Korean Carrier Vibo Getting Foxconn, Gigabyte & AboCom Androids


Unless you’re from Korea you probably haven’t heard of a local carrier called Vibo, but like everywhere else in the world, the company seems to be hot on Android. They just unveiled the Vibo A688 Android Phone which was manufactured by Foxconn – the same company which produces the iPhone for Apple.


But it doesn’t stop there: DigiTimes is reporting that the company is also in talks with 2 other manufacturers – Gigabyte and AboCom Systems, to produce additional Android phones for the carrier. Gigabyte is traditionally a computer manufacturer and Vibo is hoping these new partnerships will help them grow from 1.5 Million to 2 Million subscribers in 2010 while nearly doubling revenue.

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  1. hey! that’s not a Korean carrier

  2. Looks kinda cool. A little maybe on the budget side?

  3. Apple should be real please about this.

    On a more serious note, would love to see these phones available for sale direct-to-customer in US and Canada.

  4. I am glad I stayed with android…it really is taking off like crazzzzy. And it looks like Google is putting there massive hand on android more then they ever have….now all that is needed with all the updates and such is a better on screen keyboard….like htcs for all android phones… like totally…

  5. yeah, Vibo is Taiwanese. Doesn’t have the best coverage but it’s decent. I’ll check it out if I see it in the store.

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