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Nexus One Giveaway: Hitler Video Contest!


NOTICE: This contest has been ammended and you can now see the updated rules of entry here.

WHY? While the “Hitler Meme” is hilarious to me and millions of others, apparently there is a large population that is offended by the use of Hitler in any comical light whatsoever. I could claim they’re being overly sensitive, but who am I to tell someone how they should and shouldn’t feel? I can understand why the original contest may have upset some folks, and had I known I wouldn’t have held the contest to begin with. In my mind the Hitler meme is harmless and funny, but I don’t want to hold a contest (with the intention of being fun) at the expense of my readers’ feelings.

When the backlash began in the comments (which I’ve left untouched), I updated the contest to say the following at the bottom:

UPDATE: In light of some of the negative comments, we thought we’d remind you this is an INTERNET MEME that is WIDELY ACCEPTED by respected news sources – even the director of the video approves and enjoys the parody. If the intentions of our use don’t seem obviously innocent, and for some reason you think they’re racially motivated or mean-spirited, than you’re missing the point completely. Apologies if this offends you, hopefully you’ll just understand why the majority of people don’t mind it, and move along. Either way, I’ll be accepting all your comments so spew your hate towards me if you must!

I’ve been flamed in comments before and I always try to admit when I’m wrong. In this case, I don’t think the Hitler meme is “wrong” but we could argue this point until we’re both blue in the face – it’s a matter of opinion and I’d rather err on the side of sensitivity. Had I just been making/posting the video itself this would be a non-issue (I’ve posted one before), but holding a contest around the theme is a bit different.

For those that DO find the Hitler Meme funny, feel free to watch the video that started this drama-fest. And for everybody, regardless of which side you stand, check out the new Nexus One Contest. Several people have already started working on the “Hitler Meme” and we’re happy to continue accepting those as submissions (without penalty). If we think they’re funny, they’ll be judged equally.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Can it be in any language?

  2. @PF – It can be, but it probably won’t be funny to the English-speaking judges who compose the entire staff. I’d suggest English ;)

  3. Can’t say I’ll be submitting an entry, but the video above was f’n hilarious!

  4. i’ll delete phandroid right now from my RSS reader..
    “wuhu its fun to make hitler videos to get a nexus one”

    well, after that one: lets make a haiti-earthquake-fun-video to get an iphone? no?

    guys .. come’on ..

  5. @martin
    get over yourself you pansy ass whore. you know damn well it’s just the inglorious bastards meme.

  6. @martin – lighten up. there is a reason the hitler thing became a huge meme getting republished on the biggest sites on the web while not a single haiti earthquake joke video was ever made.

  7. Seems like a lot of work just to win a Nexus, no? Script, shooting, and editing?… hmm……. NOT!

  8. @de – shooting? LOL, you’re doing it wrong:

  9. ahhh…. bask in the lack of enthusiasm… feel its glow wash over you….Or… stop writing drivel that ruins a thread like this, and make the a video. Show some effort!!

  10. I admit it, I laughed at the iPad video. I just can’t seem to get past the idea of Hitler being funny. It’s funny until you remember that the real subject of his rants was the extermination of millions of people.

  11. Okay, seriously, the boat has really sailed on this Hitler meme. When was the last time it was actually funny? A year ago? More? Put it out of its misery, for the love of all that is holy.

    @Pieter: You really have your movie titles mixed up.

  12. Man is this bad taste. You guys do know he tried to exterminate a whole race/religion of people.

    Whats next, Osama Bin Laden Android videos?

  13. Google: Do no eevil
    Hitler: Kill all the Jews.

    Yeah, this contest is real fccking funny.

  14. You can call me whatever you like but I am going to guess that Hitler did not kill everyone in your mother’s family except her sister and herself. There is no humor in anything to do with that POS and pretending that there is diminishes the hundreds of millions of lives that were lost or destroyed by him

    I have removed these two sites from my RSS reader.

  15. This is waaay harder then I thought it would be… :D

    I dunno if I’ll be able to do this, but good luck to the ones competing!

  16. Whats next, Osama Bin Laden Android videos?

    /me thinks you’re onto something. :P
    can’t wait to see whta others come up with

  17. You ******.
    Why the hell do you think it’s even forbidden to lift your right arm into the air like Hitler did here in Germany?!
    This fucking isn’t funny!
    I saw a documentation with original videos of that time, and I was near crying.
    Stop this contest, it’s awful.
    Unsubscribed from RSS.

