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Nexus One Contest: Make A Funny Video!


google-nexus-one(Updated: See bottom) We’re giving away a NEXUS ONE! Despite our good intentions, our last contest hurt some feelings, so we’ve changed the rules (and our approach) in an attempt to be more accommodating and understanding of others. Time to put on your funny hat and game face on folks – there’s a hot piece of hardware up for grabs (plus $100) and three people here are gonna be a bit richer.

Here is how it all works:

Create your own ORIGINAL video with the purpose of making our tech-loving crowd laugh, gasp or be otherwise entertained. Humor/Entertainment is the name of the game.  For the video to qualify you must either:

  1. Mention and/or in the video, OR
  2. Have a small or watermark on the video
  • Submit it to YouTube AS A REPLY to this video (will accept on the original, too)
  • Video MUST be submitted in the month of FEBRUARY (By 11:59PM, February 28th, EST)
  • Enter as many times as you want

How winners will be selected:

  • Videos will be judged based on how funny/entertaining/original they are
  • Bad language is okay, but be tasteful
  • Phandroid/AndroidForums staff will select and announce finalists soon after the deadline
  • We MAY have readers vote to decide winner, but exact method is TBD (we reserve the right to decide however we’d like!)
  • Winners will be contacted through YouTube to ensure identity


  • 1st Place – Phandroid’s Nexus One for T-Mobile USA (opened but barely used)
  • 2nd Place – $75 Amazon Gift Certificate
  • 3rd Place – $25 Amazon Gift Certificate
  • All finalists get 6-month premium membership to AndroidForums (details coming soon)


Edit: As Rob said on the first post: “Several people have already started working on the “Hitler Meme” and we’re happy to continue accepting those as submissions (without penalty). If we think they’re funny, they’ll be judged equally.”

Update: Finalists have been announced, vote on your favorite here!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

Nexus One Giveaway: Hitler Video Contest!

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  1. Shouldn’t have given into the few complainers..

  2. ^ That.

  3. I think it is nice that it was opened up to more videos. You can only do the same video so many times. This way we can get a lot of fun entertainment.

  4. Boo! Giving into them will just encourage more whining in the future.


  6. May the best geek win!!! :)

  7. Someone should still use the Hitler video but in the subtitles refer to him as “Dave” (from the original contest comments). Have him bitching about something and then when he asks people to leave the room he admits to the others that what really has him so upset is the sand in his vagina. Then have the others consoling him and suggesting the best ways to get over it.

  8. To the first 4 posters on this thread….you are all idiots. Phandroid is not giving in…they are opening up the contest so people are not locked into using the original Hitler video, and I for one can’t blame them. You are under the assumption that only Americans read this site. I know of a couple key Android developers from overseas that not only found the video horribly offensive, but probably wont be visiting any longer. Nowhere in the new rules does it state that you cannot use the aforementioned video. It simple states “ORIGINAL”, which means you can take the same film footage and add whatever words you want…..which still makes it “ORIGINAL”. Grow up people, and stop the arguing. Put that wasted energy into making a kick ass video and win yourself a Nexus. And to the 4 top posters, dont bother replying and trying to flame me. Its not worth my time, and I will not be checking back for any responses to this post.

  9. This is an awesome contest! I love making videos and I love android, it’s a win-win, thanks guys, I’ll be sure to try my best :D.

  10. @droiddev
    This is what i read.. “to the first 4 posters who did not share the same feeling on the subject as i do…. you are all idiots.” To which I refer to my post in the original thread. “you can’t fix stupid.” even overseas developers.

  11. I honestly hope that this contest has a winner who uses the original format.

  12. @Integgroll
    Unfortunately I think Rob is going to have to consider not selecting use of the Hitler video as the winner even if it is the best. Could you imagine the uproar from the hoard of people with sand in their vagina’s if the winner used the Hitler video?

  13. cool move guys! image++

  14. Those of you who are pissed about people “complaining” to change the subject matter of the contest should be a little more understanding … just the mention can be offensive and there are several entire cultures of people who find nothing funny about Hitler even if its making fun of him. You probably also think fart jokes are appropriate at any time … we’re supposed to be an open forum and that means trying to be accepting. I don’t think you’re all idiots, however I do think y’all have severe asshole tendencies.

