Weekend Roundup: 2010 Taxes Edition


It was a slow weekend on Phandroid – something I blame on having a full year of financial info and taxes to sift through/organize(yuck!)  – but it CERTAINLY wasn’t a slow weekend for the Android world altogether. Here are some of the juicy happenings you’ll want to catch up on as we steam through another 1/52nd of 2010.

backflipattAT&T Now Selling Motorola Backflip
Alright AT&T customers you can stop complaining. The iPhone is no longer your ONLY option for awesomeness and even though your network may still be “meh”, you’ve at least got an Android Phone to brighten your day. That’s right – the Motorola Backflip is now available on AT&T for $99 on contract and after rebate. It won’t appeal to everyone and you probably either really like it or really hate it since its design is so… unique. But it’s an Android and it’s on AT&T so it’s hard to complain. [Read More]

motorola-i1Motorol i1 – Opus with PTT gets renamed
The Motorola Opus one enjoyed what seemed like a full week of attention back when someone accidentally got their hands on it and started making videos and posts about the phone. First we got some great pictures and then a full spec sheet dropped. But that was back in December and it isn’t until now that more news is surfacing – this time it’s the same phone but it bears the name Motorola i1. It’s looking like MOTOBLUR on Android 1.5 with a 3MP camera with a launch towards the end of March. Anyone out there been eagerly anticipating this launch? [Read More]

verizonVerizon Employees Getting Nexus One Training?
There have been rumblings by way of E-Mail that Verizon employees are already receiving training on the Nexus One. According to multiple sources supposedly familiar with the matter, Big Red will offer the Nexus One nationwide in their retail stores, something that has me wondering what happened with Google’s distribution model. This is only light rumor, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is Verizon’s launch of the Nexus One with a different name, but at least we know a CDMA Nexus probably isn’t too far off.

xt701Motorola XT701 Motoroi Lands In China, via China Unicom
With the Google vs. China conflict cooling off a bit, largely thanks to other conflicts (Apple vs. HTC) taking center stage, Motorola and China Unicom used it as an opportunity to slither the XT701 Motoroi onto the shelves. The Motoroi was announced months ago so I’m sure there are plenty of Chinese Android fans happy to get their 3rd choice of robot-made MOTO s. The Motoroi not only has Android 2.0 but also WAPI support – China’s version of Wi-Fi. [Read More]

Raging Thunder 2 On Android Market
If you were a fan of the Raging Thunder game or maybe are just looking for an awesome car racing game on Android Market, you may want to check out Raging Thunder 2 which just launched on both the Market and App Store for $4.99. Here is the trailer:

archos-phoneARCHOS Phone Tablet Shelved?
We were really excited, as I’m sure many of you were, about the ARCHOS Phone Tablet which was not only rumored but also appeared on slides at a live event held by ARCHOS. Just goes to show you that even when something is written in stone, the stone can still be thrown away or demolished into dust. French site Les Echos is reporting that the company has decided to discontinue efforts on the phone tablet, citing lack of carrier support. It could still make a comeback if carriers were to express interest, but since ARCHOS couldn’t garner that support with their own will power, you have to wonder what would change things. [Read More]

Vodafone Legend To Get 360 Treatment
If you aren’t familiar, 360 is Vodafone’s custom service/software for social networking type stuff. It hasn’t yet appeared on an Android Phone until now and the HTC Legend will launch with 360 in tact. Meanwhile the Desire will not have 360. So if that is a key to determining which phone to get, the lines have been drawn. [Read More]

Anything Else?
Chime in down below to share with the rest of us if you think we missed anything important!

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  1. That Raging Thunder 2 video is awesome. Hopefully that was taken in an Android phone (Nexus One or Droid) and not an iPhone.

  2. Any word on the 2.1 release date for the moment???!!!!

  3. moto backflip is already free after rebate – I saw a wirefly deal this morning on other sites.

  4. A richer site for the Backflip: att.com/backflip

  5. I probably wont be getting the legend then, I don’t want any more carrier bloatware that I can’t uninstall than is absolutely needed.

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