ARCHOS 7 Home Tablet On Video


Were you intrigued by the ARCHOS 7 Home Tablet? Our buddy Charbax from ArchosFans got a first hand look at the device and played with it on video for our delight. And quick sidenote – holy crap this guy is excited!

The device seems really nice and with a 7-inch screen, Wi-Fi and 720p video playback for a really low price – I’m pretty impressed. Or maybe the gentlemen in the video is just convincing me with his amazement and excitement. No but really Charbax, the enthusiasm is appreciated.

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  1. LOL French people love to over react!

  2. Pretty nice looking device, but tbh I am still gonna wait for a netbook with a touch screen and Android of course.

  3. A clone of the yet to be released iTampax? Quick, time for a lawsuit. :-p

  4. tablets will be phased out like portable dvd players.

  5. The US is finally catching on.China has been making cheap high quality PMP’s for years now.I only buy PMP’s not crapple or zune, they are good and all but you can get the same and even more bell and whistles,it may not be a looker but it will definitely be a performer. On a side note to JO’s comment I think he was excited about the price and having the only production model,but hey whatta I know VIVA LE FRANCE!:)

  6. This thing needs a built in stand. And I wonder if it will support a Blue-tooth Keyboard!

  7. Does anyone know whether the new Archos 7 Android will be able to do exactly the same as the older version with DVR stations etc, also do you think they’ll bring out a 320gb or higher at a later date?

  8. Is android market available on this device? There are some great android apps I use on my phone that I’d love to use on a larger screen.

  9. oops, i guess i should have watched the video to the end before posting stupid questions. i really hope when its released that it will be under 200 dollars.

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