Motorola Backflip/Enzo Pictures & Details!


We just got a big scoop from an anonymous tipster that will leave you doing backflips… or, uh… Enzos. If you remember our first Motorola Backflip article, you’ll remember a unique/odd form factor that left people guessing exactly how it would work. Guess no more – we’ve got a bunch of pictures and a hand full of details.

First of all, our tipster referred to it as the “Motorola Enzo” although he said it could be called Backflip on launch day, which – to us at least – seems more likely. Feast your eyes, ladies and gents, on what will very likely become AT&T’s first Android Phone:










Whether the Motorola Backflip or Motorola Enzo, it will come as model MB300, be released with 1.5 firmware, run MOTO BLUR and have AT&T customizations which include:

  • Yahoo! Search
  • AT&T Nav
  • AT&T Music
  • AT&T Mobile App store (ringtones, little games, etc…)

Our tipster says it will NOT come with any Google Apps except for Maps which is a bummer to say the least. It will come with Android Market and you’ll still be using your Google Login to get the job done but there seems to be a bit of a disconnect here… afterall, don’t other SENSE/BLUR phones come filled up with the GOOG goods? And Yahoo Search? Really? You can even see the Yahoo Search widget on the homescreen in one of the pics above. Dissed.

One of the things that interests us MOST is that physical QWERTY keyboard on the back. Our tipster says its always revealed and flips from the back as you can see in the picture. When the keyboard is open a touchpad on the back of the phone is revealed which allows you to easily scroll through webpages and apparently it works very well. They claim the screen is very responsive, the phone itself is very light, the camera works great, flash is very bright and the auto-focus was perfect.

Our first article listed the following specs which still seem to fall in line with the info we’re getting here:

  • 528 MHz Qualcomm MSM7201A
  • 512 MB ROM
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 3.1 inch display 320 x 480 (HVGA)
  • 5 megapixel camera with LED flash
  • WiFi / Bluetooth 2.0 / GPS
  • OS Android 1.5 with Motoblur
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900 W-CDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100
  • Reverse flip keyboard
  • Rear directional touchpad

Enjoy folks… and let us know what you think!

UPDATE: Tipster also says it is slightly thinner, slightly shorter both length and width, and lighter than the G1. surprisingly doesn’t feel “brickish”

[Thanks Anonymous Tipster Dude!]

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  1. no…no. This is good. It will teach AT&T to appreciate an OS that lets you do what you want.

  2. so much for the death of the qualcomm 528 processor everyone’s been talking about.

  3. This has “bad idea” written all over it.

  4. 528 MHz Qualcomm!!! no way! has that been done before? thats crazy! how can they get away with so much power!


  5. I have been closely following this phone for over 6 months and was praying that AT&t would get it. Now that I know for sure, trust me, your’e going to see me getting that phone first!! The only bad thing i see about it is that its sort of chubby but ii can deal with it because i love the backwards clamshell!!! i only wonder if the keys would get messed up since they are always exposed…… Hopefully I will find out!!! Any release dates yet???

  6. I don’t get the touchpad. They should’ve made a trackball like the G1.

  7. Looks like it could be a small brick when closed

    But I like it :D

  8. I think this phone is disgusting with all the AT&T and Yahoo apps and no google apps. The cliq is MUCH better than this. The DROID is even better.

  9. they couldn’t fit the trackball on the front of the phone with that big massive 3.1 in display LOL

  10. Wow, compared to all the other Android phones, this one seems pretty gimp. What, no Hero or Magic or Moment or Nexus? =/

  11. This phone is so old. Its been circulating motorola for a while now. I play poker with on of the engineers. The screen is small. Design is tacky. He wouldnt let me picture it, but it wouldnt have been worth it anyway. Dont hold your breathif u think its coming out. Im talking about i seen it 5 months ago.

  12. Not that I will get this phone, but FINALLY a phone that seems to be able to do 3G in North America and Europe.

  13. other than the processor and other design abnormallities. ervyone always loves the runt. watch out moto droid your bout to be knocked off the throne. LOL!!

  14. So it will come with Yahoo Search?????

    Is ATT stupid or what? ITs like they purposely want to NOT upset apple or something.
    No Google Apps?
    Wonder will it have access to the Google Market? So you could theoretically just install all the apps you want anyway.

