PEPID Android App Arrives In Beta, Helps Docs Make Decisions


We’re often looking for the coolest apps, most entertaining games, and neatest ways to improve our personal lives through our Android Phones. But how about improving our ability to do our jobs and help save lives? That is what the PEPID Android Application intends to accomplish.

PEPID just launched the beta of their Android Application which they explain as:

PEPID’s reputable clinical and pharmacological content is designed to support clinicians through every stage of the decision support process, from the initial content, all the way through treatment and follow-up care — increasing patient safety through better-informed patient care. PEPID contains the most extensive drug database on the market today, thousands of disease profiles and medical conditions, medical and dosing calculators, a drug interactions checker, along with numerous illustrations, laboratory values, and a differential diagnosis generator, all available on the Palm Pre.

pepidTheir press release was geared towards the Palm Pre but I’m not making a mistake – you can sign up for as a beta tester here. This type of solution doesn’t apply to the masses but I think it’s targeted goals will help a lot of docs do their job more swiftly and accurately if it gets into the right hands. I can think of at least one person who might use it.

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  1. Slow news day…

  2. i find this VERY valuable.

  3. Sign up link is not working.

  4. The release got a Blackberry an Iphone and a Palm Pre .. way to give publicity to developers who show Android no respect

  5. Great news. I am in for 1 beta signup. Now if I only had an android device to test it on (hint, hint).

  6. Before I got my Droid I was using Epocrates on my old smartphone – it is the most popular Rx app in hospitals. Epocrates just recently released their beta on Android. I’m interested to see how this stacks up against it.

  7. Just FYI, the link to sign up as a beta tester isn’t working.

  8. Signup link still not working…. I’d love to send this to my doc who is in love with his Motorola Droid.

  9. @justin THANKS!

  10. Dr. Droid … funny. I have used epocrates forever, but have been disappointed that it has taken android so long to get an app. This will be a race for me, the first one that finishes will earn my attention and love.

  11. Epocrates is a similar product, but with more free tools and information. The Android beta is out as of last week and works really well. PEPID tends to be quite expensive for anything useful – at least, on the Blackberry and the old Palm platform.

  12. Pepid is way better than epocrates. This android medical app should be really good. You can find the link on the pepid dot com web site

  13. no way epocrates is nowhere near as good. Try the free beta for android yourself and you will clearly see the difference: (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  14. I’m a fan of these safety-oriented apps, like the My-911 Automatic Crash Response app, a la Onstar.

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