Motorola Backflip Official Video Promo


We’ve heard a fair bit about the Motorola Backflip especially since we first reported exclusive leaked images thanks to an anonymous tipster dude & don’t forget just last week we posted a video demo of it at CES, viva Las Vegas style.

Now Motorola’s official Youtube account has published a video promo for the Backflip. Check it out!

Neat! What do you think? Do you like the unique design of one of Motorola’s latest upcoming handsets?

[Via Moto’s official Youtube]

AT&T Motorola Backflip Coming March 7th For $324 [RUMOR]

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  1. I’m thinking form factor fail, that keyboard is going to get destroyed with their target audience that is rather rough with phones. It’s different but how much butt dialing is going to happen with this thing? Is it useless when it’s not out fully? But the back of the screen being touch sensitive is pretty cool.

  2. I love the Green Day rip off on the song.

  3. @Jake – no butt-dialing since the keyboard’s deactivated when not open.

  4. No thank you. its a cliq that flips back and has touch instead of trackball or dpad. if it was a superphone it might fly, but its not.

  5. Neat indeed !

    Seems to me this phone is target to a younger/trendier audience than the milestone, what do you think ?

  6. i’m confused as to why they would put a trackpad behind the screen. you have to flip out the keyboard to get to it, then while you’re holding the keyboard part THAT would be the place to put the trackpad. the back of the KEYBOARD part :|

  7. I say I will have to test it out myself before I judge this phone!

  8. agreed. looks very cool. it will be cool if you can text in lanscape mode without pulling that keyboard out. doubt it though. need a hands on to really judge

  9. @all you doubtful dudes and chicks I think that this phone will do well I mean..its very bright and shiney and can do a lot of things once the teenies see it on the streets its going to sell well…and Weller. I predict this….however I don’t think if I had ATT I would get this…its just to flippy looking for me….then again I’m not a teen…

  10. Is it going to release with Android 2.x ?

  11. I still don’t get it. The keyboard is exposed? If so, that’s a dumb idea. The Cliq’s keyboard might suck because it’s compact, but at least it’s not fully exposed to pocket lint and other crap that can get under the keys and really mess a phone up quick. This phone doesn’t look that impressive. I like the fact that it has a larger keyboard, but the flip design is a big turn-off to me.

  12. This phone would have been great if it could have flipped both ways forwards and backwards that way you protect your screen while it is in your pocket, but also flip the other way so you could also use it as a clock at night!

  13. i don’t really like it :/ it’s like any other phone, just back flip & don’t you think that if it falls from the back the keyboard will break? it’s just kinda a normal phone, i don’t find it really attractive. .__________.

  14. This phone is a living example of “better idea on paper than in reality”

    While it may not be as bad as the Razzle (a twisting dumbphone recently released on Verizon), it is pretty darn close.

    This won Cnet’s best of CES? Must’ve been a pretty pathetic show.

  15. superphones need a pull out membrane keyboard on a stiff aluminum backing! Then there is a physical keyboard 1mm think that slides back into the phone body after use!. Or make the display flip like the psion devices of many many years ago. Why are phone designers so lacking in imagination!

  16. Terrible design. Having your keyboard exposed like that all the time is going to wear it out much faster.

    Plus the touch controls on the BACK of the screen seem very pointless.

  17. Form factor FAIL. wtf? How much dust and fluff and crap is going to clog the keyboard up… plus it looks FAT man… would it even FIT in a pocket..


  18. What’s the big deal about the keyboard being exposed. Hello?? Blackberrys, The pixi, and most other phones have their keyboards out. I don’t get it.

  19. @Tommy – The point is if the device is going to flipped closed, it should flipped closed partially for the purpose of protecting components. It seems they were trying to be different, they were just different in the wrong areas.

    Building a car completely out of glass would be very different. However, that does not make it a good idea since there would be added vulnerabilities.

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