Sprint Clarifies: Voice + Wi-Fi Green Light For EVO 3G, 4G Still TBD


Just as soon as I published an article explaining that the HTC EVO 4G for Sprint won’t be able to handle simultaneous voice and data, readers began commenting and linking to an official update on the issue. Sprint has in fact tweeted clarification, claiming the EVO will do voice & data when on Wi-Fi, not when on 3G, and 4G compatibility is still being tested.


That’s DEFINITELY an improvement over the last round of rumors, and the fact that they haven’t shut the door on Voice + 4G data is promising. Hopefully their 4G signal will be strong enough and widespread enough so that a simultaneous connection won’t temporarily “pause” and cause the connection to be terminated. But hey – that’s what the whole “TBD” and “testing” thing are for.

[Thanks to all who  commented and sent this in!]

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  1. I cant wait for those annoying AT&T commercials with Luke Wilson to be over with.

    If the iPhone allowed tethering, I can see talking on the phone and surfing the internet would be a big deal. Since they don’t allow tethering, I don’t care about talking on the phone and surfing the web at the same time (except while driving).

    Since the Evo will be a wifi hotspot, its essential that it can take phone calls and still be connected, so ift his pans out, it will be great news for Sprint customers.

  2. So, as long as you’re thanking me for commenting and pointing this out, would you mind telling me why you deleted my comment from the other article? Considering I was the first comment on that article, and the first to point it out, I don’t really understand that course of action.

  3. @Jonathan: Good point. I hadn’t thought that all the way through.

  4. Worst article title ever :)

  5. I hope it works for the 4G cause I talk and surf all the time and my Nexus One has so many problems I might have to get the EVO. Also I heard on the Engadget podcast that Sprints 4G is just barely faster then their 3G. Sprint says 4G 3-6mbps and T-mobile is going to speed up their 3G to 21mbps, knowing this also makes me not want to go to Sprint.

  6. @jdog

    You are referring to “theroretical” speeds. They are only posting the speeds from lab testing which involves very little network traffic. It would not be wise to expect T-Mobiles “suggested” speeds on a network who is full of users. That is why none of these speeds matter at the moment. Once the phones are out and they are able to identify “actual” speeds, then those claims can be valid. For now they are just words to try and entice people talk about it. In all actuality sprints speed could be far better than they are listing but I think they want to keep expectations low until its out. BTW, on 4G using sprint I am getting much faster results in my house but of course its not the same as using a EVO.

  7. @swazedahustla Yeah your right I know what your talking about. Can you do a speed test on Sprints 4G, also it bothers me how carriers say their network will download so many mbps and its really half that number. So sprint will probably be closer to 3mbps. Check out this video of a guy doing a test with T-mobile’s 21mbps internet in Philidelphia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iE8LGEcDT-w
    Hopefully T-mobile is going to make this speed available to most of their customers by the middle of this year, they have already installed the equipment for this on the tower in my property in Houston.

  8. @Hugh Ha, I know. I was thinking “what’s this Wi-Fi Green Light and what’s the EVO 3G?”

  9. It would be an interesting improvement if they are able to do this.

  10. @swazedahustla

    Exactly, that is what a lot of folks fail to realize. Those so-called speeds At&t and Tmo are boasting, are not real-world test. Verizon and Sprint are the only networks that are honest about their speeds. We see what is happening to At&t and Tmo when devices hit their so-called network upgrades.

  11. Evo! I don’t care about Luke Wilson’s near pleas to not dump AT&T and how you can surf the web and talk at the same time (but I guess I do HAVE to talk, web surf, text, and drive at the same time since I just can’t multi task enough). In the end I’ll buy the Evo not because it can surf the web while I’m talking to someone, but because it pretty much just slays every other phone in existence.

  12. You CANNOT talk on the Evo and surf WIFI anymore. Once upon a time it worked. Not any more. how can the biggest phone out disappoint on this level. Simultaneous data thourgh wifi and Talk is not allowed on this device as of 12/18/10

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