Silver HTC Desire For Exclusive Carriers


If you love the look of the HTC Desire but wish the charcoal-colored finish would tone down a bit to maybe… a silver… you’re in luck. Dutch carrier BelCompany are reporting the Silver color option as an exclusive, but its probably just an exclusive in the Netherlands, meaning your local market might have a carrier offering it exclusively as well.


So… do you like one more than the other?

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More pictures and a video at Engadget.

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  1. do you have “iphone-black”?

  2. I wish my Nexus One looked like that… in any of those colors! ;)

  3. Isn’t this the HTC Desire?

  4. Except that’s not a Nexus One, it’s a Desire.

  5. Don’t you mean “HTC Desire”?

  6. Isn’t the the HTC Desire and not the Nexus One?

  7. I think you meant silver htc desire?

  8. Errr . . . thats a Desire, not a Nexus One :)

  9. Ummm… the Engadget article doesn’t say anything about N1. It is talking about the Desire in Silver. Am I missing something?

  10. Yeah I agree, that looks like the HTC Desire to me too.

  11. Wow. That’s some great reporting there.

  12. Someone PLEASE tell me if Verizon will get this phone and when.

  13. LOL thanks for the comments – fixed the Nexus1/Desire slip up – that’s what happens when you rush, kids!

  14. Another fix: Belcompany is not a carrier but a chain of stores that sell phones (with contracts).

  15. @Tom Bee verizon is already getting the htc incredible…which is the EXACT same as this phone specs wise and software wise..the only differecne is the incredible has a 8 mp camera and the 1 gig processor is underclocked to 746mb or something like that…so yeah i doubt verizon is getting this..sorry im on verizon to and would love tis phone!…probly be getting the incredible tho

  16. Anyone know if the HTC Desire is coming to o2 in the UK?

  17. PDAShop.nl has got the silver one as well so no exclusivity there! About to get mine on april 9!

  18. I think they both look sweet and I wouldn’t mind either of them.

  19. Thanks Elden. I have been putting off the purchase of a smart phone in hopes Verizon would release something. Did not like the Droid and not sure if I can wait on the incredible, unless it comes out April 1st. May just have to go with the N1 becase my cell phone is on its last leg.

  20. looks kinda blue

    Otherwise, I guess I’m buying a Legend, so.. you still win. But take note!

  22. HTC Supersonic to be announced at CTIA next week according to engadget.
    .phandroid? hello?

  23. “HTC Supersonic to be announced at CTIA next week according to engadget.
    .phandroid? hello?”

    yup not only that but it appears that the nexus one is heading for sprint now!! PCworld

  24. I wish they had more colors…a deep metallic red would be sweet.

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