    ATT are a bunch of idiots in my opinion.

  15. i can just see it now. i walk into the at&t store now. me “can i see your android phones?” rep “sure. Follow me”
    takes me back to the deepest darkest edge of the store and he says “here it is.” and i bust my ass laughing

  16. Why can’t AT&T just bring out the Galaxy and call it a day.

  17. What ass backwards dillweed came up with this concept I hope you don’t have any change or keys in your pockets cause that weak ass keyboard is gonna get mangled The best part of this whole thing is that this is bound for AT&T.How stupid do they look carrying this phone morons. All that Google nonsense and now they want in on the Android game well ask and you shall receive dipshits!

  18. This phone is kind of ridiculous. A 2010 Android phone with last generation’s specs and an absurdly useless design that doesn’t even bundle all of Google’s killer apps (*cough* Gmail *cough*), uses yahoo for search and ships with cupcake is not going to be received warmly. I used to think that more Android phones was always better, but this one might actually hurt Android’s reputation more than it helps…

    Side note: Is that T-Mobile’s AWS 3G band I see in those specs? Interesting choice for an AT&T exclusive…

  19. Interesting design, BUT:
    Small Screen
    ehh processor
    Yahoo search/no google apps – really?
    Android 1.5

    This one isn’t going to knock ANY other phones out of the market.

  20. Maybe it will be a free phone with contract and a $100 without.

  21. Here I thought Moto learned a lot from releasing the droid. This has epic fail written all over this. Who in there right mind would buy this? Who on AT&T would choose this over the iPhone or a Blackberry? I just don’t get things sometimes

  22. don’t worry tsellers all the other andoid phones will beat it up take it’s lunch money. then maybe at&t will stop licking jobs B@11s and bring out a real andoid phone.

  23. it . . . kinda makes me wanna throw up!
    srsly wtf!!!
    backside keyboard, att menu, ONE google app! theres no dispute about getting it. When hell freezes over

  24. If this is AT&T’s first dive into Android they’re screwed.

  25. Also, whatever designer over at Motorola decided that going with 3.1″ screens for their mid-range handsets was a good idea should be shot. 3.2″ on the G1 and MyTouch was already too small. STOP IT MOTOROLA.

  26. i think moto learned tried to get at&t to buy the galaxy. then one of the at&t guys went what is that? moto was like you don’t want that. but at&t was like yes we do. just take all the google bs out and give it to us.

  27. wow…just, wow. this is a bad idea. i can see it now. keys getting jammed in, the “flip” breaking. its not even a practical design. you can tell its just a gimmick so people buy it

  28. @rigamrts
    LOL. I can’t wait to leave AT&T behind.

  29. anybody remember the pos at&t tried to unload on us called the razr? but that was moto’s folly. hyping a phone they knew would have issues cause of size. hoping the brushed steel cover would be enough of a heat sync to keep it from reseting for no reason or breaking from a fall

  30. meh. its not called the NEXUS ONE so no one cares

  31. Depending on price, I could see this becoming popular as a teen texting phone. And that’s a really big market segment. Just hope AT&T doesn’t release it without another Android phone soon after. Or the Android fans that haven’t left yet surely will.

  32. Deliver an 1.5 phone in 2010 is absolutely ridiculous, imagine if Acer were to ship a Windows XP laptop next year…

    I’m starting to lose faith in the Android project

  33. Wow. Disappointed. Still, it means more are on the way — X10 maybe? *hopes*

  34. oh my god at&t version of the sidekick only not cool enough to be at school. AT&T has lost track of what we want and now are say we know what you want so deal with it. you know what AT&T could tell jobs to shove his phone you know where and make tons of money providing what people want. they’er old thinking in the past mentality is going to be the undoing but they don’t care cellphones are nothing to them. they make more money off of infrastucture than anything else. if you goto verizon and see what they’re running for equpitment you’ll see an AT&T logo on it why cause they control the telecom market so cellphones mean nothing to them.

  35. and sbc is another name for AT&T. yes sbc is owned by AT&T. so all this AT&T needs your bussiness crap is false. they could close up shop today and never feel a thing cause landlines may be dying but equiptment sales never does. once the landline goes the way of the dodo at&t will rebrand sbc as at&t again and we’ll still be paying at&t for our phones no matter what company we use.

