Weather Channel Shows Off Android App QR Code On Live TV


Good old QR codes. To some people they are brilliant and to others they are just random barcode thingies that they have no clue about other than they look like barcode thingies. If you’re in the latter group, read this. If you’re in the former group watch this:

Pretty cool little integration, right? I wonder if more TV stations will start doing this kind of thing. Unfortunately the animation comes up and you only have about 5 seconds to pull your phone out and then you have about 8 seconds to scan it. Ample time?

Try and scan the QR code from the embed and let us know how you fare!

[Via AndroidTapp]

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  1. Brings me to the weather channel marketplace app

  2. I just scanned it from the still-frame of the embedded video and it took me to “The Weather Channel” app on Android Market.

  3. Nice!
    I’d like to see that on british tv, old grannies will be completely fazed by whats going on, but i think its a brilliant idea!

  4. Reminds me of CueCat but this time it may actually work!

  5. bitchen’

  6. Interesting use of the technology but ultimately useless if it doesn’t stay on the screen long enough for it to be scanned.

  7. smart marketing from nbc universal.

    weather channel is a good app to use with google maps when traveling.

    just click it on every couple of hours and see what’s ahead of you.

  8. why did they not just move it to the lower left hand screen instead of floating randomly over new mexico? then it could have stayed there longer … but it is kinda cool how people/buisness are realizing how easy QR is if people start to learn what to do when they see that mazy box of a barcode

  9. Now I’m happy for this to happen and all but I just have to ask. Does the iPhone not have this capability? And I thought BlackBerry’s did but they don’t really have much of a consumer spin on them though many consumers have them unrelated to their company. I’m just wondering why the choice of Android before I rejoice in Androids rise into the mainstream.

  10. Nice implementation into everyday life with this one. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of these around

  11. I wonder if people actually used this on their big screen TVs?

  12. Gee, it’s a commercial for the Weather Channel app, cleverly disguised as a QR code and planted right smack in the middle of the regular program. Once the gee whiz factor wears off our reaction is a bit more “uh oh”. Visions of QR codes sprouting like billboards all over the scenery of our favorite shows arise. No to selling us crap 60/24/7 already! Interesting potential otherwise tho for data enrichment.

  13. I am glad to hopefully see this ‘tech’ take off here in the states. I have seen it for years in Japan, and have been pretty jealous. Lately I have been scanning old magazine Qcodes and going to old websites. BTW.. the Weather channel app is great.. other then living somewhere, that the winter weather updates are nonstop… keeps setting my phone alarm off…

  14. Nice to see the exposure. Unfortunately, the Weather Channel app pales in comparison to WeatherBug on Android.

  15. @Phil I’m 97.9 precent sure android started all forms of barcode scaning….started out on the g1. This being so..it doesn’t matter who if any have it now. But anyhey do your research…GOOGLE IT….lol

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