Motorola Milestone Found In Canadian Best Buy Mobile Catalog


Canadians rejoice! The Motorola Milestone is on its way! Although there has been rumored launch dates, the Moto Milestone seems to be one step closer to its actual release. Seems as though the Milestone has received some prime coverage in Best Buy Mobile’s upcoming buyers guide under the “coming soon” section.


The alleged pricing plans that have been popping up is $199 on a 3 year contract and retail pricing of $549. Thus far the Motorola Droid has been a big hit in the States and I’m sure it will be just as popular in Canada. Are our friends to the North excited?

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. Finally we get a decent phone, I’m sick of my magic, I want something new..

  2. Its a decent phone, yes! But its bootloader is signed, no Customroms for Canadians and europeans!!!

  3. Few colleagues of mine are happy, because I brain-washed them about Android with my Dream and Magic. They’ve been waiting for an Android device on Telus for quite some time now.

  4. @Vlad. Telus has the HTC Hero. I love that phone.

  5. Nice i’ll be swaping with my magic aswell, I hope its easy to unlock to i do not need to pay ETF with rogers. (I am going to buy it in full)

  6. Excited? Fuck yes. Finally a good phone.

  7. perfecto. my contract with telus runs out Feb. 12th :D

    time to renew baby

  8. Does this version of Droid’s Navigation works with Canadian maps or am I dreaming again? I believe Google only has US map that they can legally use for their apps…

  9. Yeah but I see no mention of which carrier this is on. Best Buy doesn’t sell something unless it’s directly from a carrier (which also means it’ll show up at every other store as well).

    Anyone have any ideas?

  10. hey does anyone know if this is the GSM version for 549.99? is it unlocked? or are we stuck with telus.

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