Hivision PWS700A $100 Android Netbook Reviewed


We previously showed you the Hivision PWS700A, which is an Android powered 7-inch netbook based on a 600MHz ARM926 processor for the astonishing price point near the $100 mark. Charbax, of ARM Devices has been reviewing the Hivision PWS700CA.

What do you all think? Although it may not be the most ideal/powerful netbook, with a price in the ballpark of $100 do you think it can be beaten?

[via ArmDevices]

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  1. I think an 8.9″ screen could fit in the same form factor (since there is so much bezel), but I don’t know how much that would impact the already not so good battery time, a more powerful ARM Cortex A8 or A9 processor would be faster, and more RAM such as 512MB RAM would be faster. But then of course I don’t know how much more that would add to the price. If all these additional things, including also a better battery with more capacity and a Pixel Qi screen and a Tablet touch screen while we are at it, if all those things can be done for less than $50 extra, then hey, this all still proves that the potential is huge right there.

    In terms of software, we just need Google to officially support Laptop form factors in Android 2.2 or something, and provide a Marketplace where apps are filtered when they are optimized for such larger higher resolution screens.

  2. I don’t think I would want this particular device at this time.

    I DO think this is a sign of things to come. Expect devices to get both (1) better, (2) cheaper.

    I’m anxious for the day devices like this are $99 in a blister pack on a peg at Walmart. That will be a big change.

  3. Love the idea of this. Love the new port and the added support. haven’t seen most of this on the other ports we’ve seen. This is much cleaner. needs some more work before I buy an Android powered computer but I am excited to see where it goes from here. reminds me of the G1 (ugly device and missing a lot of specs we like but it’s good to just kind of get it out there and see where it goes from here. If it gets flash support then it might almost be worth it for only $100. would like to see a larger screen.

  4. I think you may have missed the point. He asked “What do you think of the product?, not how would you change it into a different product… battery upgrades on laptops and netbooks can be a $50 and over upgrade… not including your better proc, more mem, and a touchscreen…

  5. i think right now it’s not very practical as a netbook os due to the lack of flash. but when flash does finally hit, i’m sure it will do very well in the netbook market.

  6. Still waiting for that sexy HP to be released..

  7. so can you buy this netbook anywhere yet?

  8. I’m not interested in a 7″ netbook. That’s just too small for anything useful.

    For me, 10-11″ is really about the right size to be useful.

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