Mar 3rd, 2010

We knew about this back in December 2009 but for some reason the interwebz has just now deemed it newsworthy, so we’re reminding you – we didn’t miss it!

With almost every Android handset out there a consistent theme underlies some of the core applications installed by default – Google. Whether it’s the Google Search Widget, start page on browser launch, GMail or the rest of Google’s app suite, it is quite clear that the Big G has leveraged their OS to shoehorn search into handsets. But Android is an “Open” platform and even Google isn’t safe from getting the axe – AT&T is replacing all of Android’s Googleness with Yahoo.


Yahoo has replaced Google as the default search provider throughout the phone. It’s crazy: the home screen widget, the browser, everything’s been programmed to use Yahoo. We love us some irony, but golly, we’d prefer Google searches most of the time.

Yuck. Lucky for us it’ll probably be easy to get around – just download a Google Search widget, touch, drag, replace and you’re good – right? Maybe not, I haven’t how prominent and deep the Yahoo implementation goes, but I’m eager to see.

I can just picture Steve Jobs snickering in his corner office.

[Via Engadget]

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