Droid, Droid Eris Get Android 2.1 The Hard Way


eris-21It’s nice to just sit there in your hammock, slurping an umbrella drink and getting OTA updates as they fly every which way, but sometimes life isn’t such a breeze. HTC Droid Eris and Motorola Droid owners for example, have been incredibly anxious to get the latest and greatest, and the guys at XDA Devs have supplied a means to that end.

An HTC employee in China supposedly posted the ROM on XDA, it was deemed valid but corrupt, and the problem was soon patched/fixed and on several HTC Eris devices. It can be on yours too if you follow these directions!

Don’t get your panties in a bunch Motorola Droid owners – you’re being taken care of as well. Over at DroidLife, Kellex had to do a factory reset on his Droid and used the “fresh start” as an opportunity to test out the Motorola Droid 2.1 Update that had been leaked and posted a few days ago.

It’s a build for developers to do final testing but it does work – and doesn’t have things like 3D Launcher and Live wallpapers.

For the brave folks out there who take the plunge, let us know how it turns out.

[Via AndroidForums]

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  1. SWEET! I’m still going to wait for the OTA though. Maybe this means that the actual release is even closer than we may think.

  2. Waiting for the OTA too!

  3. Yeah.. waiting on OTA.

  4. Ditto on OTA.

  5. Hero owners, its already ported and uploaded on xda. So far looks good, very smooth.

  6. the droid machine is amazing everyday i find something new

  7. Has anyone on here actually tried this?

  8. so can anyone take a guess on the timeframe in which the droid gets 2.1?

  9. i’m munching on some eclair right now.
    go for it it’s way better and faster than the official mr2

  10. i’m guessing it never happens

    still waiting…and waiting…and waiting…

  11. Running the Hero port right now. It’s fast and so far stable.

  12. did it on my eris and so far works great….not to sound like a newbie but just wondering how do i undo this for when the real update comes out?

  13. Why wait for ota?
    I was on XDA and the IRC channel when the dev team was patching it. I’ve had it since about 11 last night and its running beautiful

  14. I’m guessing it’ll be released to coincide with the release of the Nexus One on Verizon. March 23rd.

  15. I downloaded it today! It looks and feels awesome! I was going to wait for the OTA but I’m tired of waiting on Verizon to push it out… If you follow the directions you will be fine.

  16. i did mine earlier today and i have to say it makes the eris into a totally different phone. very impressed.

    you could always try the MR1 to roll it back. i would try it today but i just finished loading everything the way i wanted so i don’t want to wipe it again. :)

  17. This makes the eris even more amazing then it already was. Love it def worth updating yourself, this coming from someone who has never done anything like this before very easy to do on your own.

  18. did it last night about 12am pacific. LOVE IT! phone runs much snappier. transitions are amazing and all my apps still work minus one which was fingerprinted through market. Ive been told market will eventually catch up to that one though and it will work. when OTA comes I believe these leaked updates will still be fine for the OTA as the it will be sensed as an older version and the OTA will write over it. if not it doesnt matter anyway to me since now root is impending with this 2.1 leaked rom for the devs to play with and I would rather have the cooked roms anyway.

  19. works great only thing is no live wall paper oh well its 2.1!!

  20. How nice that someone sacrificed their job so people could have a pre-released 2.1. People should pass the hat to help the poor guy out. I’m waiting for the OTA myself. I don’t trust that a pre-release ROM will allow an OTA afterward. It might, but it also might not. Why risk it over a week or two.

  21. Okay , i downloaded this it is okay but will i be able to get the official ota update when it comes out

  22. i hear its the 26th of march when the OTA comes out but this leaked 2.1 is awesome

  23. People just root your droid and you can have your live wallpapers, launcher2, and custom roms, just make sure you do a search on the ones that are working. its not that difficult. you all should see how sick my droid is…

  24. The leaked image is working great so far on my phone. Not too worried about missing the OTA, because even if I do, my needs are satisfied with Navigator and faster screen transitions, plus I’ll be using cooked rooted roms as they become available.

  25. Josh, any pointers on a site that shows you how to root and get the live wallpapers and such? Is there any danger of bricking my droid?

  26. I installed it this morning at the recommendation of a Verizon Wireless representative! No kidding..this person said that it was a piece of cake and if I cannot wait for the OTA then this works too. The only problem I had is to realize that the volume buttons are used once you are in the power off menu for the Eris and also pushing the trackball initiates the actions. Other than that, was pretty simple.

