Jan 10th, 2010

iSuppli has published the BOM (Bill Of Materials) for the Nexus One which essentially lists all the hardware components that go into building the Nexus One. The grand total is $174.15 in supplies but keep in mind this does NOT include assembly, manufacturing costs, inventory costs, transportation of parts, etc…

Here is the full list:


Interesting to note the most expensive elements:

  • $30 – Qualcomm’s 1GHz Snapdragon processor
  • $23 – AMOLED Display from Samsung
  • $20 – 4GB Nand Flash from Samsung
  • $17 – Capacitive touchscreen from Synaptics

NakedNexus2With just these 4 elements of the phone you’re already up to $90+ and let’s not forget the cost of R&D, paying employees to do all of the work involved, all the various overhead – it’s actually pretty amazing that the devices we purchase are so (relatively) affordable.

It would be even MORE interesting to see how manufacturing costs, R&D and everything else associated with making a phone plays into the total cost, but unfortunately we’ll never find that sensitive information out.

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