  15. Those of you who are pissed about people “complaining” to change the subject matter of the contest should be a little more understanding … just the mention can be offensive and there are several entire cultures of people who find nothing funny about Hitler even if its making fun of him. You probably also think fart jokes are appropriate at any time … we’re supposed to be an open forum and that means trying to be accepting. I don’t think you’re all idiots, however I do think y’all have severe asshole tendencies “”X2″” lol

  16. Bunch of whiney pseudo-bitches that commented against that video contest. Get your heads out of your asses and understand that any “hard feelings” are within the person, not a group of people.

    Shit is ancient history yet all you crybabies find a way to spark conflict in the most harmless form of entertainment. Pussies. I say you cancel the whole fucking thing, and make a funny video on smashing the nexus one, blaming all the “zomg my ancestors died by the hand of hitler!” morons for no contest.

  17. @Brian Even with that being the case, it will still be my submission if I get around to making one.

  18. David,

    You talk about being accepting, yet the Hitler meme is unacceptable to you? Mind blowing, really.

  19. “Taking this site off my RSS FEED” < is that the new "removed from my friends on myspace" or not being in the "top"? Gays I tell you, Gays.

  20. Rob, (commenter i assume, not the article poster), you’d be the first to complain and beg for help if that “ancient history” were to happen to you. Get your head out of the sand and look around … I’m not sure what nationality you are but I’d bet there’s some reference to your past you wouldn’t like being made the butt of a joke. “Live and let live” is not synonymous with “fuck em.” Why can’t you stop whining and being a pseudo-bitch about this site trying to do the right thing and enjoy the contest as it is now?

  21. Tyler, the only reason that hilter meme was remotely acceptable was because of the context of the movie which was extreme intentionally to get a reaction. That “in your face” intent that is a standard of tarantino works there because of the venue, not when its a social cooperative environment.

  22. NOOOO!….Now i know for sure im not going to win :(
    =/ damn complainers…Anyways good luck and congrats to anyone who wins ^_^

    1. Kevin: “Several people have already started working on the “Hitler Meme” and we’re happy to continue accepting those as submissions (without penalty). If we think they’re funny, they’ll be judged equally.”


  23. Rob,

    Thank you for your generosity and finding a creative way to give back to people. Don’t be discouraged by the hate. You’re doing a great job.


  25. @ talton
    Yes, i understand that part :P
    but with the new variety that is allowed im pretty much guessing a lot of people will enter and less likely for me to win lol :P
    then again competition is healthy right?
    Good luck everyone!

  26. heyguywhatisgoingon: Relax man, lol.. comments with links end up pending and have to be approved. I just got home. …I’ve approved the first one you submitted – but please submit it as a video reply to the video listed in the instructions (or the original video in the hitler post). This is for a couple reasons but.. it’s how you officially submit. Thanks!

  27. @David

    I’m of Yugoslavian descent, living in Holland now and been trough a war myself, and family members of mine have also been killed as a consequence of Hitler’s occupation of Yugoslavia in WO II (not by Hitler himself, as some people’s ancestors apparently have). Without bagatelizing that dark experience my family has had I see it like this: Hitler was a bad guy, and it’s ok to make fun of bad guys. Even more so if this happens trough subtitling a non-offensive (I speak German as well, and there is nothing remotely offensive in that rant except to the generals present perhaps) clip from a brilliant movie depicting a brilliant performance by a brilliant actor in order to make a very serious thing hillarious.

    The fact that some people find making fun of a madman like Hitler offensive, honestly, baffles me. Many people have many sensitivities about many things, yet if we were all to act upon these sensitivities in such a extreme way as some commenters have done here, our society would have been repressive and most of all dull. Lack of personal sense humor is in my opinion a bad excuse for forcing one’s opinion upon the others.

  28. Oh, that is Fucking ridiculous. It is funny, get over it!

    And about the Haiti earthquake “jokes” things, F-U we would make fun of it too if it was funny.

