Mar 2nd, 2010

carlocatorOne of Android’s biggest knocks is that it doesn’t attract the big name development houses, users are stingy, the platform is so open that there is a lot of garbage, the relaxed rules allow free alternatives that screw some developers out of funds they might have otherwise earned, and piracy exists. There are counterarguments against each one of those points but let’s focus on the good side of things – there ARE innovative, independent developers making bank on the market.

We told you about the Motorola Droid LED Flashlight success story and now we’ve got one of larger proportions: Car Locator on Android Market makes $13,000 each month. The app was started as a side project by Edward Kim who offers a free version of the app (70k downloads) and a paid version ($1.99 bumped to $3.99, 6,500+ downloads).

Kim notes that he was making about $100/day until becoming “featured” by Google, boosting his earnings to $435/day and at one point earning $772… Valentine’s Day. You’ve gotta love that…


Read more on Eddie Kim’s blog.