AT&T Motorola Backflip Coming March 7th For $324 [RUMOR]


An anonymous tipster is claiming the Motorola Backflip will be launched on AT&T for $324 on March 7th. We can’t verify the validity of these rumors but they don’t sound far fetched: we assumed the Backflip would hit AT&T, March 7th is reasonable and $324 falls in line with pre-subsidized pricing that we would expect. Maybe even a tad cheaper.


The Motorola Backflip sports a pretty crazy form factor which we demoed on video at CES. It’s an interesting entry as AT&T’s first ever Android Phone – rather than playing it safe it seems they’re aiming their targets directly towards a youthful market of trend setters. It will be interesting to see how well the Backflip performs against the iPhone series.

I can see why AT&T would release a phone unique to their lineup first, but I may have launched with a more traditional form factor in testing the Android waters. Or maybe launch with 2 devices this far into the game – the Hero and the Backflip.

I should really stop complaining; it’s just nice to see AT&T with their first Android Phone on the way!

Rob Jackson
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  1. would the $324 price tag be with a contract or phone only?????? because i believe that is tooo much money without contract!

  2. AT&T needs to focus on their network, Not taking on Android devices. You don’t see Verizon crying about their DROID users raping their pipes do you? No, You don’t.

  3. I think that is the phone only. So that would be without any contract. With a contract it would be MUCH cheaper :-)

  4. @ tiffany “$324 falls in line with pre-subsidized pricing that we would expect.” that is without a contract and is much cheaper then most Android phones being sold without a contract. im sure there will be a lower subsidized price though. im gonna guess around $150 on 2 year contract.

  5. standard subsidy on AT&T phones is $200, so $100-$150 w/ a contract would be a good guess

  6. this is the best blog i`ve ever read and thee content posted in this blog about the android phones is damm good mostly the at&t company is giving for the cheap

  7. Dates for things, even rumors are always good things. The only thing I want is to have HTC at least announce their offerings before this comes out. That’s what my decision is gonna come down to.

  8. I want something sexier and less likely to be seen sported by the Miley Cyrus crowd! Give us an AT&T Nexus One!

  9. @Matt Seriously!!!!
    We get a… Backflip? Sure, some people will get a Backflip, but if they’re expecting numbers like Droid, they need to get a Droid or Nexus One equivalent. This thing is just plain weird and it isn’t going to attract too much attention, at least not enough to be significant.

  10. @Rob
    Can you compare the speeds on AT&T’s network vs Verizon? As I understand it Verizon’s 3G network is slow in general. Maybe when they join the lte we can maybe start seeing good speeds, or maybe Verizon should turn up the speeds a little. T-mobile may have the smallest network, but their speeds are faster than any of the other big three.

  11. Wait a few months, there will be some great high end phones with big screens etc. Not much reason for me to jump on the trendy phone.

  12. I want at least a hero on ATT with flash! come on at ATT! oh ya something above that stupid 528mhz processor.

  13. @Rob … actually Verizon complained about data usage on their network just today and hinted they are going to tiered plans in the future. AT&T’s network is actually rather good if you actually look at it. There are problems in major cities such as New York and San Francisco, but, in most areas it works well. Not to mention the amount of data used on their network eclipses what Verizon uses significantly. Add to that the fact that AT&T has an incredible amount of WiFi hotspots available, I have not had any complaints since 3G launched in my area a little more than 3 years ago. It’s easy to bash them, but, much of it is unfounded.

    As far as the Backflip, I have some interest in it, but, would prefer to wait until it launches and I can get my hands on one and try it out. I would prefer that they launch two devices around the same time as a comparison. I’m not a user of myface (MySpace and Facebook), but, do tweet now and again, mostly read other tweets. Just mainly interested in what the base Android can do, though would prefer a better processor, particularly for when it updates to 2.1. $100 to $150 bucks is fair.

  14. I live in NYC so I (and NYC based SNL) will continue to bash AT&T :)

  15. Wait for the Dell Phone it is going to be ATTs Droid/Nexus One

  16. Glad to see AT&T finally getting something. But I hate motorola’s custom ui..and this phone. Bring on the Dell and hopefully SE Xperia X10

  17. The dell phone is the same class as this crappy backflip phone. Where is the HTC Bravo. AT&T is behind everyone. Tmobile is getting all the new phones, HD2, Nexus One, probably the Sony X10. At&t is going to give us crap. Time to buy an unlocked phone somewhere else. Then you data plan is cheaper too because at&t can’t tell which model you are using so you can get the $15 data plan instead.

  18. H@bob. …where did u see this at? And by the way every test that tech mags Have done Verizons came out num1. And art has come out….last. when I get home I will post the name of the magazine Case u doubt what I say. And so facts show the light In which I have given. Anddddd that’s th bottom line the end.

