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It’s already March 2010 and time just seems to be FLYING past us. NCAA College Basketball has their “March Madness” tournament in just a few weeks, and I’m sure there will be plenty of apps to follow the action, but let’s hope Android has some “March Madness” of it’s own. Exiting February and heading into March, here is some over-the-weekend news you should know:

enTourage-eDGe-openenTourage eDGe Shipping Soon
The two-screened eDGe, featuring both LCD and e-INK screens, was supposed to ship in February. It’s now March but the company behind the product is saying it won’t delay long – those who pre-ordered will begin receiving their devices in a couple short weeks. Actually they’ll be shipped at the end of this week according to an interview e-reader-info.com conducted with company employees. [Read More]

Moto Devour Dissing Continues
I didn’t hate the Motorola Devour… in fact, I kind of liked it. But in the context of Verizon Android offerings it didn’t seem to make any sense. Wired is the latest to not only agree, but go a step further – they gave the Devour a 5 out of 10 saying “The Devour, for all its outer beauty is ultimately just another pretty face without much substance behind it.” We did our own Motorola Devour Review… have you found any other good reviews around the net?

DellMini5-2Dell Mini 5 To AT&T, Category Killer
Even though an official carrier has not yet been announced, an interview with Laptop Mag revealed that Dell was working closely with AT&T to bring their Mini 5 tabletphone to the market. With a MID form factor, front-facing camera, phone-call capabilities and a sick list of specs, the Mini 5 will be extra enjoyable because of the inclusion of Android Market – something competing MIDs/Tables with Android lack (like the ARCHOS. It’ll also come with an iTunes-like content distribution service that DELL has yet to roll out. [Read More]

All Android Phones Getting 2.1
From the T-Mobile G1 to the Nexus One and everything in between, every single Android Phone currently out there will be upgradeable to Android 2.1. That doesn’t necessarily mean carriers will make the plunge and make the offering, but according to Taylor from A&M that’s exactly what will happen. Unfortunately some phones will require a full wipe, but at least you’ll be getting 2.1. Some features (like live wallpapers) might be left behind so the smaller processors can handle the larger load. [Read More]

Mozilla Fennec (Mobile Firefox) On Nexus One & Droid
It may still be a work in progress, but Mozilla is teasing us with pictures of the Nexus One and Motorola Droid running the new browser over at their Facebook page. There is a good chance it won’t be out until late in the year, which begs the question – WHY must you tempt us so EARLY? [From Firefox Facebook, Flickr]

Minor G1 Updates
By March 15th the G1 masses should have an OTA that gives them… nothing much. Improved call performance is about the only addition but we wanted to warn you not to get too giddy when you see an update available. It’s not 2.x… but maybe one day young Android… maybe one day. [Read More]

CLIQ Goes Back To The Future
Over the weekend CLIQ users got an OTA “update” that actually set their phones to December 31st, 1969, causing inevitable syncing/calendar problems and leaving them no way to fix the issue. The update has stopped going out but there isn’t much word on exactly what happened, why or when it’ll be fixed. Did you get this update McFly? [Read More]

Change Your Nexus One Trackball Colors
Rooting and modding – the divine luxuries it brings! Check out this new hack that allows users to change the blinking trackball colors for various notifications/events. It isn’t anything that will increase your productivity or give you endless hours of pleasure, but it will certainly make your Nexus One look bad ass:

[Via DroidDog]

User Submitted Pictures To Google Street View
The pictures you’re taking on your phone today could become the pictures we see on Google Street View tomorrow. And just imagine, if we all take enough of them, we might be able to fly through a Tim Burton-like patched together 3D world of user submitted images. Wouldn’t that be neat? And scary? [Read More]

Eric Schmidt In 1986
It’s funny… so why not (via TC)

Xperia X10 Mini Hands-On

HTC Desire Getting DivX Support
It won’t be available out of the box, but it seems that DivX playback support will be available for the HTC Desire as an upgrade after release. This from MobileTechWorld who spoke with HTC executives directly on the matter. [Read More]

Feel free to share other news we missed in the comments below. And of course, comment on them!

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  1. Does the Hero have the hardware for different colours on the trackball?

    Also, isn’t this March 1st?

  2. Phandroid= BORING!!! Android and Me is way better more news!!!

  3. how dare you call my veteran a “young Android”?!! it’s been through more than your droid and N1 combined. (said jokingly, but it is true)

  4. DivX support is best part of news…

  5. After reading about the CLIQ problems I held off on updating mine, but I read up elsewhere that they pushed a new update, as well as a fix (via SD card updating) for people who’s phones went whacko. I decided to update a few minutes ago and everything is working in tip-top shape.

    A few things:

    1. Theres now a “Manage SIM Card” in the App drawer that lets you import/export/delete contacts on your SIM card.

    2. imeem’s gone!

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