HTC Legend Looking Good!


HTC’s Legend is looking pretty sweet! No official device info is out there but there are some of the rumored info we’ve already told you about. Engadget’s photos, shown below, show the Legend with the older look of the HTC Sense. The HTC Legend features a chrome logo with an aluminum shell and the new optical trackpad. Check out the photos and let us know what you think of the new HTC look.



[via Engadget]

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  1. This is likely to be my next phone. Too bad neither motorola nor google sells their phones in stores in Norway, or I’d have one of those already.

    SenseUI can be replaced by stock Android if you wish, right?

  2. Pretty nice

  3. Love the device design. I like this design better than the older prototype with the angled chin. I know there are those that love the angled chin, but I just don’t think it works for most consumers in terms of carrying convenience.

    I hope HTC can merge the pros of its various Android devices into a best-in-class smartphone. I’d love to see this hardware design with the capabilities and processor of the HTC Supersonic with the double microphones of the Nexus One.

  4. what us carrier

  5. looks really dandy….kinda like the hero

  6. I like the optical track pad, maybe its just the pic but it the aluminum looks kinda weaksauce, but thats what i thought about the nexus one when the first few pics came out, but not anymore. also not really feelin that brail lookin back.

  7. Though its performance wasn’t completely top-notch and we would prefer a more recent Android OS version, the HTC Legend is a satisfying Android device that offers a nice contrast to the Motorola. And you can’t beat the price.

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