Motorola Devour Specs Published


We showed you the box, handed you the press release and now we’re bringing you the full specs for the 4-row keyboarded Motorola Devour. Among the highlights (in addition to the keyboard) are: Android 1.6, 3MP camera, 3.5mm headset jack, MOTOBLUR, 3.1-inch touchscreen, and 8GB MicroSD upgradeable to 32GB.


For full specs, hit up the Devour Tech Specs at Motorola.com!

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  1. I can’t find the processor speed..?

  2. 1.6? I’ll pass, this market fragentation is getting out of hand.

  3. anyone notice that it says browser is Android HTML Webkit with Adobe Flash Lite®?

  4. I like it how it has a picture of a portrait slider, but really it’s a landscape slider… oops lol. this phone looks good, but spec wise meh

  5. So now Verizon will have 3 different Android phones… two under the “Droid” series, the latest not… one with Android 2.01, one with Android 1.6, one with Android 1.5… Two that support navigation, one that doesnt… Need I go on? I’ll take fragmentation for 100, Alex!

  6. That is the downside of not running stock android… The modified OS will always be behind the curve.

  7. Processor speed IS an important part of the specs of any phone, so this “full spec” sheet is really incomplete for the moment…

  8. The processor is rumored to be the Qualcomm 600-MHz MSM7627

  9. Even more important that processor is RAM!!! And not a hint!

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