MyTouch 1.2 Replacing 3G And Fender Edition


The guitar styled hotness that was the MyTouch 3G Fender Edition is no more – the device has sold out. Rumor also has it that regular MyTouch 3G phones are low on supply as the Black MyTouch 3G is no longer an option for upgraders.


The likely cause? A MyTouch 1.2 that adds a 3.5mm headset jack taking over. A label for an accessory recently divulged that probability:


The Fender Edition MyTouch ALSO had a 3.5mm headset jack but the MyTouch 1.2 doesn’t get graced by Eric Clapton and Fender’s presence. Instead, you’ll just have the option of plugging your everyday headphones in.

I doubt they’ll rename the device, probably just continue calling it the MyTouch 3G but only offering the one variation. I could be wrong – thoughts? Pencil in February 10th on your calendar for this one.

[Via TMO News]

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  1. “New MyTouch 3G to have same stinky 528 MHz processor and 192 MB RAM, but has a 3.5mm headphone jack, by golly!”

  2. Jeff,

    I do believe the processor will be the same 528MHz, but the MT 3G 1.2 will have 100MB more RAM than the current model (which is the same as the Fender LE edition has), which will be a helpful improvement since they seem to still want to sell this phone in the TMO stores. Well, at least they’ll be able to load more apps!

  3. As a myTouch 3G owner who bought their phone about a week before the Nexus One was a thought, all I can say is…


  4. @christen m. Lol…its that bad huh?

  5. I’m sure all u guys do your home work b4 u buy you phones right, so if u bought a phone day and a better 1 came out a week l8r who’s to blame for that.

  6. If you don’t like the phone, take it back during the grace period! They usually give you at least 14 days. Come on people, read the fine print.

  7. I bought the standard mytouch, and it was only available in white. Then I returned it within 3 days and upgraded to the black 1.2 version. Much better, imo. Plus it comes with Swype keyboard technology.

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