Samsung VP Commits Suicide


For people like you and me, phones and gadgets are mostly (if not all) fun and games. The battle between smartphone powerhouses is an entertaining spectacle that, regardless of which company comes out on top, consumers always win. But for the people behind the scenes the picture isn’t always as pretty.

samsungA Samsung VP was recently found dead and apparently jumped out the window of his apartment in a successful suicide attempt. Some reports are saying the man, mentioned only as having the surname “Lee”, left a note in his apartment that stress at work led him to commit the act. That’s debateable:

YTN, a cable news network, quoted an unidentified Samsung representative as saying the deceased had recently been at odds with his peers over promotions.

YTN also quoted another insider as saying senior executives at Samsung had tried to keep the news of his death from becoming public.

An investigator said, “It has been confirmed that he suffered chronic depression caused by an excessive workload. As far as I know, he complained in his letter that his work was too tough to stand.”

If promotions and power are at play, police have to at least be CONSIDERING the possibility he was “pushed” out of the window – don’t they? I don’t have any evidence but it sounds like there is at least a POTENTIAL motive. Either way you look at it… a sad story regardless.

Lee was hired in the early 1990s by Samsung and worked in the memory chip division. In 2006 he won the “Samsung Fellow” award which is given annually to the company’s top engineer. Being a VP I’m sure this is a HUGE loss to Samsung and a blow to the morale of the company, but I’m sure those hurting the most are his family members. Sad, sad story…

[Via KoreaTimes]

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  1. Wow….

  2. “a successful suicide attempt” I laughed at that. Maybe you should erase that comment. Suicide isn’t funny but that line is.

  3. Who are you to make accusations about someone’s death? For that matter, who are you to state whether it was “successful” or not. Just report the story and move on, you are not a detective.

  4. So how is this related to android again? epic fail rob, way to make yourself the missing hardy boy.

  5. Samsung makes a LOT of stuff from phones to memory. This will hurt samsung. Imagine, what if Dr. Mark Dean committed suicide on the verge of doing what he did for the PC industry. The thing here is We Don’t know what he did, but it may affect developments in the company.

  6. Consider the possibility he was pushed? You watch too much TV.

  7. ok there is absolutely no proof he was “pushed” and for those of you commenting on the “succesfull suicide” it was succesful since he is now deceased, an unseccesful attemp means they are still alive, it’s how you say it don’t get on him for that.

  8. @travis it’s related to android because it’s about a phone company. it’s still shocking news, don’t be so heartless.

  9. @miked221 – heartless? Really? If I wanted to read the obituaries I would do just that! The sad truth is, people die, A LOT, everyday, and they all have a story, and work for someone, somewhere that could potentially affect us. I’m not ignorant or nieve to this fact. So before you (or anyone else) come here and put into question mine, or anyone elses moral compass, I suggest you evaluate that which your trully taking a stand for, and see weather or not there is actual ground for you to stand on. Again terrible loss for his friends, family co-workers etc … But I didn’t come here to read the obituaries, or to have to take a soap box on your trolling kind.

  10. Motorola VPs– are all 350 of you paying attention?

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