Edible HTC Hero Invades Russia


While folks of the “I’ve gotta have the latest gadget” club are already complaining that the Nexus One is only available on T-Mobile and they’ll have to wait months before it hits their own carrier, citizens of other countries are stuck further in the past. Take for example Russians who haven’t even been graced with the HTC Hero.

But they soon will.

HTC is sending out chocolate versions of the HTC Hero to Russian press, they’ve tweeted the Hero is on the way and a Facebook Fan Page has been created.


Yep – that picture above is a Hero made of chocolate. Now it’s only a matter of time… would have been nice if they sent some vodka with that chocolate to make passing the time a bit easier!

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  1. And now people will be drooling for a completely different reason.

  2. Excuse me. Vodaphone is all over Russia. If the nexus one is being released to vodaphone, I am pretty sure Russia is in line. They will probably get it before Sprint gets a next gen hardware phone.

  3. @treefq….yeah maybe even before Verizon gets it sadly….seems like the best carrier should have got it first….are one better then T mobile..if there is one outside of Verizon. But T mobile had the first. Android phone….so yeah makes sense…

  4. “Vodaphone is all over Russia” excuse me but vodafschit is not all over Russia. We’re all got what we need: I use milestone, lot of my friends use Hero, some other use Liquid A1…. everything we need we got here…

  5. All vendors do this in Russia. I once had a bottle of Asus vodka :)

  6. Take a look at the samsung moment… its faster than the droid.

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