HTC Making WiMax Enabled Android Phone For Sprint


At least a portion of Sprint’s 2010 Roadmap has been uncovered by PhoneArena and in the list of new devices is none other than the HTC A9292. Doesn’t seem like anything too interesting on the surface but as Gizmodo points out, the “A-series” of HTC device models are reserved for Android Phones.


If the leaked roadmap is the real deal, the HTC A9292 Android Phone will also be a candybar form factor with WiMax connectivity. I’m sure there are a LOT of people chomping at the bit to get a WiMax enabled phone and an Android one? It would certainly cause a stir. But WiMax is new and relatively untested so it will be interesting to see how the network fairs when and if it is put under the pressure of the web browsing, application using, game playing Android public.

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  1. What does “candybar” form factor mean?

  2. nm. I looked it up, I am psyched about wimax. But why not on a smartphone first?

  3. @treefq
    ‘candybar’ means that it tastes like chocolate when you lick it.

  4. @treefq



  5. LOL WiMax == Fail…Waste of time and money. AT&T started to build a WiMax network and ditched it because of how much garbage it is. They did the smart thing and saved their money for LTE. Sprint only did it because they were at the bottom of the networks list. WiMax is still stuck with T1 lines and maxes at 70 Mbit/s. LTE uses Fiber to the tower and maxes out at 128 Mbit/s. Sprint can have WiMax.

  6. I don’t think WiMax has to be concerned with Android phones. They are selling it as a replacement for your *home internet*, which is what I am using right now. That means I use it for everything from downloading Linux DVD images to streaming Netflix movies at home, which is far greater than what I’d use on a phone. It works great, but then again, I’m probably the only person within 5 miles who is using it.

  7. @Hank Yeah, I could never use WiMax as home internet. I have to have AT LEAST 15m download [Currently 18/2 about to move to 24/5]. WiMax currently tops out at 6/1. LTE networks will eventually take over the home internet side. I’m ready to see it launched.

  8. Rob, wimax is tested and very reliable, in my country we have at least 3 wimax companies and they’re all very fast, reliable and as good as ADSL speeds (you can have to 4 mbps) and the technology is improving every day.
    My brother works for one of those wimax manufacturers and i can assure you that wimax definitely has a bright future ahead.
    So Android and Wimax is absolutely great. After reading this, i think ill wait a bit more and not purchase the Nexus One

  9. @ treefq

    Remember the old Nokia phones? The nonflip kinds. That’s a “candybar” style.

  10. Everyone might keep in mind that Google is also a major partner in WiMax with ClearWire. Besides, LTE is a couple of years out for the network infrastructure and WiMax can be upgraded to LTE. There’ll be time to upgrade a handset, if its necessary, by the time LTE is fully realized.

  11. LTE, operational in Sweden and Norway on a test basis, is only good for data transmission, not for voice calls and texting.It will be the same in US even after 2013. The reason is that the handoff technology for LTE has not been standardized and will take years to get it standardized due to the on-going disputes among network equipment vendors and mobile carriers.

    In other words, LTE won’t be on any smart phones even after 2013 both in EU and USA, except for laptops.

    Over time, LTE may perhaps be integrated into mobile WiMAX as both technologies are overlapped in OFDMA.

    WiMAX smartphones, when on the market, will stir the market, causing LTE-affiliated carriers to lose some subscribers, ’cause not only Sprint and Clearwire but also some successful WiMAX carriers from Korea will start to have their market share globally by filling the ‘handoff’ gap for LTE. You’ll never know which carriers will gain market dominance.

  12. Could this be similar to the HTC Max 4G?

  13. WiMax = fail.LOL you think your going to have SO SO MUCH FUN streaming youtube 1MB/s faster with that shitty 2.5Ghz spectrum that stuck pig bleeding money you call sprint. 2.5GHz can’t punch through my feelings let alone a brick wall…Hmm Ill stick with HSPA/EVDO on 850/1900MHz that can ACTUALLY be widespread. Hell 1900 and 2100 already have issues with penetrations, 2500MHz? Oh boy. LTE is the way to go, I’m sick of this GSM vs CDMA pissing match, incompatibility, pain in the ass. LTE LTE LTE.

  14. Wow….you Wimax hating posters just need to shut your traps until it at least until a Wimax capable phone comes out. You know absolutely nothing about Wimax. You just think you do. I am not saying it will be more successful or better than LTE, but at least it is 4G, and it will be out within the year. I really just think you guys are scared that a carrier besides your own will have faster data than the rest for a while, but instead of admitting you are jealous or at least a bit envious, you instead call something shit before you even get the chance to try it.

  15. Android most certainly not mean smartphone. Android is an OS that has the capability operate devices, one being a smartphone.

    Wimax is already out and continuing to expand. LTE is out when? 2012 at the soonest?

  16. First, lets get the facts straight. Wimax (802.16e) is the first iteration of Wimax which is currently being deployed and mind you with great success. What the Spin masters at ATT and Verizon don’t wish to inform the public on when touting their future LTE 4G platforms is that by the time LTE is deployed Wimax II (802.16m) will be ready for deployment, with speeds of 300 Mps to 1Gps. Even at a fraction of these speeds Wimax II will leave LTE in the dust…

    On another note, the Wimax eco-system is far more developed than LTE and it will be years before LTE is able to have a LTE enabled smartphone before 2014. When Wimax II is deployed all you LTE fans will see the advantages of Wimax.

    You should also note that the 2.5Ghz spectrum holdings of Sprint/Clearwire which is also owned by Google,Intel,Comcast,Time Warner Cable, Brighthouse etc. is substantial enough to be termed a monopoly in most US cities. With an abundance of Bandwith, the mature Wimax eco system and the coming second generation of Wimax (Wimax II), Wimax IMHO is going to be a very successful platform, especially when you consider the support it is getting from the tech community.

  17. element4life3 Got it right, You guys cant be talking about somthing that wont be out for 3 or 4 years when Sprint already has there 4G Android phone in the works, sorry but for once Verizon is behind. Im very excited to see the new LG LS680. and the Prada3. Not sure if there the same phone but there are coming out for Sprint’s Wimax. and Both these phones AND the new HTC bar phone will be released in just a few months.. sit around and wait for your LTE buddy. Piture me streaming lol.

  18. anyone notice boost is getting the samsung Rant? i know thats off topic but its interesting.

  19. Brett, in case you didn’t know, ATT ditched Wimax when they realized Sprint had a whole lot more Wimax Bandwidth, the 2.5 Ghz spectrum. Remember, Sprint/Clearwire have a virtual monopoly of Wimax spectrum in the USA.

    Also, in case you didn’t know, Wimax 2 (802.16m) has clocked 300Mhz to 1Ghz speeds and is expected to be at least three times faster than its competing LTE, which to date has yet to be deployed with any significance.

  20. why all the Sprint hating? I can’t understand people that bash them for no reason.

    Do you not like companies that offer the cheapest plans both data and voice. I mean you should at least respect them if not for making your cell carrier lower their prices.

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