Feb 11th, 2010

marvell-150x150More news from this year’s Mobile World Congress, this time from chip maker Marvell. They are claiming a revolutionary development and all for around $100.

Most recently, Marvell has launched its new chipset for e-readers and aimed to bring down the price. Well, now they have developed a new processor range for phones, the Pantheon 910 and 920. Along with the new processors, Marvell is claiming that they can easily bring the price of smart phones down!

With the price of most smartphones out there retailing for hundreds of dollars, Marvell’s Pantheon powered phones propose to handle similar power requirements at a fraction of the cost. Marvell’s vice president Weili Dai claims it “makes the vision of a mass market $99 smartphone very real.”

I know, I for one, would love to see a price drop in Android devices! If there are potentials to get the price of a Nexus One from $529 down to somewhere near $99 would make the phone appeal to a far larger crowd and help Android reach the masses.

[via ElectricPig]