  18. Rob, nevermind those wussies whining here, im looking forward to the videos :D Im a big fan of those Hitler videos

  19. Maj the wussie here its u, so whats next a video from Franco or Mussolinni? if the video is funny or not u cant make a pussy ass murder like Hitler a funny person,maybe if your family was murdered by Nazis it wouldnt be so funny huh , have some respect

  20. … terrible idea… i think they don’t understand what they are doing…

  21. Rob, you claim that the majority of the people don’t mind this contest. I can tell you the minority of the people is far fewer people because their ancestors have been killed by this maniac. This contest is in exceptionally bad taste.

    Just because the director of the film is alright with it, obviously plenty of other people are not. This stuff has no place on a tech website of pretty high quality.

  22. Seems people are missing the point of the contest. It’s taking advantage of a popular internet meme, not furthering the extermination of the jewish community. If this contest had a Genghis Khan, or Spanish Inquisition theme, no one would be up in arms like they are.

    Move on, enjoy the comedy that is sure to ensue.

  23. man this the funnies videos i seen in a while, i just can’t stop watching this. great job.

  24. hey tyler do you even kno what the movie says? and its not just hitler its the whole nazi thing, that its still alive in our times,its like promoting racism, so yea its not the same as talkin genghis khan its talkin about maniacs that still exist


  26. Rob,

    You’re a troll. Who cares what the director of the clip thinks? Your own readers are rising against you and unsubscribing. And you keep telling them you’re wrong?

    6 million plus people died because of Hitler.

    And you do this?




    You run a fucking second-rate tech website that I like reading because I’m a tech geek. Stick to that shit. Do a random giveaway.



  27. Tyler,

    You’re an idiot. If everyone is “missing the point” then the point is clearly lost on you.

    You are an argument AGAINST free speech.

    And, based on what you just said about Genghis, et al, it seems like you’re anti-Semitic, as well, perhaps?

    After you’re done looking up what anti-Semitic means, go get a real job doing something that’s much less public so the world isn’t brought down by your ignorance.

    Fucking kids.


  28. BTW, the actual translation says nothing slanderous about the Jewish community or Jewish people. It simply shows Hitler blowing a fuse at the miscalculations of his army, calling them traitors, and admitting defeat.

  29. Rob, if you had a family member killed by someone, how would you like seeing a video of that person joking about some type of technology or anything else? Put yourself in the shoes of people that had family members exterminated by this guy.

  30. @Dave – nothing in my video or post “propogates hate”… at ALL. Your comments however, are riddled with hateful insults. There are ways to “protest” but your comments don’t help your cause, they actually marginalize it. Thanks for reading my second-rate tech-website.

    PS: Funny how I can troll a site that I… own?

  31. Holy shit, stop crying. There are hundreds of videos like this on YouTube, because it’s funny. Stop being such a crybaby, unbelievable.

  32. i really hope no1 participates in this….so i can win this shit biyotch…bad things happen…get over it

  33. @Jim, I live in a city which was bombed during WO2, resulting in the complete destruction of the city. Yet no one will take offense to this video. In fact, no one in Europe would care. You know why? Because it’s a joke.

  34. Marco, If I had had family killed in a bombing during a war, I would hate to see video footage of that bombing used in a joking matter for a raffle. Bad taste is bad taste.

  35. wow get a grip people lol it’s just a funny contest! You people take stuff way to seriously. For all you prudes that unsubcribed phandroid have fun we’re better off without your kind here. I hate people that take stuff too seriously and can’t laugh a bit in life.

  36. @Jim, then you’re unable to grasp the concept of “context” and view things in perspective.

    Besides, WO2 was 70 years ago.

  37. @Jim – the video doesn’t “play” on the violence and racism aspects. This portion of the video, aside from knowing who the characters are, doesn’t have anything anti-semitic or violent in it. It plays on Hitler’s notorious short temper.

  38. Oh Dave, this really has you up in arms doesn’t it? Anti-semitic? Is that some sort of seasoning I use on pork products? The bottom line is this contest is a joke based on a joke based on another joke. Next week you’ll have forgotten about it and have moved on to the next topic that is unforgivable in your eyes; hurling hate-filled insults in a futile attempt to prove your point.