  27. I did it, and it’s well worth it.

    Haven’t noticed one thing wrong yet…so much smoother and faster as well.

    The market is way better now, and we finally have google NAV!

  28. Why do I keep getting the screen with the triangle with a exclamation mark in the middle of it?

  29. Using it for the past few days I have noticed a few small glitches that weren’t there before:

    (May or may not be related to Android 2.1)

    At least once a day I get the triangle with exclamation saying that I had a log in problem with google. I must re enter my password.

    Astrid will not take me to the RTM login page, says page not found.

    Battery charge indicator shows partial charge even though it’s actually fully charged. I have been draining and charging and this seems to be getting back in sync.

    A couple time I answer the phone to a silent call. Then I try to call back the person and get silence during call. Need to reboot to fix.

    With bluetooth music will still play through the bluetooth headset when I plug in the 1/8th inch jack. Before it would and go back to bluetooth when I unplug it.

    Again, I love to tinker and maybe I am to blame for some of these glitches, but they are there none the less.

  30. Oh yeah and I cannot find Twidroid Pro in the market of my other apps.

  31. Will Motorola listen to user that would like just simple things left off the Droid.. like Blue tooth where the ear piece dial contact phone numbers, after all we are in a new decade…..

  32. My advice is wait till the end of march… than if still no ota update… go ahead and download this Rom…*results may vary dont be upset if I mislead you.*

  33. I have tried this on my DROID ERIS and it is really simple and I did it with only my ERIS and no computer. Also it is really fast and downloads fast. So if u cool go for it oh and I got a 14 year old to do it. I’m trying to figure out if I can go back to 1.5 and get official OTA update.

  34. now only if they could make the eris butt-dial proof.

  35. I put it on my Eris, it works great, just make sure if you do it, eject your phone from your computer the proper way after puting the file in the SD root, or it will not register the file on the card. The only downside to the new OS is that you have to rearrange everything the way you want it and re download all your apps, oh well needed some spring cleaning anyway. happy downloading!

  36. I just installed 2.1 on my Eris very smooth. Very diff look. Google Nav is great, voice could be better. Easy upgrade. I backed up every thing but didnt need to. I lost my apps and ring tones but other than that its great. I say why wait. enjoy

  37. Worked like a charm!


  39. Tried to install, but once I get past “Checking..PB00IMG”, it goes to another screen that gives two options:

    fastboot mode

    What do I do from here?

  40. The only reason I’m looking forward to 2.1 is PPTP VPN capability. Anyone try that yet? Is it built into android in 2.1? Be nice to run shell scripts via ssh over vpn. :)

  41. So here is my story of the 2.1 update. There are actually numerous Droid Eris Roms available for 2.1….. I initially downloaded the one which version started with 2.19…… and the Google Maps and Navigation would force close. after I investigated further i realized I did not install the proper rom. After finding the proper one, which is 2.26.605.2, I reinstalled it and WOW!!!This phone is soooo cool, it does not lag, we have GPS, the screen changes at a fast pace, overall this makes the Droid Eris A+….oh and did I mention improved battery life?!

  42. Leann I ran into the same problem and use the 2.19 version, I have not found the version 2.26.605.2 yet, can you share where you found it ??

  43. Actually the real leaked software version for Eris 2.1 is: 2.26.605.4 at least on mine. But oh well, whatever! :D


  44. Got the 2.1 on my Droid Eris works Great would love to know how to get the live wallpapers to work… besides that loving it


    This is the latest version of the leaked Droid Eris 2.1 Rom:
    Version Number: 2.26.605.4

    Drag and drop to SD card.
    Turn off phone.
    Hold down Volume and Power (hang up button).
    Let it load zip file.
    When it asks if you want to update hit the roller ball in.
    It will then install. After it is done it will ask you if you want to boot. Hit the roller ball again.

    You will lose all apps, you can easily re download. You also lose all contacts. Do not use back-up utilities to bring back your data. It is easier to just convert them to google contacts and have them on your phone again once you resign into your google account.


  46. Where can I find the rooted version?

  47. anybody notice that the phone in the pic and the one in the video are not the same and the menu layout isint the same as my 2.1 either. im runing droid eris 2.1 also

  48. One in picture is the Droid Eris running 2.1 with HTC sense. One in the video is the Motorola Droid running standard Eclair 2.1. That is why they are different.

  49. Just talked too htc, they said there end of the update 2.1 for eris has been done for a while, it is up to verizon too release

  50. i installed it for my eris about 3 weeks ago…it works great..

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