  36. This phone is obviously gunned towards children. Look at the flip design, it screams adolescent.

  37. Well, finally At&t you give us an Android.. The worst one on the market, but eh.. you got to start somewhere. Oh and thanks for crippling android you Jerk off’s… Do you know what OPEN means?

  38. ATT must want android to fail. Brilliant to release last year’s technology in Early 2010. This thing is obsolete before they release it.

  39. What is with the little war between Google and ATT? I mean, first we hear of the Nexus One sporting only T-Mo GSM bands, now this phone is coming to ATT with no Google apps?

  40. Motorola: Ok so we have this pretty sharp mid range device called the Calgary, it has a form factor similar to a Sidekick and…..Hey don’t touch that it is garb

    AT&T: Hey what’s this thing? A backwards keyboard?!?111? WHOA look at this GIANT trackpad on the back, this is freaking awesome!

    Motorola: No no no this was just a scrapped prototype, we ended up making it much more functional and called it the CLIQ/DEXT, would you be interested in tha…

    AT&T: NOOOO!!1! Hey can you take ALL the good apps off this thing? Maybe put some of our whack ass software on and hey, how about a Yahoo Search?

    Motorola: Uhmmm this is a Android phone it works really well with Goog…


    Motorola: Ehhh ok here take this POS off our hands, call us if some idiot actually likes it and we will make 10 or 20 more, that should be enough.

  41. If this is AT&T first dive into android they are even more fucked then losing the deal with apple for the iphone. If this phone ends up being 50 dollars or free after rebate, i will get it just to get a feel for android, so when i jump AT&T ship to get a real android phone i will have experience!

  42. BWahaahahaa The Nexus One and even the Motorola Cliq beats the SPIT out of this ridiculous android phone.

    GOod luck with that ATT, I’ve always hated you now you’ve given me yet another reason to.

  43. the same kind of styling that make cars from detroit so popular in europe…

  44. They really must want Android to fail.

    Customer walking into store: Hey, do you have any Android phones?

    AT&T Guy: Oh yeah, lookee here… *phone falls apart* Oops… oh well, you know, this is actually the best Android phone out there and it’s this bad. Take an iPhone, stupid non-tech man. It’s better!

    Customer: Oh yes! You’ve opened my eyes! I really want my phone to be zip-tight and I totally looove Steve Jobs being able to kill my phone with the flick of a switch! YES! Gimme an iPhone!!1!

  45. (in the voice of stewie from family guy) ok, palm pre to sprint…mmmmmm, two new win mo phones to att a $100 difference because one has a keyboard and one dose not, ok ok okmmmmmmmmmmmm and finally we get this rubbish that some contestant on are you smarter than a third grader made while sitting in the green room. are you serious. sprint has the coolest phones, verizon 2nd and t-mobile just landed the new google phone and we get the robot from lost in space. nice keyboard…probably get carpal tunnel. whoa…android 1.5 on a 3 inch screen. think i’ll break out the commadore 64 and carry that around for another year…are you freakin serious. can’t we just get a cool phone or what? sprint or t-mobile her i come.

  46. That phone is pretty fugly. I wish they had a better looking android device to start off the android line up with at&t

  47. Hmmm… Moto Cliq with a flip? It would be cool if the flip wasn’t connected to the phone and used a powerful magnet to flip instead and still android 1.5? tsk tsk shame

  48. wait a minute did they really put a camera on the key board? that is lame.

  49. Yes, this phone is a bit weird. But, when you consider that ATT only has 2 good phones (iPHone, Bold) anything new might have a chance. The Droid looks better on paper, but, I tried the keyboard and it sucks. And the low resolution on this phone is a plus for people like me that cannot read the Droid’s tiny print.

  50. I now ❤ Verizon even more than ever for treating Android as a first class citizen.

  51. this is typical at&t… look at their phone line up! NONE of their current phones can get Gmail on them. sure the pda’s and iphone can, but NO ONE DAMN PHONE CAN GET GMAIL, and there is an email client built into their phones. and they hack the java profile to block the gmail app that google makes for the rest of the world. at&t is worthless really… see fakesteve dot net.