    If I am an argument against free speech, you are an argument for back alley abortions. See, I can do it too.

  39. @Marco, the war might be over for 70 years, but there are still plenty of people left alive that had relatives marched into the ovens by this guy. I can guarantee they would not find this video funny at all/

    This is my last post on the matter. I guess I can get my Android news elsewhere too.

  40. I’ll just stick to AndroidAndMe.
    It’s absolutely unreasonable to make a contest like this.
    It’s not funny at all.
    I saw a video where a ~4 years old child was forced to go away from her mum, which then was shot into her head in front of the little girl. She tried ranning away but got shot into her little leg.. :'(
    And that in cause of him.. And now a “funny” video about him.
    Go away and see such videos, then come back and re-read your blog post.

  41. you all know you will still still follow phandroid. liars.

  42. IM ON IT!!! LOL

  43. phandroid has really gone downhills.
    crappy news, crappy reviews and now youre advertising nazism.
    bye phandroid.

  44. SO GLAD everyone is up in arms about this contest!

    It means there will be less competition for me to beat!

    At any rate, the worst thing we can do to what Hitler did, is to disrespect him by making him hate on stuff.

  45. Everyone ranting on here does know Hitler and his regime were defeated…right? The point is NOT to, in any shape or form, propogate anti-semitic views. The point of this competition is to win a phone by adapting the said video to include dialog of your choosing. If you want to add text in the video voicing your views, do so, and be thankful that it will be looked at by at least one person before it is deleted.

  46. This contest has nothing to do with anyone’s feelings towards Hitler. If you’re so upset then go join a support group and do your ranting there. Also, feel free to stop reading this site at any time, no one is twisting your arm. There’s absolutely no good reason to rant and swear and if you do so, you are being childish at best.

    @ Rob, your site continues to be a great resource for me and many others. I will continue to tell my friends about Phandroid. You can be certain that they won’t be the ones displaying immature behaviour.

  47. @Rob

    im an aspiring film maker, and comedian…i do find humor in historical references…even these of hitler…it isnt like the video is glorifying his actions, and im sure if someone submitted a video in which they were, you wouldnt select them as a winner…in actuality, its mocking hitler..i dont see the big issue….and ill work on my entry once i get out of the office

  48. Sup guys, Jewish here.
    I dunno if you guys have heard, but we jews tend to be funny folks. Comedians. We use humor when we can’t be serious.
    We are rather sore about that whole holocaust thing. Those of us who aren’t retarded about hating everything that came from germany (by extension, none of us who are halfway educated in german-jewish history) tend to make fun of hitler.
    Its our little way of getting back at the asshole.

    /jewstamp of approval

    (I wont be participating, mind you, simply because I happen to own an N1 already)

  49. I’m also willing to bet that the majority of the people whining about this are Caucasian gentiles who only know about hitler from 10th grade world history. This isn’t propagating the extermination of any race or religion (much less my own), and as long as no one attempts to bring those sorts of sentiments into their video, there isn’t going to be any issue.

    If someone does bring that thought in, of course, they can just go and fuck right off.

  50. Shame on everybody who has posted here, ranting about glorification of Nazism……come off it!

    Rob, the only poor taste about this video is that you copied a hilarious video from somebody else 2 months ago.

  51. Sorry people, but all of you who deny that there is anything wrong with this contest should just, for a moment, think how you would feel would feel if instead of Hitler this contest used Stalin’s or Bin Laden or another mass murderer who killed your relatives. I would hope that you would have the sensitivity to be disturbed by this contest. And if you are not, then I can understand why you find these types of videos funny. You are as sick and twisted as Hitler was. And perhaps, someday, you will end up the same way he did.

  52. @ Rob
    I have a question…Can we post more than one video?

  53. Well….I must say. Its funny how everybody thinks people are wussies for taking offense at something that may have personally affected them. But let something happen to you or your family and thats supposed to be the worlds biggest tragedy.

    To those that are offended I understand your views. I didn’t initially see anything wrong with it but then quickly thought how I’d feel if this were some black face parody or something.

