Dell Aero To Become AT&T’s 2nd Android


AT&T recently launched their first Android smartphone – the Motorola Backflip – and the Dell Aero has just been announced as the carrier’s second phone with the open source platform. The press release gave few details about the Aero beyond its existence, but a new landing page at AT&T provides a few pictures and some details:

The Aero has a 3.5-inch screen, 5MP camera, and seems like a renamed version of the Dell Mini 3i – we’re wondering what version of Android that’s sitting on. Either way, it clearly isn’t your regular old Android and Dell has made some sweeping UI customizations that I’m hoping we don’t have to wait too long to check out for ourselves.

Now that AT&T seems to being going full speed ahead on Android too, it looks like there is no turning back. And for Dell, will they finally get the exposure and success in the smartphone market they’ve been hoping for with the help of Android?

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  1. Did you receive the photos with the crap shop job or did you do it yourself?

    The interface seems interesting. I like how the main buttons hang out up top; easier for one handed operation. I’d really like to see one in person though.

  2. A lot of research, design, and development must go into these custom UIs. It’d be nice if all that custom crap was optional, where by opting out your device would come loaded with a CLEAN install of the latest version of Android and you wouldn’t have to wait months/years for “manufacturer-tested” versions of Android going forward.

  3. Looks like the Sony X10 had a rendezvous with a palm pre.

    Any news on the spec sheet?

  4. Surely I can’t be the only one who noticed the horrible picture with facebook on the screen. How can a big company have that on their website? It’s such a bad photoshop job :S

  5. looks like another stupid and ugly phone for AT&T i lov it i hate AT&T and hope they never get a good android phone because they will simply destroy it like they did with the backflip. they will do the same to this new one

  6. I have to disagree with Scott I think that this is going to be a great start in the AT&T Android device field. The backflip was tweeked but I do not think that the dell phone should be as badly tweeked, and as far as every other carrier that I have had AT&T has been the best, and I have had no problems with AT&T just the stupid Samsung phone that I have with them. Also, I think that now an AT&T Nexus One 3g compatible phone is on the loose that hardly any phone is going to compare but we shall see… SPECKS for the Dell phone please!

  7. @scott… I know this may be a surprise to you, but there are a lot of AT&T users who really want a great android phone, but can’t switch to another network. Don’t be a douche bro. This second android phone looks pretty disappointing. I want a high end phone on AT&T’s network for a subsidized price!!

  8. @ Matt W, I’m one of those users who is waiting for a great an android phone. I’m at the point where Im paying month to month, so Im just patiently waiting on the HTC Desire or Xperia X10

  9. Is it me or do the first 2 pics of the Android Dell Mini have the interface of Windows Mobile and the third pic of that of the iPhone in portrait but cut off because the phone is tilted in landscape mode? Kinda horrible and ironic.

  10. ATT has the Nexus One and will soon get the Desire and Sony X10.


  11. @deathwish238… AT&T users can *technically* use the Nexus One, but the non-subsidized cost makes it pretty prohibitively expensive for most.

  12. What is the final word on using the Nexus One on ATT? Do they offer any sort of discount for not getting a subbed phone. I saw a post on Nexusonefourm stating that you could get a Data plan for $15. Anyone know anything more about that?

  13. @Chris – I talked with AT&T Cust. Service and she said that they didn’t share information in advance, except by a few days, but as far as she new there was no subsidized Nexus One on AT&T. But they don’t know what phone you’re using, so tell them it’s just a feature phone and get the lower data plan.

    nHD Display – I searched on this it looks like 360×640.

    Flash Lite® – anybody have details on that? (not flashlight)

  14. It looks like a pam pre phone :/

  15. To everyone: This phone has not released all of its specs yet lets wait and see it may be a great phone for At&t’s 2nd device!

  16. to those curious on the nexus one data plan for att if u update your imei # with the company it does registor as nexus one as a smart phone with a 30 dollar data plan this has been such for about 2 months i used to work for att recently and had a google employee update her acount from blackberry bold 9000 to nexus one and was required to update her acount and thedata works fine as she on an edge network burned through 300 mmb of data in 1 week

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