HTC Droid Eris and 3UK Hero Get Updates


eris-updateIf you’ve got the HTC Droid Eris on Verizon Wireless or the HTC Hero on 3 in the UK we want to quickly remind you that firmware updates have recently become available and you’ll want to hop on that if you haven’t already. Or maybe not: they’re pretty minor.

The HTC Droid Eris update doesn’t bring you up to speed with Android 2.0 and instead only offers a teeny-tiny single update described by Verizon Wireless:

Rare instances where the display locked or appeared to be in an out-of-service state when attempting to wake up the DROID ERIS from screen saver mode no longer occurs.

Hooray. The HTC Hero update was made available only a few days ago and the Support Page on HTC’s website doesn’t outline the updates/improvements.

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  1. * sound of crickets *

  2. Why would anybody buy this phone?

  3. I just got the software update on my phone.. what the hack.. i’m pissed.. freakin verizon said it was gona get OS update to 2.0 or higher during the 1st quarter.. wheres that update. i dont want small updates that fixes lil things.. i want the 2.0 update stupid verizon..

  4. @Brett because it has htc sense, multitouch, and a more accurate touch screen than the droid
    Ya mother fudger!

  5. It’s a very nice phone, we got one FREE with a Droid and the Eris was a pleasant surpise – it even has a more colorful display than the Droid (not as sharp but better contrast ratio). If only the Eris had a faster CPU , but still for FREE …..

  6. @ Brett.

    It’s a great phone. It does everything I need it to and more. The seven front screens, SenseUI, and software keyboard is exactly why I bought this phone. (of course Android was a foundation too)

  7. Why would anybody buy this phone?

    ummmm……….let’s see:
    1. buy one, get one free = 50.00 each
    2. Android 1.5 with HTC sense, which makes for a fantastic user interface (7 screens!)- I already own a GPS, don’t need another one on my phone.
    3. Upgrade in the near future to Android 2.1
    4. Processor and specs comparable to Droid, without the useless keyboard
    5. flash support
    6. slightly slower processor than Droid, comparable RAM

    so for 50.00 and a little patience, I get a state of the art phone that will only get even better in the near future.

  8. @Brett: I realize in the Android phone world that one month (let alone two months) is equal to forever. But the Hero and Eris were pretty well-regarded not too long ago and just because Nexus One is out now does not make this phone any less impressive. I own the phone and enjoy it very much.

  9. Thank you for this article. I own the Eris, received the update this morning and was wondering what it was for.

    And to answer Brett’s question “why would anyone buy this phone?” Because it’s a pretty damn good phone. I’ve had it for around a month and I am very pleased with it.

  10. The eris is the fourth “smartphone” I’ve owned. In the past I’ve had a pocket pc, a treo, and an Iphone. The iphone was pretty good, but I have to say that the eris is the first device I’ve owned that I would truly call a “smartphone”. I looked at everything available in November, and had enough money to buy whatever I wanted.

    The eris supports flash to some degree RIGHT NOW (most “smartphones” don’t, including the MotoDroid). It has removable storage and battery (Iphone?). It doesn’t require extra proprietary software (like iphone and itunes) to transfer files from the device to a pc or vice versa. It allows transfer of files that aren’t just pics, movies or music. It doesn’t care where (or if) I bought my music files.

    When you consider how truly dirt cheap this phone is to buy ($10-$100), what’s not to like? I’m not about to spend $530 for a Nexus One. It looks nice, but my eris does everything I want already, at less than 20% of the price of the Nexus. If it costs five times as much as my eris, it should be five times as capable, no?

  11. Got the ota update, but zapped my sd card. Had to reformat. Don’t see much of diff. Sux lost all the data on the card.

  12. The Motorola Droid is ugly. The Eris is awesome!

  13. Maybe this is practice for another, more impressive OTA in the future?

  14. @Daniel its no practice. We already had a OTA update around the time of holidays.

  15. This update fixed an annoyance. I live in Louisville, CO and the HTC clock widget would always display the time in Louisville KY, despite the time in the upper right being correct. Other users have reported similar problems, getting the time from another city with the same name in another timezone. So, there are at least 2 fixes here.

  16. Good grief people – get a life.

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