    To those that aren’t offended but are offended by the people that are offended….STFU!!! Everyone has their right to feel how they want. Some people are probably offended by the parodies of Bin Laden that are sometimes on Letterman or elsewhere. They should be able to express their feelings without somebody callin them a wussy.

    To Rob – I’d seriously think about ending the contest. While you and some of your readers may not be offended you will have many that are. I know you didn’t have any ill intent but you must realize that to many people the site of Hitler is simply disgusting and the idea of promoting a contest around him is even worse.

    All that being said I think the contest should be dropped and I should receive the Nexus One for my insightful commentary. ;-) J/K

  54. @Kevin O_o – you can post as many entries as you would like

  55. just read the content of the video and you will see that its very funny, it has nothing to do with glorifying hitler at all, to me is plain and simple funny.

  56. all the guy wanted was an android phone and he got blackberry instead, I’ve be pissed too.

  57. plus is $350.00 ETF on verizon.

  58. Not sure what is funnier… the hitler meme, or how worked up people seem to be about it :p

    Remember guys if there’s one thing 4chan taught us it’s that “it’s for the LOLZ” ;)

  59. Done and responded…. :)

  60. Dan wrote : “Bin Laden or another mass murderer”

    Ben Laben, a mass murderer ? Are you serious ? For “only” 3000 people.

    And how do you concider Bush and the million Iraqis that have been killed since the U.S invasion in 2003 ?


  61. @Phil So lets see if I got your logic correct… People who are offended by this video have the right to feel however they want, right? And they should be able to express their feelings about how they feel, right? But people who aren’t offended by the video don’t have the right to feel that way, and don’t have the right to express their feelings…

    It makes me laugh at how poorly people interpret freedom. People have the right to do whatever they want, feel how ever they feel, and tell everyone about how they feel, and everyone else is required to just shut up and be OK with it. Seriously, you don’t see the problem with that?


  63. I’m sorry it came to this Rob. It was very clear to some of us that your actions were innocent. This format is in no way promoting Hitler or any of his ideals and it comes down to this… “you can’t fix stupid.”

  64. @513
    Shut the fuck up. 3000 people IS an extremely large number for this time period. CIA errors were behind the decision to invade Iraq. Obama hasn’t even done anything yet except for blaming the Senate for everything that has not passed. (Listen this year’s first State of the Union and you’ll see what I am talking about.)

  65. Ignorance is one of the worst things affecting man and these comments just come to show.


  67. @john ignorance is bad to be sure, but nothing plagues man more than being irrational. When people turn off their brains, stop thinking, and only consider their feelings is when sh~t really hits the fan.

  68. Though I admire your passion john i think your point has been made. think of this tread as a dead horse. your beating this thread john.

  69. I am glad that there are so many people upset with something on the internet. Apparently people want net neutrality until it pisses them off, or they get the chance to troll.

  70. just wanted to say that i am from Israel and in here thous videos are very popular and we DO find them funny…..

    just search “היטלר” (Hitler)in youtube and you’ll find hundreds

    love your site

  71. Alot of dickheads here can’t take a joke…

  72. @neozeliot
    George Bush (both Senior and Junior) killed many Arabs and i hate to them to death, yet i dont mind making fun of them or jokes about them. I cant see your point in here.

  73. I, for one, lol’d. Enough time has passed that people should get over it. People make jokes all the time, you do what you want on the internet.

  74. Even a JEW just pwned all of you morons. a JEW came forward and said you’re ALL retarded for whining like little females. I’m sure hitler personally killed many of your family members with his own I see how this stings oh stfu.

  75. Bad idea fellas. I’m haitian so I wasn’t closly affected my hitler but I may some that may have. This is in bad tast. No imagine your mother was raped on video and they kept showing the video over and over. Then people start thinking the person that commited the crime was funny character so more videos are made of the rape tape. Do you think plastering a video of your mother being raped is a good video. So why the hell would y’all think a video with hitler would be funny.y’all should be slapped for this one!!!

  76. For the people thought this was funny,imagine they there’s a tape of your mother being raped.y’all wouldn’t think that would be funny would you. So why anyone want to help perpetuate hitler as a funny character?that bastard ordered the killings of millions of people. I’m haitian but I still feel for the jews! Stupid contest. Major fail phandroid.