  52. Oh dear… I agree with post #45. It really does look like at&t are too scared of stepping on Apple’s toes to offer a good Android phone that can stand up to and compete with their cash cow iPhone. Just the whole idea of a flip-open phone with the touchscreen and KB already on the outside is weird. One would have thought that it would make more sense to have them on the inside, which you then flip open like a book. That way, you could protect the screen and prevent accidental presses of the KB.

  53. You have to think Motorola saw ATT coming a mile off. Of course, when it EPIC FAILs, ATT will be convinced that it was because of Android, not because of the borked specs they probably insisted on. It really is a bunch of old guys at ATT trying to act “hip” and “mod” isn’t it? Keep on truckin’ ATT!

  54. So much for AT&T getting Nexus One.

  55. that motoblur is fing ugly. So is 1.5

    I hope Moto isnt stupid enough to release a POS like this. All these mfgs reskinning android are barking up the wrong tree. You want to sell Android phones? Sell it on the strength of the HW alone, and that’ll you’ll push the android updates as soon as they come out. Thats it. Otherwise Google is gonna make you look foolish as they continually push goodness and your customers cant get it.

    all these skins are really going to get exposed as bad plays.

  56. there is a reason that it has the yahoo search. SBC (AT&T) partnered with Yahoo for their broadband internet sometime ago, and it really hurt. so… they probably have a long term agreement with them. im not sure if AT&T’s current broadband is running any sort of yahoo interface, but as previously, all the mail came through a yahoo server back in the day.

    it is a step down for AT&T if they do launch this phone, but the tweeny boppers will love it! i still wish they would have launched the HTC Lancaster when they had the chance.

    as for the user saying that the RAZR was a POS… sooo wrong, i owned 2 of them in a span of 3 yrs. the 2nd one came because the first one thought it would be fun to go swimming. i never regretted owning that phone at all.

    i am pretty certain that AT&T is about to get into the android market… they would be foolish not to. the Acer looks promising for AT&T… but… i think i will take my luck with getting an unlocked HTC from them that runs on Rogers network.

    ooooooooo hmmmmmm…..

  57. it also means nobody realizes that the phone runs Android. It’s like selling a Windows PC with an ubuntu theme.

  58. Have you guys forgotten that almost every non-smartphone has the buttons on the outside?
    They will not get mangled. This design is incredibly smart as those slide-out keyboards that covers the keys often are very weak.

  59. @#56:
    I think it depends what you want out of a phone, and how well the manufacturer customises Android (Sense beats Motoblur hands down, IMO).

    Since I like Sense UI and HTC’s other tweaks, and think it adds something of value to the unadorned Android OS, I’m willing to accept the fact that I may not get OS updates for some time, or not at all. On the other hand, if I were someone who was always wanting to have the latest and greatest version of the OS yesterday, then of course I would prefer vanilla versions of the OS on my phone.

  60. MANUP I agree with u…seems weird that they would take out Google apps…first thought in my mind was what ur thinking which is they are afraid of Apple upsetness LOL

  61. hmm, the device has the same specifications as the htc tattoo. I like the Tattoo. But why this ‘special’ kind of keybord at the backflip?

  62. @The Black Guy, actually a camera on the keyboard/flip could potentially be used for video calling. Not that ATT would want that kind of bandwidth usage, but it’s not that bad an idea. As for exposed keys, look at Blackberry and similar phones–exposed keys all. Again, not necessarily a bad idea. Gimmick? Sure. But even a touchscreen was a gimmick at one point, and now we’re measuring everything against that “standard”.

  63. I don’t like the physical design of the phone at all. I’m not in love with Blur but that’s not a problem. But removing all the Google apps seems pointless. I think they could have implemented Yahoo search but left the GMail, Calendar and Google Talk apps. Is it safe to assume that the YouTube app is being left off?

  64. I wonder if they will disable the keyboard when the phone is closed.

  65. There are some good ideas in this phone:

    – Camera on back-flip keyboard = potential for video conferencing.
    – touch pad on the back of the screen = not obscuring the screen while manipulating on screen elements.

