company that is afraid of multitouch. So much afraid, they didn’t even spec a multitouch screen on the phone to begin with.


  2. Sad really and a year too late. 3 years??!! I thought the US had it bad. This phone does not support pinch-zoom not sure why not. Still has a nice camera but again a year too late.

  3. I am by no means a fan of Canada’s mobile telecom oligopoly. Their service prices are far too high and they generally care little for their customers.

    However, it should be noted in fairness of reporting that Rogers’ hardware upgrade policy allows everyone to qualify for new hardware upgrades after no more than 2 years (and potentially as little as one year depending on monthly expenditure on services).

    To get the best subsidized phone prices, you must sign a new 3 year contract however.

  4. This is why I just put a pay as you go sim chip in my Nexus One and use Wifi.
    I realise I’m lucky to be able to work from home and to have that wifi. Even if I didn’t have that, I still wouldn’t sign-up for a 2-year(typical length in the UK) contract for any phone. I’d much rather pay £400-500 up-front and get data somehow than pay £35/40-a-month for two years.

  5. Holy crap that Hot Tub Time Machine really works cause clearly I had to go back in time at least a year.

    This phone is a freakin joke!! I feel sorry for the uneducated consumers who buy this has been phone.

  6. I’m highly educated on phones, and I have this phone running on T-Mobile USA’s 3G network. I love it.
    There’s been a lot of talk within the past few days about lack of multi-touch, and Android 1.6. Which is true, but most consumers wouldn’t even notice.

  7. Nice phone. 6 months ago I would’ve been all over it. Now, not so much. The OS is too far behind.

  8. Sony need to get out their asses out.

  9. The 2.1 update is available on Sony Ericsson’s website.

    I agree that 2 year contracts is getting too much but these phones cost more and more to produce as they evolve. Therefore if we want super devices that do more than just dispense with a piece of string then we, the consumer, must pay the price.

    I eagerly await the Xperia X10 next week and I hope I am not disappointed. The interface of the iPhone has yet to be beaten but someone will one day.

  10. I didn’t find the 2.1 update on Sonyericsson’s site. Can you post a link?

  11. I installed it…. its still 1.6

  12. The 3-year contracts we deal with in Canada isn’t so bad, as long as you don’t leave the carrier within that time. Regardless, we can upgrade to a new phone after 2 years for up to another 3 years.

  13. stupid pipl ist not android 2.1, its sony update. and not for your phone – for pc

  14. If we upgrade to Android 2.1, what happens when Android 3.0 comes out. We will be behind again.

  15. This is the true monster people are waiting for!!! The lack of MT doesn’t take anything of this beast. It is still ready for the challenge and will seriously kick some as*

  16. I played with a X10 in an electronics store in the Taipei airport 1 week ago. Salesperson said it had Android 2.+ (not sure if 2.1) pre-loaded. Not sure why there’s all this conjecture about the X10 having Android 2.1 if it’s being sold with it in Taiwan already. Would Sony release the X10 with 1.6 in NA but 2.1 in Asia?

  17. I have this x10 on Orange over here in the UK.
    Its not as fast as my older iPhone 3GS was, but it can do more. well if you mean load in crap apps that will not resize right to the HD(LOL) screen res.

    I must say this IF and its a big IF Sony do get round to supporting this mobile, it has put me off buying a ipad. As I can see more on websites and most i visit will allow me to view the text at the lowest zoom and still be able to read it.

    If its a open OS as they claim, why does Google not do it where they provide a OS for all devices.

    Its like this if it was a NEW PC ( netbook not included ) Sony would have dropped on the lastest OS or people would not buy it? So why CON us with this Phone.

    Its only cause I was stupid I got this without reading up on it first. I had gone in to buy a PAYG mobile LOL

    If Google can make it stable and not run like a pile of poo like Windows mobile was when i last had one. It could be a great system.

    But thats just me LOL

    AND WTF is the point in putting the power/usb port on the bloody top…great for getting in the way when using the sat nav feature in car…ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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