  77. People offended by this should just get off the internet, IMO.
    But, I’m putting this on my RSS (finally).

  78. You complaining fuckers are stupid as stupid can get. It can not be insulting if it is not meant to be insulting. If anything, hitler is turning in his grave.

    Bunch of whining pussys. And jews probably.

  79. By the show of hands, how many Jews in here???

  80. when I think hitler, I think comedy.

    Ok, thats a lie. I do, in general think the hitler memes and funny, but as a contest it seems a bit iffy. Everyone is entitled to there own opinions, but I think If you are going to make contest or anything promotional, you should keep it as neutral as possible.

  81. I just want to stress tthat these videos make fun of hitler.

  82. Y’all some bitches and need to clean out ur vaginas

  83. Wow, what a bunch of crybabies.

    Find me a video of Osama, Obama, Castro, Che, Hussein, or any other prick and make a funny out of it, I’ll laugh too.

  84. You people do realize that more than just the Jews were persecuted during WW2, right….? It was more like 12 million people (or so) that were killed by the Nazis.
    And it wasn’t ONLY Hitler’s idea, it was others that were under him that supported and even started it.

    Learn something more than what you read in your 2nd Grade text books. There’s always more to the story than what little you were taught in elementary school.

    You people are acting like this is being used as a recruitment video/campaign. Does seeing a picture of Hitler correlate to seeing a picture of “Uncle Sam” to you?

  85. @Dan…. –“You are as sick and twisted as Hitler was. And perhaps, someday, you will end up the same way he did.”

    LOL! We’re as sick and twisted as Hitler was because we find a video of men speaking German with English captions to be entertaining.

    Yeah, I’m as twisted as Hitler.
    GROW UP.

  86. ‘hitler’ wrote on February 17, 2010:

    By the show of hands, how many Jews in here???


  87. By making the video a big thing, you are making Hitler more powerful than he is. The videos make him weak and stupid. Do you guys really think that people who like this video hate jews? A Racist wouldn’t like the videos because they make fun of Hitler. So since you don’t like it, then I must assume you are racist.

    You guys are so stupid.

  88. @rob
    “Even a JEW just pwned all of you morons. a JEW came forward and said you’re ALL retarded for whining like little females.”

    Your ignorance is incredible. Because its about one group, it makes it ok to make fun of another, grow up

  89. making fun of dead people has no repercussions.

    i can’t believe people still get butthurt over the internet in 2010…

  90. BULL SHIT…. Consider this my last visit to this site. Change a contest because some PC ass hats think that the meme is “wrong” or “offencive”.

  91. poor taste man. get a conscience.

  92. This contest ridicules Hitler (or was suppose to). It’s okay to make fun of that prick. Is it that hard to understand that? or Rob’s intentions?

    If you were offended and and vote in the US, please unregister.

    Thank you.

  93. Hilarious. I’m sorry, but some people need to learn to take a joke. Seriously.

  94. Does this video show Hitler persecuting Jews? NO. Does it show him degrading Jews? NO. Does it show him raping someone’s mother (as someone analogized)? NO. Is the video actually making fun of Hitler as being a tantrum throwing cry baby? Yes?

    …So what’s the big fucking deal bitch?

  95. Here’s my vid, already responded to the phandroid vid, check it out n if u like it leave me a comment

  96. Enough with the Jews and their exaggerated holocaust, you people tend to forget what the English has committed during the 2nd World War (giving away a country that’s not theirs to a people who have not a single right in that land, its called Palestine and not to forget the amount of death and destruction it caused there and in various places in the world), or the Americans with their mass murders in WW2 and in Iraq and in Vietnam and even in Korea or the Russians in WW2 (Mass Red Army Rape, anyone !!!).

    Stop this stupid bullshit and use your stupid brains for once, if you dont know how to use it, donate it to someone

  97. Rob is an insensitive, ignorant frakker (and judging from his profile on Android Forums, he’s ugly as well). Too bad this is a good source for Android news, or I’d stop visiting the site altogether.

  98. I’m a huge fan of said “celebrity’s” work and find it very offensive to find such people mocking my idol.

    Burn in hell bitches!