  19. Art is meant to be att….dam keyboard of the droidddddd

  20. yeah it was reported in Laptop mag that the big V has the best network after test and. I can name anther tech mag that did test That showssss big v being on top again.

  21. Check out the Verizon data article at http://www.phonescoop.com. And if SNL made a comment, then that’s enough for me.

    I am not putting down Verizon, just stating that everyone’s experience may be different and in my area AT&T’s data works great. I have had Verizon and it doesn’t work in a couple of places that I go, where AT&T does.

    I have always like how I can talk on my phone and surf the web at the same time with AT&T, something you can’t do with Verizon. That is also important for me at times. So no one company is perfect, we all must decide which one works best for ourselves.

  22. back flip? that sucker is 1″ thick ! Who wants to carry a brick in the pocket?

  23. Consumer reports had a ranking of the big four carriers a few months back. Verizon’s was no. 1, with T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T respectively. I couldn’t believe T-Mobile beat sprint in overall. Nevertheless AT&T was dead last in ranking.

  24. I just want My Drooooidddd Nexus on VZW plz! Atleast tell me when and not just Spring. My contracts up in Feb.Love at&t internet speed hat the phone service. I will take avg internet on my phone as long as my phone is crystal clear Verizon gives me that!

  25. Dont forget though ATT is getting HTC Android based phones but what phones? I do not know yet, but if you go to att.com/android they show that they will carry HTC DELL and MOTO phones… They will not announce them yet I am sure of it because the new phones are coming out in Q2 which is in August! I think that att may even get to see the Sony X10, well I am hoping that any ways. With their contract coming to an end with Apple att is going to have to make a big jump into the Android market Att is last to get Android, but are they saving the best for last? We shall only wait and see.

  26. any idea what version of Android it will be running ?

  27. @bob no no carriers perfect I never said Verizons perfect…its just the best…and most people no this…just look at comment 23 below…facts are were its at

  28. Comment 23 above me but below your comment. All people who travel that I know say hands down to the big V….but then I don’t have to say anything else cause as I said facts facts facts. Cool your good with Att though….

  29. @ bob again hey I read that link…seems to me they just want to start charging extra for heavy users…and that’s all that is. Not a good thing but…yeah. I could be wrong about that though…but anyhey my droid was not working well in 3g and signal at certain spots and Verizon gave me a code to put in and my phones been good every since…its no wonder they always are rated number one

  30. Except Verizon charges you on every little thing! I had them they were way to expensive!

  31. All i want is for HTC and AT&T to come on with the effin droids! Im sick of this iPhone bs i own one and im seriously considering either bb boldd 9700 or the HTC Pure either way i go im sure i will be able to get insurance and a resonable priced bill every month! Not to mention if i have a problem with my phone i wont have to go to the aplle store and wit in line for 2 hours just for them to tell me that there is nothing wrong with my phone! Viva la Android!!

  32. Who gives a shit about Apple, Verizon vs. AT&T, etc… I’ve had AT&T service for 5 years after leaving Verizon. They are arrogant crooks. Consumer reports AT&Ts *customer service* as dead last. Hmmm, I have never had a problem with them. I don’t care all that much about customer service anyway. Do it online yourself. I have amazing service in NE Ohio with AT&T. I have 3G almost everywhere. So, service is great, I just need a phone I would actually not be embarrassed to pull out of my pocket! C’MON big blue!!! Speed it up!

  33. has anyone noticed that the backflip on the motorola site has the date feb. 14. 2010 on it???? i checked the one on china’s site as well but cant tell what the date is on that aswell to see if they put the same day it was released as well!!!! guess we will have to wait till tomorrow to see what the release date is but its either febuary 14th, march 7th or 15th. and im conferming it is with att as i have seen the att sim card inside 2 backflips now

  34. the phone should come out for t mobile!!!!!!

  35. I heard today the Backflip is being released on March 7th, for a price of 99.00 after 100.00 mail in rebate.

  36. Have the backflip, it works for an entry level android phone. I can’t complain as yet. It’s got twitter, facebook, myspace, etc. It allows you to add whatever you want to add. The Android marketplace is awesome. Can’t wait for the 2.1 update. As for all those complaining about the ATT service, too each his own. I live in Central Florida and we traveled to South Florida. I was the only one with service in some areas and I was in the car with T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint customers. I can talk and surf while my friends on Verizon can’t. So, go ATT!!!! Proud user since 1997.

  37. yes i got this phone yesterday and wow best phone i ever had or wil have its a-maz-ing the best phone ever get it get it GET IT!
    sincerly justin bebier

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