    Not to say I don’t agree with the criticisms (ugly, underpowered, stupid software decisions). I just hope that if this phone fails, Motorola (or someone else) doesn’t just abandon these ideas. In the right form factor, with the right processor, and, of course, the right software these features could set a phone apart from the pack.

  66. Wow, from 5 pictures, and a 3rd hand blog account, you all have formed a pretty distinct opinion already! Now off to stick your head back in the sand. The fact that it doesn’t come plastered with Google apps is a plus for me, I get to install whatever I want, and not have to deal with/remove the crap I don’t. I also happen to prefer yahoo search to google when on a phone. Sorry, google search returns way to many irrelevant results, that always seem to be on the first page, and all the extra annotations are annoying on a phone. I am curious about the slider on the backside, that seems useful, instead of a stupid ball on the front taking up space.

    As for why this over an iphone or BB, probably won’t be required to purchase a $30/month data plan, not tethered to the apple store, android OS.

  67. This is without a doubt the ugliest phone I’ve ever seen. And of course, it seems like it’s the first Android phone coming to ATT. Sorry, but I think I’ll wait for the Nexus One.

  68. i just keep think im dreaming for some reason… this phone is plain ugly, has specs from a 2 year old phone, old OS, no google anything hardly…. its set up to FAIL so ATT can say they gave us what we wanted and it didnt sell so they stop Android.’

    i just dont know what else to think about them

  69. @60 — sure, but I think consumers are going to end up flocking to vanilla android over time. I know the vendors want to distinguish themselves with custom SW, I just dont think they are going to do as good a job as Google over time, and thats going to become obvious. I dont know what kind of roadmap Google shares with them — I can understand wanting to skin earlier versions of this unproven (and at the time ugly) OS, nobody knew how it would develop, but at the rate Google is pushing updates these guys just cant keep up, and I think people are going to get very wary of that.

  70. Cupcake again?! I was hoping Rogers phones will get a chance for upgrade finally :( Bummer.

  71. Awful looking thing. No doubt all the UK carriers will pass on this one too, just like they did with the equally ugly Droid.

  72. Why is everybody tripping?!?! This is a GO Phone for ATT right?!

    Stripping the Google Apps-Stupid, but like jbizz stated it has more to do w/ ATT’s affiliation w/ yahoo!. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if ATT was using that as a reason to carry Android w/out pissing Apple off.

    In the end tween’s will like this BUT it won’t be enough to make it enough of a threat to Apple THUS saving face.

  73. Why does AT&T feel the need to mess up a good OS? Why don’t they have to put their twist on everything they get.

    I currently have AT&T and I dislike them extremely. I have been waiting for AT&T to pull their heads out for over a year now and get a Android phone, but it scares. It scares me because they will rape it.

  74. WOW! This is one ugly POS. Apparently AT&T doesn’t want to sell Android phones… I hope they don’t have high hopes for this thing because it will be sitting arround their stores for a long long time.

    Really who would buy this thing?

  75. Yahoo! on a Google phone…does AT&T have to do everything ass backward…This phone will fail right out of the gate because of the gimick form factor and the fact that they are stripping it of all things google…. Horrible Idea!

  76. I am Outraged!!!!!

  77. What is up with the AT&T feud with Google? I mean what is the motive? why? it must be to protect iPhone exclusivity before it is up for them but they don’t realize that by jumping on to actual android it can boost their sales.

  78. why the FUCK did att have to get it i hate att

  79. Moto Stupido… Att SuckoMondo…

  80. Every phone cannot have top-of-the line specs. The carrier sets a price point based on market prices and the maximum subsidy they are willing to pay. The vendor then builds a phone that meets that price point while providing an acceptable margin level.

    I understand that some people are willing to pay for performance. For the others who want to pay under $200, grousing that every phone doesn’t have a 6-inch OLED screen, a 3 GHz Core i7, and a 10-mm-thick form factor is naive and a complete waste of time.

