Motorola Teases Superbowl Ad, Leaves Us Wondering


Motorola is once again giving us a huge tease! Their latest  shows a woman disrobing, entering a tub and leaves you wondering fantasizing what’s next. It says it’s for a MOTOBLUR smart phone but honestly, in the continuation, I’m not sure if I’m more excited to see her or the phone.

What do you think comes next?

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  1. I hope it ends up being a man so I can laugh at you LOL jk i kid, i kid

  2. @Rob
    That is funny!

  3. I am confused.

  4. I suppose I think it’s some sort of integration.. app.. they’ve come up with.

  5. And this is Android news because…?

  6. Probably fusing in a peep cam with moto blur.

  7. waterproof phone…. or phone attachment……………………

  8. its pretty obvious… she does a backflip trying to get out. duh haha

  9. because it’s motorola
    and we love motorola :D

  10. ^ duh lol :-)


  12. She’s going to do a BACKFLIP

  13. Well I’m gay so I’m definitely more excited to see the phone. lol.

  14. It turns into a GoDaddy.com commercial?

  15. well i believe it is going to showcase motoblur, since that is the experience moto will offer with most of the phones that are not “google” experience driven. Aside from all us tech fans, not many common folk know about it yet. With 90 million+ viewers watching the superbowl, thats a good time to really launch it.

    My guess as to the Commercial: lady gets in tub activates motoblur room fills up (virtually) with all of her friends talking (posting). she then responds with one message that goes out to all of them at once. tag line : access to all your friends in one place. she then turns off (puts the phone down) and all the people disappear.

    Just some fun speculation… what do you think?

  16. or should read: access to all your friends in the comfort of one place. (ties in the bath tub more)

  17. I think they are probably going to do something interactive with Motoblur .. don’t know what, but probably something blur owners will like, and something that makes non-blur owners give it a look.. That’s my WAG (wild assed guess)

  18. Skinny one. Figure about 14.

  19. @QuantumRand

    hahaha, yeah it certainly seems to share a theme with the godaddy commercials, so far it’s fortunately less trashy though, hopefully the super bowl ad wont end in “see what happens next”

  20. what is a super bowl?

  21. Blur :( I think I’ll take the anti-sense-UI version (stock android ;)

  22. i reckon its gonna be a phone for the females. since the droid was marketed as a phone that was made for males

  23. I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body, so I hope to see…

  24. These posts are giving me quite a chuckle. Now I have to keep up just to see who’s sexual preference will be satisfied. :)

  25. how high up is that tub?? (i’m assuming it’s a tub) it looks like (s)he has to climb into it.
    i’m a gay motorola-hater, so i’m more excited for the super bowl itself, if you know what i mean ;-)

  26. Well hmmmmmm a naked woman and a tub my best guess would be she is going to Flash us……so I’m thinking we are getting adobe 10.1 wooo hoooo in my case though a a droid owner I hope 2.1 follows right behind it

  27. But… WHO WAS THE WOMAN IN THE AD!?!?!?!?!

  28. Megan fox

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