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What this article touches on: AT&T Phones, Nexus One Talk, A Few Application Announcements, Other Phones in News, HP Smartbook and ICD Tablet, and the Powermat.

AT&T’s Android Phones

Some are saying one of the HTC phones coming to AT&T might the the HTC Lancaster. For a while there a bit back that was what was being reported.  Maybe?



As for Dell, they did in fact confirm it was the Mini 3 that was headed to AT&T. (Engadget has some nice pictures)


Mini 3

Nexus One Talk

Barclays Capital analyst Doug Anmuth estimates 5 to 6 million Nexus One devices will be sold in 2010. Goodness.

Howard Stern talks the Nexus One. We haven’t heard it but hear it’s nowhere near SFW. Listen in.

– As usual, the ‘ol cost of ownership comparison between top devices is out.


Cooliris developed the media gallery for the N1 and joins OHA. Head over to AndroidGuys to read more.

– Philip K. Dick’s estate says Nexus One name infringes.

“We feel this is a clear infringement of our intellectual-property rights,” said Isa Dick Hackett, a daughter of Mr. Dick and the chief executive of Electric Shepherd Productions, an arm of the Dick estate devoted to adapting the late author’s works.”

We don’t know what’s going to come of this but it’s clear they aren’t happy. Check the sources to read all about it. Saw this on Engadget. Check the WSJ source to read more.

Sources: DigitalDaily | TechCrunch | BillShrink | AndroidGuys | Wall Street Journal

A Few Application Announcements

– Engadget has a great write up detailing the OnStar and Chevy application to be used to control the Volt.


“When the car is connected you can monitor the charging status and program it to delay its recharging, giving it a deadline for when you need it to be full and then letting it charge itself when the rates are lowest. Cool, but just the beginning. You can check driving statistics, honk the horn, lock or unlock the car, and even start it up, all from your handset.”

Head over to Engadget to read the whole thing and see plenty more pictures – as well as a video!

Truphone has announced version 3 of it’s software for Android, which allows users to place VOIP calls over Wifi using Skype or Google Talk, and also allows users to chat using AIM, Google Talk, MSN, Skype, and Yahoo Messenger.

Android 1.5 and up, in the Market now.

– Also worth a mention, we  saw over at AndroidGuys that Flip Video has announced releasing a new app:

  • Available for iPhone, Blackberry, and Google’s Android platform (at no cost)
  • Mobile Devices currently supported: Apple iPhone, iPod touch; Blackberry Curve 8520, Curve 8900, and Bold 9000; Google G1 (T-Mobile) and MyTouch (T-Mobile)
  • View favorite FlipShare videos and photos
  • Access their personal Flip Channels
  • Watch Flip Channels from friends and family
  • Create playlists (iPhone) and favorites
  • Share videos by email or on Facebook
  • Users can find the links for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android mobile apps on the www.FlipShare.com site or at their respective app stores

Sources: Engadget | Flip | MobileBurn

Other Phones In News

– Cool F910.  This China bound phone has the following specs:

Cool F910 features a 600MHZ Qualcomm 7227 processor, a 3.2-inch 320*480 HVGA capacitive touchcreen, 512MB of ROM, 256MB of RAM, a 5-megapixel camera, WAPI (compatible with WI-FI ) and Bluetooth connectivity, 3.5mm headphone jack, Android 1.6 OS, and a 1230mAh battery. The phone supports GSM quadband and WCDMA networking.

Head to LeakDroid for more info, some pics and a video.

– i5700 Galaxy Spica. Yesterday Samsung announced the US debut of the Spica. The phone launched over seas a few months back. Check out MobileBurn for more info.


Sources: LeakDroid | MobileBurn

A Smartbook and a Tablet

– HP showed off a Snapdragon Smartbook. Not much is known about it but AndroidandMe say it runs 1.5 or 1.6 and has a touchscreen. It looks pretty sweet. Here’s the video they posted but be sure to heard over and read more and see the pictures they’ve posted.

