AT&T and Rogers Nexus One Now Available


For what seems like the LONGEST time, the Nexus One has only been available as an unlocked device usable on T-Mobile or through contract with T-Mobile, with Verizon Wireless and Vodafone options “Coming Soon”. But some Android enthusiasts are reporting that they’re now seeing AT&T and Rogers as a purchase options – here is a screenshot taken by AndroidForums admin Phases:


The option was quickly pulled and most users are no longer seeing AT&T as an option, but the folks at AF/Phan have quick trigger fingers and we captured proof of the action. Take that!

How soon Google will make this offer live is anyone’s guess… but it certainly seems imminent.

Update: …aaaaand, it’s back!

[Thanks CombatChuk, Via AndroidForums]

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  1. If you check the Nexus One Help, it now mentions two versions are available: one compatible with AT&T/Rogers and one compatible with T-Mobile.


  2. it’s still there for me!!!

    I’m not buying it at full price though

  3. Its still showing when I go to ordering page and it allows me to order. Bums me out that they don’t have one phone that will work on both T-mob and AT&T. Unlocked doesn’t mean much for us here in the US if you can only use the phone on ONE network. STUPID!!!!

  4. It’s back/there for me as well. Real Deal!

  5. Just went to Google’s site and put in an order for one.

    $41 tax in NJ, didn’t know Google had a presence here :(

  6. That’s cool and all.. But yea, full price still leaves it way outta the picture for most people. Does this mean it *might* be available in the future through AT&T?
    If so, I’d considering waiting for it over the Backflip…even though my phone’s (SE W580i) getting anciently old and battery doesn’t last a day unless it’s unused.

  7. I just sent my second Nexus one back for repair and HTC customer service is terrible wanting $540 on credit card hold to ship new phone until they get the defective phone back I just paid 540 for the phone who has another 540 to place on hold..

  8. I’ll be ordering one up tonight. Been waiting on this coming to Canada in a Roger’s friendly format and it happened at the same time!

  9. just bought one. Not sure why it says Rogers only. Bell and Telus would work too.

  10. Woo!

    Full price is kind of lame, but it’s a definite start! At least this means that AT&T isn’t going to replace Google with Yahoo on the Nexus One! :)

  11. It is ow Google’s fault that ATT uses and different 3G frequency than everyone else.

  12. To work on Bell and Telus HSPA, you need HSPA frequencies 850 and 1900, which the AT&T/Rogers one has.

  13. Why not sign a contract with AT&T with an iphone or blackberry and sell it on ebay? May make 100 bucks at least. You need the service anyway.

  14. Bell and Telus HSPA is 850/1900 – same as Rogers (and Fido).

  15. @Bill: Actually T-Mobile is the odd one out frequency wise. They are the only provider other than Canada’s fledgling WIND Mobile (and later Videotron and Mobilicity) to use AWS. Meanwhile AT&T’s 3G frequencies are the same as used by Bell/Telus/Rogers/Fido in Canada, as well as some carriers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costarica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Uruguay. And also partially compatible with some carriers in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Philippines, and Thailand.

    But that all pales in comparison to the number of countries compatible with 900/2100 3G. :)

  16. At this pace, these phones will be phased out when they come to south america, or maybe they’ll never come. I guess I have to make a trip this year to buy one :D. Ebay is still to expensive when you add up taxes.

  17. Now all it needs is a car dock and power adapter so it can be used as a GPS and I’ll be ready to buy one.

  18. As of today I can now order from Canada. I have the option of purchasing either version (ATT/Rogers or T-Mo). The T-Mo one would work on Wind in Canada but they don’t list it on the site.

    The biggest downside I can see is that you get dinged nearly $30 for shipping, and your only option is DHL (no idea if they charge a bunch of BS additional fees on delivery for cross-border stuff — I’m looking at *you* UPS).

  19. I still see it :)

    it’s back?

  20. I seen it on googles site also. I have some saving to do and some selling. I wanna sell my g1 unlocked. If only money grew on trees.

  21. I just ordered one. I’ll take the discount on another at&t phone, then sell it to defray the cost. AT&T will end up subsidizing it one way or another and I’ll get the phone I want.

  22. i wish google would just go ahead and sell this thing for $250-300 unlocked, unsubsidized…

    If they really want to move some units, and get this in the hands of millions that’s all they really have to do.

    Or atleast let Google subsidize it if AT&T won’t. I’ll sign a contract with Google saying I’ll keep it for a certain amount of time if they’ll lower the price.. I just don’t see paying $529 +accessories for a phone, even if it is a BEAST…

  23. @Charles in Vancouver – Actually, TMo has the most AWS spectrum and immediately used it for HSPA. AT&T (thru Cingular at the time) and Verizon scooped up a ton of AWS spectrum during the same auction. TMo has US nationwide coverage for it, AT&T has the South/Southwest and Verizon has basically Mississippi River east, and then some… including 20 mhz chunks in major Eastern metros. But 700 mhz is the target for quick deployment of LTE for both Verizon and LTE. AWS will be used eventually for the same, for all carriers, sans-Sprint.

  24. sorry, Verizon and AT&T at the end there, not Verizon and LTE… ;)

  25. Now that you can buy the Nexus One for AT&T I hope that means Google must be about to send out some kind of new OTA to fix all the touchscreen and 3G problems or we will be getting a lot of new friends pretty soon at Google “Support Forums” LOL.

