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The Fusion Keyboard 2.0, a successful Kickstarter project with over €70,000 in funding, is an innovative 4-in-1 device that combines a keyboard, touchpad, kickstand, and case. Designed to enhance productivity and convenience, this versatile accessory offers seamless connectivity with iPad, Windows, and Android devices using Bluetooth 5.1 technology.

First Impressions

I recently had the chance to try out the Fusion Keyboard 2.0, to see how versatile it really is. I tested the universal model with a variety of devices. This meant my Windows laptop, iPad Air, and several smartphones. Despite its slim design, I was pleasantly surprised by the keyboard’s tactile feel and travel distance. Which was comfortable during extended typing sessions.


The device paired well with my iPad Air and Android tablets, enabling seamless multitasking and device switching.

As a replacement laptop keyboard, the Fusion Keyboard 2.0 had some challenges. The kickstand was finicky, and the lack of a magnetic flap made stabilizing metal tablets like the iPad more difficult. So for a day to day replacement for a traditional keyboard, is not something I’d personally recommend.

I prefer a bit more feedback and tactility in my writing experiences for a keyboard. However, if low profile is your thing, this could be perfect for you!

Key Features

Source: Fusion Keyboard 2.0

Testing the touchpad, I found its integration into the keyboard surface clever and space-saving. However, its performance wasn’t always reliable, especially with Windows and iOS devices. Nonetheless, the seamless device switching and Bluetooth pairing were redeeming features. iPadOS and Android seemed to have no issues, but for Windows devices and iOS it was not as seamless as it could be.

In terms of build quality, the materials felt premium and durable. The use of PC+ABS, anti-fouling material PU, fiberglass, and neodymium magnets impressed me. The device’s weight at 11.99 oz (340 grams) made it easy to carry around.

Battery life was also a standout feature. With 60 hours of continuous use and 90 days of standby time, it’s clear that the Fusion Keyboard 2.0 is built to keep up with even the most intense productivity sessions.

Backing starts now!

Source: Fusion Keyboard 2.0

For those interested in getting their hands on the Fusion Keyboard 2.0, it’s currently available for pre-order via a crowdfunding campaign from $89. Considering its innovative design and versatile functionality, it may be worth investing in for tablet users seeking an all-in-one productivity solution.

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