– T-Mobile and ICD Reveal First Mobile Connected Tablet Made for Busy Families.  A portion of the press release:

“Exclusive to T-Mobile in the UK, the centrepiece of the family hub is ICD’s new Vega, a 15″ touchscreen device designed primarily to sit in the kitchen which T-Mobile research identified as the heart of family life. The tablet offers one-touch access to a household calendar so families can organise their busy schedules in one place that everyone can always reach. It can be accessed by the whole family, wherever they are, via the web on a mobile, work computer, home PC or other devices with an Internet connection. The calendar automatically sends SMS text reminders to the family’s mobiles, putting an end to scraps of paper and nagging phone calls. And because it comes with a T-Mobile SIM on-board, it’s easy to make a quick hands-free call at the touch of a button. The family hub is a full-featured tablet with Wi-Fi web browsing, on-demand TV, access to social networks, video chat and games, as well as an FM radio for the complete kitchen set-up.”

..read full press release.

That sounds pretty cool, too!

Sources: AndroidandMe | Marketwire


Powermat announced support for Android phones – starting with the Motorola Droid and the Mytouch – by using custom battery covers. This allows you to charge your phone wirelessly. They offer a few different size mats.  Our friends over at AndroidandMe seem to really like it, and have wrote a bit on it and posted some pictures, head on over to check that out.

Overdrive expands its collection:

“(Las Vegas, NV, Consumer Electronics Show) – January 5, 2010 – OverDrive (www.overdrive.com), the global leader in eBook and audiobook distribution, announced today that it recently entered into agreements with top booksellers, publishers, and libraries on five continents. OverDrive will demonstrate its global network and success in enabling access to 400,000 digital books on popular devices, including PC, Mac®, iPod®, iPhone®, Zune®, Sony® ReaderTM, nookTM, and DROIDTM by Motorola®, at CES booth #12145 on January 7-10, 2010.”

…read full release.

Sources: AndroidandMe | AndroidGuys

That’s it guys. Hope you found something that piqued your interest. The news this week coming out of CES is pretty non-stop – we will continue to keep our eyes and ears open and keep the articles coming!


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  1. That would be nice if the lancaster was the exclusive one, but I’d like to see it updated at least a little from what it was 6 months ago. That screen was gonna be dreadfull

  2. isnt the tmobile plan without contract the “even more plus”. you buy the phone out right and pay less monthly and should be $60 a month. thats what they normally do. but thats with 500 minutes. whoever did the cost of ownership is an idiot. it should be the most expensive plan with it subsidized, and the least expensive without the subsidy.

  3. Personally I think someone should start a company retrofitting T-Mobile phones so that they work on ATT. There are lots of iPhone users who might be tempted by the Nexus One if they could get 3G on it.

    http://www.appadvocate.com – friendsourcing your Android market app decisions

  4. After reading more i understand this infringement case but in the end they’re still just a bunch of Dicks…

  5. I wouldn’t buy a hp netbook with Windows on it becuz theyre just not worth it…but this Android one is really attractive

  6. So T-Mobile’s plans are 500 Mins, unlimited data and messaging for $79.99 or unlimited mins, data, and messaging, w/o a contract for the same price? Why would anyone choose the former?

  7. More heype and more business as usual. It’s really just the same thing over and over, right? You get a new phone with many good features and a few big blunders…and then a carrier that may not fully support it…or a carrier that’s not up to par in your area…or a plan that’s too expensive (we’re paying more for this service than all of our internet, data and basic cable at home!)…And…whatever you decide on, you’re locked in for two years while the world keeps changing every 30 days around you.
    There’s never going to be a great solution…only constant compromises. And ultimately, it’s still just a phone/texter; we’ve all got better computers and media players at home and at work.
    Or am I missing something? Maybe I’m just having a bad day. ;-)

  8. And the greatest news of the current week is Android 2.3 Gingerbread. I like these kind of summary based articles you get whole info in one thanks.

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