Encore Appearance: MyTouch 3G Fender Edition Returns


mytouch-fender-back-ofcIt wasn’t just the idea to use Eric Clapton as the frontman for their MyTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition campaign that pushed the phone to sellout in record time, the phone stands on its own two feet by looking like a rockstar itself. I mean look at that gorgeous mug on the left – THAT is a classy piece of kit.

I’m not surprised the MyTouch Fender sold out, but like any great performer, cheers for the phone were heard and T-Mobile is about to push the device back on stage for one final set. At least that’s what internal documents leaked to TMOnews suggest.

According to the screenshot, T-Mobile will be receiving one final shipment of the phone to arrive on March 31st, 2010.


That’s tomorrow for those counting. If you’re dying for one of these devices, I might recommend NOT waiting until tomorrow, and instead contacting your T-Mobile stores to inquire. Maybe they’ll set on aside for you?

Let us know how you fare. MyTouuuuuuch… got me on my knees, MyTouch. My phone be ringing geez Mytouch.

Okay, back to earth.

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  1. crappy phone… why would they even do that? Why not give shells to superior phones… blah i have to shake my head at tmobile somtimes…

  2. I need MyTouch 3G Fender Edition like I need a hole in my sock. What I need is an Android phone from TMO with some decent processor and screen size for a change. Can you hear me now TMO…?

  3. i think it’s more for the croud that doesn’t really care for the techiest phone but a “fender” addition is cool

  4. the mytouch is awesome!!!! i have one and its way better than any other android phone especially the gay nexus one!!!!!!!!!

  5. @mytouch
    mytouch better than the Nexus One ?!!! i would love to have some of what you’re smoking

  6. @mytouch you dum boi. I have the G1, Google Ion(Google’s developer phone) and a Nexus One, the speed and power of the Nexus One will leave those phones crying in a corner.
    @Maj Good one.

  7. I think my HTC Desire is much better.

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