  29. Damnit! I’m 75% done with mine!
    Whatever. I’m finishing and uploading it anyway. You humorless assholes who complained can suck it!

  30. Hey guys… lighten up… its not like an organized Nook burning or anything…

  31. Why do you have to acomidate
    People.?Quinton terentino
    Didn’t with inglorious blasters
    Get over it.! Its 2010

  32. The Hitler meme was funny… about two years ago. There was the Xbox one, the one about Hitler’s car, the iSketch parody… I remember laughing at those until I nearly pissed my pants.

    When I saw the announcement for the Hitler contest this morning, I was totally shocked. A popular Android blog sponsoring a contest, centered around an old meme that IS offensive to a fairly large population of people? Wow. Too far, guys.

    Memes are funny when they’re still on 4chan. Underground and not in the spotlight. Once mainstream media (and yes, I’m considering Phandroid to be “mainstream”) has picked up on it, it’s not funny anymore… well, aside from a few well-done Rickrolls here and there.

    Unfortunately, the tone of the comments here (“waaaah, stop being babies, don’t give in” is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know why blog comments tend to bring out the web’s most vocal morons, but the discussion here is utterly pointless. This is on par with YouTube. Engadget recently disabled comments to give everyone a “cooling off” period and it looks like that’s needed here too.

    To anyone that genuinely feels like Phandroid was “caving in” to those that were offended–you seriously need to grow up. If you want to discuss Android, let’s be mature about it. Put down the MyTouch that mommy and daddy bought you, do your homework for your Algebra class tomorrow, and think before you type next time.

    Anyway, I’m done here. Unsubscribed via Google Reader. Until the comments around here become worthwhile–adieu, Phandroid.

  33. i call bs on you unsubscribing Brian Douglas Hayes, but you need to say whatever you can to “scare” people. it’s cool…we know you really won’t.

  34. Get over it you whinny cry baby bitches…. Jesus, learn to relax!

  35. wow…whyd u give in? simply giving in to less creative minds….oh well….daddy needs himself a new pair of shoes..or a nexus 1

  36. @Brian:

    Or maybe is not a “stick-up-the-ass” news provider.
    They provide real news and in a mature way, but they are funny about it. Look at the Daily Show, for example. You will learn more from then Daily Show than you will from MSNBC, CNN or Fox.

  37. Yes I find the hitler meme’s to be funny … But sometimes one has to think of the bigger picture. Like for instance, verizon, blackberry or whom ever not wanting to sponsor or have ads up on this page, or the discrediting of a site based on a what they, and many others see as being acceptable. Family guy, tarantino, mel brooks and countless others have indeed done skits renditions. I don’t know … I think like many other places in life you never discuss god, politics or religion. And once and a while you may need to take into consideration what your posting, and the potential backlash that may ensue. I don’t care how you cut it, if someone is offended by something such as the hitler meme it isn’t our place, job, or responsibility to go about telling them to grow up, or become less sensitive to these matters. The fact is, when you go to youtube or watching “inglorious bastards” your able to decide and choose what it is your going to be exposing yourself to, simple as that people. Now for all the people whom would want a chance to enter said contest, do you think they want to put personal morals and ethics aside for a cellphone? A cellphone!?! Really this is what this all boils down to! You all want to draw lines in the sand, make a stance and have an opinion on a pretty well reread blogs article about how society needs to get less soft and get to where you want them to be. This article, the haiti relief fund(which for all intensive purposes had good intentions, but one troll shot off some persaonal comment and about 75% of the comments focused on how much better everyone was to that monster.) and that b.s about the samsung v.p that committed suicide just goes to show how this blog can get off track. Read this, and just consider the words and message your choosing to send by them, and that yes, this isn’t just about YOU and what YOU find appropriate, its a big world out there, and not everyone has walked the same path in life to get whereever it is you think you are.

  38. Someone referred to comments on here as having been worthwhile at some point. You read slashdot, don’t you? Enjoy your contest, all. I’ll get my android news from google reader from now on.

