Rogers Freezes HTC Dream Data And Forces Update


rogers-htc-dreamHTC Dream users have been reporting that those who have not updated to the most recent mandatory upgrade have had their phone services cut off. Apparently, those with the old OS attempting to make a call are automatically rerouted to Rogers Customer Service and asked to apply the update. Once applied and updated, Rogers Customer Service reps are reporting that voice service will be re-activated but data can take up to 24-hours.

When Rogers sent out the 911 software fix stated it was mandatory fix and were instructed to get the update via http://www.rogers.com/dreamsoftwareupdate. Have any of our Rogers readers who have a Dream had any of these issues?

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. Yes, Rogers automatically disconnected all Dream and Magic owners from their data service on January 24th, saying that service would not be restore until the mandatory update was applied and detected by the network.

    The update WIPED OUT ALL DATA on the devices they were run against, and Rogers did not provide instructions on how to restore all previous settings and data… not a big deal for technical users, but a HUGE problem for those less technical.

    The update also could only be run on a WinXP or Vista PC, so anyone running Win7, Mac, Linux, etc… was SOL for getting their data access back.

    The update also could not be run on rooted phones running 1.6 (like I have), which weren’t even affected by the issue we got out data access taken away for.

    To make a long story short, A LOT of people were stripped of their data access, without any acceptable means of getting it back.

    Rogers really FK’D up on that decision. If they’re now removing voice access too (which I can’t confirm as I’ve “tricked” the network into thinking i applied the update), they’re moving in the wrong direction.

  2. That has got to be the dumbest way to update. If I were a Rogers customer I’d be furious.

  3. wow that majory sucks for canucks. rogers sounds like it sucks ball ass.

  4. Yeah, Rogers is losing customers left, right, and center over this… which sucks for these people because if they signed a 3-year contract (like most of us did to get the subsidized price), they’re paying a hefty sum to ditch their contracts.

  5. I can still send and recieve texts and also recieve calls but I can’t call out. Wouldn’t have been so annoying had they bothered to somehow make me aware of the fact that they were doing this. To make matters worse all of my computers are Windows 7 so I can’t run the update AND I don’t have a home phone that I can call technical support on so now I have to make a trip to my nearest Rogers store and politely tell them that I am incredibly dissatisfied with this situation. Boy do I ever regret not getting an iPhone.

  6. Droid just broke above the iphone in smartphone category :)

  7. After applying the update I was having constant problems of the phone locking up and freezing after re-restoring, hard booting and a couple of calls to tech support rogers was going to replace my phone. Instead I inquired if there was a way to get back to having a blackberry. Clearly the support of android is lacking. Happily they are getting me into a new BB curve 8520 for 65$. Considering I had just upgraded in september and it appears I am not the only one having Dream problems I was more than happy :-)

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