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logo_gesturetekGestureTek has made an announcement that its patented gesture reading, touch free control interface is now supported on Android devices. GestureTek is an inventor of software that allows the user to control application via their own gestures. The software uses tracking engines that use the camera of the Android device to allow the user a touch free interface for games and applications.

“Greater accessibility to GestureTek’s gesture recognition software is significant for developers in the mobile and consumer electronics space,” says Vincent John Vincent, President of GestureTek. “Developers now have the ability to create gesture-control games and applications for multiple platforms and to develop for multiple mobile devices, including those with hardware-based gesture control solutions (such as accelerometers) and software-based gesture control solutions.”

Once the software is enabled, users can shake, rock or roll their phone to play games, answer calls, shuffle playlists, navigate maps, scroll, pan, zoom, turn pages and even browse the web – all without pressing a button or touching the screen.

Now I’m sure some of you out there are thrilled to soon control your phone by merely shaking, rattling, and rolling it, and the rest I’m sure are thinking of other inappropriate gestures and wondering if they will register. Guess we will see, but either way, all the breakthrough controls will be great to see!

[via PRNewsWire]

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  1. “…the rest I’m sure are thinking of other inappropriate gestures…”
    I don’t understand why masturbation is considered inappropriate on this site, especially considering the strong relationship between Android and masturbation.

  2. @jo


  3. I’ll show it my Oh face

  4. GestureTEK is *AN* “inventor of software that allows the user to control application with via their own gestures” not *THE* inventor.

    Cybernet Systems
    Snibbe Interactive
    3DV Systems
    and some tiny company in Redmond…

    Just to list a few.

  5. This would be really useful in Chicago when it’s too cold to take off your gloves but you want to find out when the next bus is arriving.

  6. “users can shake, rock or roll their phone”
    Congratulations, you’ve just reinvented the accelerometer, only now it’s done with a camera so it’s going to be even less useful.

  7. I don’t wanna rag on anyone but since Rob has released some control of the site to the new writers, the quality of the articles has gone downhill drastically. Particularly the spelling and grammar. Is anyone checking the material before it gets posted?

  8. @gsmsosv LOL

  9. @OaklandSharksFan I’ve noticed this as well and I’ve only been on the site 2 weeks. This is probably the worst example yet. Coming over from, those that post articles on this site need to make sure they’re being proof read and checked over before posting as this adds to the credibility and professionalism of the website.

  10. Yea Rob, why is so many be grammar and all spelling mistakes is on the site of this??

  11. @jo OMG that cracked me up! It couldn’t have been more perfect.

  12. It almost causes me physical pain to read these terribly written articles.

  13. @jo That was hilarious!!

  14. Agreed. As a writer myself, I know it’s easy to make a mistake now and then. I try not to rag on grammar erros, but this was pretty obnoxious.

  15. @Quasar
    Thanks for the compliment on my jokes. I write them here in the forums hoping to get people to laugh and hopefully one day be my friend, because I could use some more friends nowadays.

  16. Aww… come-on guys… be fair to the authors… if they didn’t have severe mental limitations, they’d be writing for a respectable site/employed.

  17. “Guess we will see, but either way, all the breakthrough controls will be great to see!”

    I think the last time I saw a sentence written that poorly was when I helped my fourth-grade daughter with her English homework.

    Please do something about this, Rob.

  18. While some of you poke fun at this and may not see its potential, a positive of this type of application is the potential it gives those with severe physical limitations. In working with persons with disabilities and seeing how software developed on whim or idea has been able to really help them engage the world and all it has to offer, this could be able to do just the same. Hope someone at GestureTek realized the potential of this for those with CP, missing limbs, stroke patients, and so many more.

  19. I can’t wait to see someone ‘shakin’ out a sentence in public!!

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