  39. @ Brian Douglas Douche: “Put down the MyTouch that mommy and daddy bought you, do your homework for your Algebra class tomorrow, and think before you type next time.” Sounds like we have a big boy? Maybe in college? He might have a point about the cooling off period. I was compelled to troll once I saw his “adiue” message.

  40. I hope you don’t have people judge the video, since my video was a hitler meme I don’t want my chances of winning being affected by sensitive people. I posted my vid sumwhere in the comments but don’t kno where it ended up here it is just in case, feel free to leave a comment

  41. Sad to see a bunch of cry babies have a perfectly harmless contest ruined.

    Go read another site ya god damned whiners.

  42. This kind of bullshit crying has cost us great holidays like Christmas.

    People that are so easily offended need to be told to fuck off so that the rest of the people who like to have humor in their lives can live in peace.

    I’m hoping people come to try and flame me about how I speak my mind freely. I honestly laugh at how these same pansies who are so easily offended are claiming that their feelings have been hurt over something petty.

    If the video had depicted Hitler in a positive light than I would agree that it is distasteful, but I wouldn’t cry about it until blue in the face and ruin the fun for others.

  43. Really dissapointed that you gave in to all the whiners… To be honest we dont need their sort arround here, if they cant understand a simple funny movie making fun of hitler than hell to be honest I dont want them here! I’m just dissapointed you gave in to the cry babies.

  44. @Talton “Phases” Pettigrew: didn’t know that’s the way it worked. ps: hope you guys took it all in good fun. i’m not going to be unsubscribing anytime soon.

  45. @heyguyswhatisgoingon very well made. Not sure I got the random Satlin comment though – and no cats?
    7/10 I’m afraid. Possibly a 9/10 with cats, or even 10/10 with Pirates or a Ninja.

  46. @heyguyswhatisgoingon – i laughed ;)

  47. I tell you what….lets make the contest about the 9/11 highjackers using Android phones on their flights or Bin Laden using it to elude everyone out there in the desert.

  48. I got an even better one. Lets make a play on avatar and have the Native Americans somehow get hold of Android phones way back then that they use to then turn around and slaughter the Europeans.

  49. “We’re giving away a NEXUS ONE! Despite our good intentions, our last contest hurt some feelings”

    The guys at Phandroid are a bunch of idiots. Can we submit a video showing what stupid assholes run this website? After all, you assholes claim that you can take a joke…

    1. @ “Phandroid Sucks”.. Absolutely! We already have one submitted – and it’s quite funny. :)

  50. I submitted one:
    But it was never added to video response after I submitted it?

    1. @ x986123: I see it – and a second one – from you under video response. They didn’t go at first because it was set for moderation, but that was fixed a few hours ago. :)

  51. LMAO

    I can’t wait to see the videos people are going to make about how they didn’t win the competition!!

  52. I POSTED MY VIDEO!!!!!!!!

  53. I hope I win with one of these videos! Birthday on March 7th and would be a great gift. :D

  54. @Rob
    Anybody know when the winner will be announced?

  55. Kevin: It depends on how many videos we have submitted and how we choose to select the winners. It may take a couplafew days, I don’t know. But, we accept entries all the through Feb so.. I wouldn’t expect it any earlier than Tuesday, 2nd. Realistically probably later in the week but again, it just all depends.

  56. I uploaded my video :D

    Tell me what you guys think ^.^

  57. Some nice videos being uploaded so far!

  58. just finished my entry. check it out here:

  59. We’re getting some good entries. ;)

  60. @ Talton…who do you think is the best?…the one to beat?

  61. Donald: Me personally? I like the NoPhone and Hilter making fun of Phandroid, lol. But we each have our favorites. ;)

  62. lol..yeah they are good!..i like the Droid does one..thats a good one.And the Mj one is nice.

  63. I am deeply offended that a vocal group of people, easily offended, can make us change our behaviours. Please, so that I won’t be offended in the future, stop them from offending me by letting them force changes because they were offended.

