Motorola SuperBowl Ad: The Plot Thickens


I just got an E-Mail from Motorola that further teases their upcoming MOTOBLUR-related SuperBowl advertisement. You remember… the one with the untoweled person off screen?


The links for YouTube, Facebook and Twitter only lead to generic Motorola accounts so no hints there, and viewing the source code didn’t provide any nuggets either. But clicking through to sign-up reveals a “Get Tub-side” button that zooms with soothing music on a bubbly bath, encouraging you to sign up yet again. I signed up for a TXT alert to be notified when the ad will air – not like it matters, I’ll be watching every commercial anyways!

I’m not sure this has anything to do with a particular phone announcement and it seems this COULD be a teaser for MOTOBLUR and Motorola’s full suite of Android Phones. But I’d LOVE to be surprised by something new – what do you think it’ll be?

[Via Motorola]

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Motorola Devour Specs Published

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  1. I have no idea what it will be. Honestly, all I care about is when the newest Android release will be ready for the CLIQ.

    I made the mistake of entering a 2 year contract on an untested phone and I just want it updated to the point of it being something I can be glad that I own.

  2. What I like is Motorola using Flash for the website and none of their android phones, actually no android phone, can run sign-up site.

  3. How about a teaser for our 2.1 Droid update… come on Moto.

  4. Personally, I’d like to see MotoBlur made available for all Moto Android Phones along with 2.1 for the Droid and Cliq.

  5. I say a new phone, I doubt they would go full throttle just for a commercial of an update. Showing all of their android phones is a possibility but I got a feeling it’s gonna be something new. Maybe it’s that sholes tablet?

  6. its the devour


  8. I think it’s that all Motorola phones will have a HUGE update to include the MotoBlur software on all phones should you wish to install the program…hmmm

  9. add to that…I mean go to Moto’s web site and the icon’s all say MBlur…you think?

  10. please let it be the Motorola MOTORAI coming to T-Mobile USA… i might be more tempted to get that over a Nexus One, but I need to revisit those specs again.

  11. Lame

  12. Yeah likely a new phone/tablet. I say phone. Whatever it is hopfully they put it out there beyound t mobile

  13. I think it’ll be an android powered candybar phone that is Waterproof!

  14. I saw it yesterday.
    it’s for motoblur and the devour.
    The ad was funny…I hope the phone is as good!

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