Jan 11th, 2010

Android-Pattern-LockThe good old 9-button Android Lock screen may provide comfort in knowing that your sizzling hot pictures/videos, cookies in your browser, personal information, contacts info and all that jazz will be well protected should your device fall into the wrong hands. Don’t get too comfortable because a flaw that allows full access to your phone has been found.

When the screen is locked and an incoming call comes across, pressing the “back” button will bring the user to the Home Screen allowing full access to the phone. If someone steals or finds your phone, unless you’re a total hermit who knows nobody, chances are you’ll get an incoming call at some point in time and then DING DING DING – the thief or findee has access.

You MIGHT not care and you MIGHT not intend on losing your phone or having it stolen, but phone’s inherently have sensitive information and guess what? Shiznit happens.

The folks at TechCrunch touched base with Google who assured the problem has been noted and they’re working with Motorola and Verizon to deliver a fix/solution. And by the way… they referenced our family at AndroidForums who helped to first identify the problem. Interestingly enough the security breech is a work around to solve another problem concerning being locked out of your phone and having your Google credentials not work.

Until a fix comes out, make sure you don’t use that Motorola Droid for any naughty bedroom antics. Okay? And on the flip side, if you know of any celebrities who leave their Motorola Droid’s laying around… I smell tricky-tricky doodles.

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