    On the other hand I like the more open format of the contest. Now we can use a more socially diverse selection of video footage and offend a much larger audience. I mean make them laugh. ;)

  64. first i have to say these videos are meant for entertainment purpose only. if u get offended for any reason ur are really dumb, i have Haitian friends and cuss-ens wich i love with all my heart. and any phone carrier with out an android device yet is worthy of being hated with in my own believes and my religion. (Androidia)

    please enjoy
    these videos contend strong language and are not for kids under the age of 17.
    pleas do not try this at home.
    broken laws in the video have already bn payed for since we got caught anyways so don’t try wasting your time trying to get us in trouble cuzs u will only look stupid….
    first wheres my nexus1

    second Haiti’s president what Haiti really needs

    third but not last f@#$k apples corp this is funnier

    the next two videos will include obama and chuck e cheese getting his nuts cracked lol

  65. @smith, be sure to submit them as video responses!

  66. Worked way to long on this video for the contest. I hope everyone likes it

  67. how do i do that??? if any one can please tell me.

  68. nvm i figured it ouyt it wasnt that hard lol thanks man

  69. The thing with using the Hitler meme now is it’s just old. I see one of those now and it’s “meh, another one…”

  70. My video has been up for past week

    Osama Bin Laden needs a Nexus One so he can SEXT a woman three caves away really late at night!

  71. Holy whack.. nearly 100 entries to sort through! Awesome job everyone!

  72. Hi Guys, good luck everyone!

    I entered by video like 2 days ago, there’s some funny entries to check out.

  73. Weeded the 100 entries down to about 30, staff/premium voting on who to make the finals from that. :) Should have finals posted Wed or Thur morning. Probably Thursday.

  74. You should let us know which 30 of the videos were narrowed down to. It builds suspense! Then tomorrow narrow it down till 10. Wednesday narrow it down to 5 and then the winner announced on Thursday!

  75. Oh my god, the suspense is killing me!

  76. Will users vote for the winner?

  77. We will let the public vote here on Phandroid when we have the finals picked, yeah. ;) Probably 10 of them. It will be hard to ask everyone to watch much more than that..

  78. Hm. I’m not actually sure a public vote is the best approach, at least as the sole way to choose a winner. I like giving everyone a chance to have their say, but it almost always turns things like this into a test of social networking prowess. And it seems like a lot of folks have already gotten waaay too intense about this contest. There were multiple people hanging around on YouTube all week just to vote 1 on every video that wasn’t theirs the second it was posted. I fear you have a case of the comment trolls, and somehow I suspect they’re the ones most likely to be voting on the finalists as well. :-/

  79. I feel the same way. Some people have tons of followers will vote for their videos regardless of the quality. It seems it would be unfair. I think the Phandroid staff should vote for the winner. Since their giving away their Nexus One, shouldn’t it be their opinion that counts? I’m all for democracy, but it seems that the most popular finalist would probably win in a case like this…

  80. All I know is that if the public decides, most normal entries don’t stand a chance to the 12 year old facebook and myspace networks. Maybe just announce the top ten for our viewing pleasure then the 3 winners shortly after. You could even rank them 10 to 1. The premium and staff idea for actual voting works.

  81. ^ Yeah. You could maybe announce the top 10, then the top 5, and finally the 3 winners on friday.

  82. this is going to be a

  83. I totally agree… I think Phandroid staff should choose the winner.


  85. Staff should choose.

  86. staff should definitely choose. Otherwise you know someone is going to distort the voting system, whether it be social networking, a script that submits a ton of votes, or some “anonymous” votes from a certain website…
    It’s going to have your name on it, you should be the one that chooses what it is.

  87. Staff should choose.

  88. StAfF sHoUlD cHoOsE…

  89. If the rules are not set, the staff should choose the best three to make it easy.

  90. I like the video of the Motorola Cliq with the guys trying to get the girls. It’s funny and love the sound effects and the fake phone..LOL

  91. Hi Phandroid staff,

    Can we see the top 10? LOL

    Can’t wait to see the top videos.


  92. ^ Same ;D

  93. Well top ~30 is still being voted on by staff/premium members over on AF – to come up with the top x from there. ;)

  94. when will the finalists be announced?

  95. Thursday? They will try (it says above a few posts)

  96. im excited for TOMORROW!


  98. NOOO I WANT THE NEXUS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Sooo, are we gonna hear from you this morning?

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