  26. No warning or coming soon. Just there it is! If not for the exclusive with Skype… I might have bought this.

  27. You know that whole 2 prices for T-Mobile subbed and unsubbed plans is a big difference over time. I just asked AT&T and they said no. Wonder if VZ is gonna do the same?

  28. Wonder what this will do for iPhone sales being that you can now get them both with the same service. I know a few people have been leaving AT&T to get the Droid or the Nexus. Now that they won’t have to at least for the Nexus im curious how iPhone sales will fair. Maybe not much now with the price of the Nexus One so high but with a subsidized price there might be more defectors.

  29. @Elijah Blake..

    I think Google won’t sell it that cheap because they don’t want to rattle their partners… I think the big deal abotu the Nexus One was how it’s supposed to shake up the industry .. .I think the partners convince Google to stay away.. even HTC’s CEO PEter Chou says Google can be “disruptive” .. I think that statement made Google back off …

  30. @jerry

    Yeah, i think the same thing..

    And i also have a feeling that AT&T is not going to subsidize this phone atleast not until the new iphone comes out. Then they’ll probably unleash all the REAL phones….

  31. It’s still there. But I’m not paying full price for it on top of a service contract.

  32. Where’s my GSM world phone that works on all 3G frequencies. I really thought that was the point of GSM. Take the control out of the hands of the carriers and put it in the consumers.

  33. How much is smartphone service with AT&T?

  34. This move shows:
    1. Google is not happy that AT&T’s 1st Android phone is a crippled phone without Google search, so they are giving AT&T customers a chance to have the full experience of Android.
    2. They must be supporting HTC behind the scenes of the lawsuit. After all, the Nexus1 is one of the phones named in the lawsuit. Selling more of it (making it also available in the frequency that AT&T/Rogers use) means more potential damages payable by HTC if they lose the suit.
    3. selling it in the iPhone’s backyard is a statement of intent.

  35. Not only that.

    For some reason I am now able to make an order from Croatia (Europe)!!!

  36. If the Nexus One could be bought in stores with it’s subsidized price(to be sold like any other cellphone), the Nexus One would sell way better, possibly hotcake better.

  37. At last!

  38. Im almost done with it&t, I agree that an unlocked unbranded phone at this price should have all 3g bands, you bought it, its yours and you should be able to jump carriers with it.If I could take it to t-mo I would order it today.

  39. uhhh….it&t, but there is already one available for tmobile. i don’t get it….

  40. You have the same ability to flip-flop from AT&T to T Mobile that you have from T Mobiles version when switching to AT&T.. you can do it, have phone service and edge.. just no 3G.. It would be nice if they had the ability to use each others frequencies, as well as the European ones.. not sure what the technical difficulty is, as on the phone side of GSM, we have had quad bands forever.. perhaps it is more complicated than we think, otherwise in this competitive market someone would be doing it.. How many handset manufacturers and OS’s are out there ?.. if it was simple it would happen.

  41. Watch out Rogers’ data plans charges!!!

  42. Let there be some test that shows Nexus One gets better signal then an iPhone. One article reporting something like this…
    “Side by side on AT&Ts network the Nexus One got a considerably stronger signal the iPhone 3GS, begging the question…”

  43. Unlimited smartphone plans on AT&T $119.99 (talk/text/web)
    450 min plan $69.99 (talk/web) + $20 if u want unlimited text.

  44. @Thomas 500 min plan + unlimited web/text $59.99 T-mobile.
    AT&T 2 years + Nexus One full price($570)= $2,729.76
    T-mobile 2 years + Nexus One full price ($570)= $2,009.76
    T-mobile 21mbps 3G priceless

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  46. well it is happyness that it appears to be comign to canada – but I want one for WIND not rogers.

  47. @jdog – tmobile HSPA+ wont work on nexus as it has just 7.2. Well, it’ll help it be faster in real world speeds, but it won’t surpass 7.2.

    Has anyone considered getting on ATT business data only plan. Gizmo (available on ebay for cheap) + Sipdroid + goog voice = 35/month unlimited minutes and data goodness! Maybe 5 bucks for 200 texts and go for 40/month.. just a thought. Only thing is, call quality would suffer on edge as calls are made VOIP… but ATT has supposedly been building up their backhaul and 7.2…

  48. @ Kevin Nem If you order the T-Mobile version of the Nexus One it will work on Wind. Read the link http://www.androidincanada.ca/news/google-nexus-one-now-available-in-canada/

  49. I am on an AT&T plan from years ago (can’t get this plan anymore) but I think I rather the HTC Desire. Will AT&T carry that phone?

  50. I just ordered The ATT compatible Nexus One, I’ll receive it tomorrow!

  51. Sprint just announced that they will be getting the Nexus One since a powerful phone needs to be offered by a powerful network.

  52. ordered mine today, can’t wait. I just finished importing a Telus Milestone and now this. I wish they had made an announcement, it would have saved me the trouble.

  53. A little late to respond, but I read somewhere on the Google site the day they put up the Rogers/AT&T 3G Nexus One option (unfortunately, I don’t recall where and I didn’t bmark it) that a phone that covers ALL GSM 3G is technically possible, but cannot be made because of legal reasons. All you wondering why, you might look at the government(s) involved in communication regulation. “Google” that. :-)

  54. Question…so does existing Nexus one owners, before the compatibility started, will we have 3g if swapped in a SIM card from ATT or rogers?

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