  99. Hitler=Evil=Android=Google
    therefore Google is evil Jobs was right

  100. Hitler is funny, stop your crying you dont mourn every day over what happened years ago stop acting like it upset you yesterday Hitler wasnt even close to being a thought in your brain until you saw this as a chance to cry and whine

  101. @Wussies….

    The problem is that if somebody came and beat the shit out of your mom for instance you wouldn’t find it funny if someone made a video about the person that did it. What I’m saying is in fact what you’re trying to express. The difference is that instead of people thinking ahead about how they would feel and applying the “golden rule” they start calling folk wussies. I can guarantee you the majority of the folk here doing the wuss calling would have the opposite opinion if something happened to them or their people.

    Its about applying the rule BEFORE the shoe is on the other foot. If you all of a sudden apply it when the shoe is on your foot then all of that freedom talk goes out of the window now doesn’t it…

  102. I wish folk would get over 9/11 the way they want every one else to get over the atrocities that effected them.

    So, is this considered offensive? And is the actor in it a jew-hater? And, if not, why this isn’t and the Hitler meme is? I’m not retorical, I’d really like a proper answer

  104. @Joe Dirt
    This video wasn’t made by google it was made by a android fanboy. So how is google evil.
    Pesonally I think Hitler was a genious.

  105. @Marcus

    Douchebag, you spelled “genius” wrong.

  106. WOW talk about the worst idea ever.
    Get a clue.

  107. Let me guess….this has brought out all the holocaust and 9-11 denier scumbags?
    Nice job there!

  108. @Marcus
    Yea it does make them evil cuz Hitler is evil. Everything he did and supported was evil. He supported android in this video. Which makes google evil.
    We all know iPhone is superior.

  109. @AJ
    Sorry I’m black and it’s illegal for a black person to learn how to write and read. Sorry for spelling genius wrong.

  110. *clap* *clap* *clap*

    Good job everyone.

  111. Wow. I can’t believe how people are taking this. You do realize what the definition of parody is, right? In this case you are disarming an offensive, or taboo subject, by making it silly and humourous. What’s so terrible about portraying a madman in a situation where he’s complaining about his hemhorroids and not getting tickets to a broadway musical? All you people are doing is perpetuating the taboo and sad memories of his actions. Embrace it and make it you’re own, the taboo is gone. I feel really sorry for all the people still hanging onto their anger and grief, but all you are doing is forcing your anger and grief onto others. It’s a silly contest, move on. Life continues.

  112. @Phil
    We will NEVER forget what happened on 9/11.

  113. Bad idea for a contest. Any insensitivity in this area is really inexcusable, and completely unprofessional. Sorry, I do enjoy much of your content.

  114. Humor involving Nazis, we I nev…

    Have any of you ever heard of a little show called Hogan’s Heroes? It ran for several years or so on CBS in the 60’s, was even nominated several times for an Emmy award, and spent many years in syndication. Mind you this was only 20 years after WW2 and it was pretty popular.

    Warning, this clip involves humor, and an actor playing an American POW dressing up as Hitler…I know, truly disturbing and offensive for some of you.

    Maybe we should boycott CBS?

    Back to feigning continued outrage at heinous crimes that happened 70 years ago, did you know that American born Coca Cola supported the upstart Nazi regime during the 1930s and even into the beginning of the war, possibly longer? Also, let’s not forget their support of apartheid in South Africa only 20 some years ago.

    Mmmm mmmm, how I do enjoy a cold Coke with my Carne Asada and corn tortillas. What’s your favorite pairing, or do you prefer Sprite, or one of the other 75+ brands Coke owns?

  115. @Joe dirt

    “We all know iPhone is superior.”

    Woah woah woah! let’s not hit below the belt people, Hitler is one thing but that’s just plain bigotry!

    Hey Rob, you gotta start moderating this site, cause comments like that are just downright nasty and hurtful.

  116. I uploaded my video :D

    Tell me what you guys think ^.^

  117. I know no one will read this comment, but here it is anyway:
    @ Dave:
    I think the director of the original movie said it best. “As for the idea of such a serious scene being used for laughs, Hirschbiegel thinks it actually fits with the theme of the movie. ‘The point of the film was to kick these terrible people off the throne that made them demons, making them real and their actions into reality,’ he says. ‘I think it’s only fair if now it’s taken as part of our history, and used for whatever purposes people like.'”

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