Xperia X1 Booting Android


Enough already! That’s what one guy who wanted an Xperia X10 must have thought about the delays so he took upon it himself to fulfill his urge. Yup… he ported Android to the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10:

That’s actually looking pretty darn good! There are a few things not working at the moment, like bluetooth, camera and GPS… but not too bad! It was done by none other than XDA Devs and you can head over there if you have the guts to try this yourself… proceed at your own risk!

Rob Jackson
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  1. that’s pretty sweet

  2. Not impressed….

  3. gay as hell

  4. “he ported Android to the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10” — you mean the X1 right? It’s clunky, and stylus’ are so 200, but it’s pretty cool he actually got it working… and I bet he’ll get more value out this hacked version of Android than he was getting with the version of WinMo that came on it. :)

  5. ^ +1

  6. pft I am running 2.1 on my sprint touch and it runs way faster than that.

  7. Umm, is it just me, or is that shit upside down? Seriously.

  8. Yeah, I just watched it again. It’s definitely upside down. Look when he pulls the keyboard out!

  9. Booting android ? Well, i don’t considering running Android via HARET as booting…

  10. Its upside down – because the screen is installed upside down on the X1. And yes – they’re working on it.

    You should read the links provided before making comments.

  11. @faugusztin: why not?
    i first enjoyed the miracles of Android when I booted my now retired TyTN II into Android throught HARET, and it was fantastic! The possibility to just take over the OS, I call that booting. rebooting if you must.

  12. get the new android 2.0.1
    running on xperia x1
    in right orientation

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