Acer’s Liquid Android Phone Destroying Predictions


acer-liquid-a1-saleThe Acer’s Liquid A1 device has been smashing company predictions and expects its smartphone sales to total around 2 to 3 million units this year, according to Gianfranco Lanci, president of the Taipei-based company.

Acer expects to ship at least 250,000 Liquid handsets by the end of this quarter, which is way ahead of the initial expectations of 150,000 to 200,000. “Liquid is doing much better than our expectation,” Lanci said in an interview “This is why we’re a little bit short of supply.”

Seems like Acer has been doing well for themselves, does anyone prefer the Liquid A1 and Acer’s UI in comparison to some of the competitors out there? It will be interesting to see if Acer continues to supersede their predictions. Check out the rest of the interview with Gianfranco Lanci at Business Week.

[via BusinessWeek]

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  1. i havent played with the A1 but the media player looks much better than stock android.

  2. It’s much cheaper than other snapdragon phones, it gets decent reviews despite the underclocking, it’ll get android 2.0 and the version it runs is almost identical to stock android.

    What’s so shocking about it selling well?

  3. @tarusdg
    Although John Q Public who shows up at the store would be exposed to the player that comes with the phone, there are other players for download. I am partial to MixZing myself.

  4. The Liquid sucks.

  5. Maybe their expectations were set really low…

  6. Nebo media player on the Liquid is pretty sweet, and whatever ui they have with it’s widget is one the coolest of any UI enhancement i’ve seen.

  7. Maxima:
    Please tell us why you think it sucks?

    Do you in general dislike the phone?

    Or is it the fact, that it sucks because Acer has been slow to release kernel source code, and when they have, they have released old almost useless source?

    I love the Liquid, but I would like that the phone was updated faster (read Android 2.1), and they obeyed the GPL and gave functional source code, for the developers wanting this.
    I choose the Liquid, because it was available at half the price of the Nexus One in my country (Denmark), none of them are available in Denmark, but the Liquid could be bought in a neighboring country at a store and I got it 2 days after ordering it. I had to buy the Nexus of Ebay, even thought it is the superior phone, comparing the price, I’m really glad I choose the Liquid.

    Having said this, next time I’m buying an Android phone, it is going to be a Google Experience phone, I don’t want hardware producers putting on their custom junk, like Acer have done, giving no way to uninstall it, than to root the phone, I just want newest version plain Android AOSP.

  8. I have this phone. Bought it for my wife in Dec 09. Wife wanted an iPhone. She’s happy with the Liquid A1 except for the battery life. except for battery life.

    Battery on my HTC Magic lasts longer (but then I’m running cyanogen build).

    Personally I don’t think much of Acer’s side shortcuts (“spinlets”). Media player is no better than Android default.

    Acer power management facilities are better than Android default – but then they need to be – because battery life is not very good.

  9. I’m looking forward to buy one. There are several reasons:

    1. I live in world’s ass, so we will not see Nexus One here for a very long time and when we get it the phone will be overpriced like hell. HTC Magic got here in five months time priced USD 1200. Yes, prices dropped now, but who cares about Magic in 2010?

    2. Yet still our ass is in the EU and Acer Liquid has a very nice price on Expansys.

    3. It has Snapdragon.

    So choosing between Nexus One and Liquid latter one wins in my eyes.

  10. I really hope that the android 2(really hoping .1) upgrade comes along it will be more power consurving, tell you what though if Dalvik “Turbo” is not just hype and interchangable with the stock VM then android is really going to kick a$$ on every phone!


  11. They managed to stuff a few bugs in there that case the phone to go through battery like crazy. Restarts usually makes it behave better, and on a good run it will last 3 days with some battery to spare. On a bad day, it can drain the battery completely in a few hours.
    Leaked roms seem to fix most of the annoying but small issues with the phone. and honestly, it was the first snapdragon out on market which is the only reason I got one, but man, its a nice phone. (When the more annoying bugs dont surface.)

  12. Can anyone tell me where I can buy this in bangalore

  13. @acreda:
    Did you read that thing about “turbo”? It says “UP TO” three times faster. That does NOT mean “overall” three times faster, it just means that they found at least ONE operation that they were able to make more efficient.

    Second: if this was destined for AOSP, they wouldn’t be selling it in press releases. Its going to be proprietary and expensive junk.

  14. Hi, I bought two of Acer liquid, for me and my wife and the phone is really great, the tech specs are very good. One thing that I really want to see is te Android 2 ASAP. About the impossibility to remove Acer applications, well that is not all that are blocked for removing. Also I would love a upgrader system for Mac too not only for windows, there is an upgrade for the firmware already.
    But is a great piece of technology that you get for the price in this Acer, I was get surprised when get myself considering buying it, but I bought and I’m very glad I did it.

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