  81. Okay, overall, I believe that the “Backflip” has much polishing to do. Interesting concept, yet do all concepts really work? I mean, this completely impractical keyboard has no thought to it! Do Moto engineers NOT think about what’s going to happened to the keys when you drop it or just put it in your bag? And, I know that AT&T has a contract with Apple, but that same contract was made before the Android was even an idea! Running Yahoo can be a HUGE downfall. In-fact, they ALREADY lost millions of dollars that they could have made by making it like a normal Android phone. Aside from the poor design, and the even poorer system, how much will this cost us? AT&T is famous for overpricing stupid phones. And I think no-one in the right mind would buy this if it was over $200! And people, please remember that this is merely a concept! IF Motorola chooses release this phone, they better take heed, for the present “Backflip” will be the end of Motorola’s Android market. I talked to a Motorola representative about 2 weeks ago on this very subject, He said: “The Droid was just a ‘push’ for Motorola, we expect a good year [2010]”. He’s right about the Droid, it was a good push to put Moto back into the times, and bring in some profit also. ALL I CAN SAY IS WE WILL HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE BEFORE WE MAKE ANY DECISIONS! (Motorola, I hope to God that this is just a draft, or else you’re headed for the grave…)

  82. i have been waiting so long for android to come to att… but this devise is just disgusting

  83. How do you think this phone compares to the Droid by Verizon?

  84. From what I can tell, this does’t come close to the droid by Verizon.

  85. Have been using this phone for several months and love it. I have used ALL of the latest moto phones over the past decade and this one takes the cake.

    Intuitive, perfectly sized, FAST, FUN, and everything in one device.

    The backflip feature is very cool and I love using it as my bedside alarm clock.

    Camera is bright and clear and pictures are SHARP.

    Fits in any pocket and has a very ROBUST screen and keyboard…has not one scratch after many rides with keys and coins in my various pockets and bags.

    Android software is amazing…makes my ipod touch seem rather clunky!

    Music-wise this device sounds rich over the speaker and I love that I am always one touch away from my tunes.

    Texting is SUPER fast on the keyboard, one of the best I have used…keys are perfectly placed and I like that I can control the screen from MANY modes….on the keypad, on the screen with touch, on the back with the mousepad…very easy and fast to use.

    Phone calls, oh yeah…it is a PHONE after all! Sound clear and crisp. I never drop calls, the ant. must be REALLY good. People who I talk to all the time (sister, friends) have commented that they can hear me really well and can hear the improvement in my voice quality.

    Overall, I would rate this phone a 10. I am a hard grader, but this device continues to BLOW ME AWAY. Seriously, don’t knock it till you have tried it for yourself.

    I am very excited about this phone and I feel lucky to have it!

  86. One of the things that interests us MOST is that physical QWERTY keyboard on the back. Our tipster says its always revealed and flips from the back as you can see in the picture. When the keyboard is open a touchpad on the back of the phone is revealed which allows you to easily scroll through webpages and apparently it works very well
    slightly thinner, slightly shorter both length and width, and lighter than the G1. Hmm, that’s more like it. backflip Details: http://bit.ly/moto-backlip-details-best-worst

  87. This phone flips the wrong way.

  88. I work for AT&T and I know for a fact that on Jan 6th we released a few of our first Android phones. I sent an e-mail to one of our big guys and I will let you know what’s going on there … this won’t be the only Android we are getting…mainly trying to figure out when we are supposed to be getting them.

  89. hi guys!!can i pls know wen this phone will be out in saudi arabia..i need it before april 15th!thanks

  90. haha tht is funny i wnat one

  91. This phone looks amazing !
    I can’t wait to get it :) , Which I will be soon for my 17th birthday !
    I love the keboard, becuz thats my fave way of texting on phones.. with a keyboard.

    I also loove the touchscreen ! Knowing that this phone has both, makes it even more cooler ! :D

    It’s also sick how it flips backwards !

  92. I also find it rather childish to say the phone is ugly and crap and making fun of AT&T … like if you dont like it, noone’s forcing YOU to get it so keep rude opinions to yourself.
    This phone is NOT ugly.. it looks reallly nice !!!
    Its not clunky, chuby like some phones and it doesnt have an edge at the bottom blocking things like other phones.. now THOSE that i mentioned are quite bad looking phones and I wouldnt purchase them… but The Motorola Backflip looks awesome !!!

  93. It seems that it has a complete features..!
    Great phone :)

  94. Mine arrives tomorrow in the mail…I can’t wait…:)

  95. when does this think come out

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