Apr 1st, 2010

flash-vs-html5Unfortunately Android doesn’t yet have flash support on its phones by OS default, but we’ve been assured over and over again that it is coming. While Apple disregards Flash on the iPad in favor of HTML5 (and to spite Adobe), the jury is still out – and will be for some time – on which is more efficient for rendering animation.

Michael Chaize highlighted a test designed to determine which is currently faster on Android – Flash or HTML5 – by running some simple benchmarking animations on his Nexus One:

At about 2 minutes and 20 seconds in, you can clearly see that Flash is the victor, rendering animated balls with shadows MUCH more quickly and smoothly than HTML5 with both running on the Nexus One. Furthermore, when testing the animation with Flash 10.1 on the Nexus One he gets 20fps, while Safari only runs the animation at 1-2fps on the iPhone 3GS with HTML5.

A disclosure we should make: Michael Chaize is a Platform Evangelist for Adobe Flash. The original article where this was posted – TheManInBlue.com – came to this conclusion:

Flash still wins, but browsers are catching up.

But this isn’t battle whose outcome will be decided any time soon – if ever.

[Via AndroidAuthority]