Samsung Russia Announces Galaxy Spica, $483 In November


We’ve been hearing a lot about the Samsung Galaxy Lite and it was recently made official by Samsung in Russia, announcing it as the Samsung Galaxy Spica.


Some of the specs officially announced:

  • 3.2-inch touchscreen
  • 800MHz processor
  • 128MB of RAM
  • 1500 mAh battery
  • microSD (up to 32GB)
  • GPS-module
  • Compass

The Samsung Galaxy Spica will launch in November for 14,000 rubles which is the equivalent of $483 US Dollars. The press release, uncoincidentally, was in Russian – so we have done all the manual labor of a full English translation by painstakingly pasting the press release text into Google translate:

Moscow, October 20, 2009-Samsung Electronics, the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile phones presents a new smartphone Galaxy Spica, running an innovative operating system, Google Android. This is the second model based on the Android smart phones in the line of Samsung.

The main difference between the new device to high speed and usability of the network, as well as easy synchronization with network services and services. In addition, Amdriod originally designed for devices with touch-screen, so the management intuitive and convenient, especially in combination with 3,2 “display.

Appearance Galaxy Spica retained all family resemblances tachfonov Samsung, but at first glance it is clear that he is different. The front panel has two bright red accent under the navigation button and in the dynamics. The red color perfect harmony with the glossy black finish and unique interpretation of the differences between this apparatus. On the back of the logotype Android, which aims to dispel all doubts about the innovation and adaptability to a smartphone.

Uninterrupted and smooth operation newest operating system provides an impressive hardware Galaxy Spica. The new smartphone equipped with a 800MHz processor and 128MB of RAM. Loading data, transfer them between devices, listening to music, watching videos, all of these functions operate at incredible speeds for a mobile platform. Galaxy Spica updates all the data service Google-mail, calendar, documents, etc., in real time, allowing you to always keep our finger on the pulse.

Galaxy Spica has a number of predefined services Google, but you can add all of his applications from an extensive library, which is replenished every day. Increasing number of developers is included in the Open Handset Alliance-an organization whose members are developing hardware and software for Android. This means that every day there are new, more advanced applications to help simplify and filling the new phone functionality. Galaxy Spica-a smartphone that each user can customize to their needs, making a much more convenient and comfortable your mobile life.

In addition to all the network benefits of the new OS, Galaxy Spica is also different multimedia capabilities. Music and video players that work with all popular digital formats, make this unit a real mobile entertainment center. And no need to convert video files gives freedom to choose content and saves a lot of time. Powerful battery 1 500 mAh, and support for memory cards microSD (up to 32GB) offer long battery life and the ability to store large amounts of data.

Supports Microsoft ActiveSyncTM makes it easy to synchronize e-mail between smartphone and PC. A user-friendly touch QWERTY-keyboard allows full use e-mail, regardless of location. Browser Chrome Light delivers the incredible sensation of the mobile Internet, usability which is virtually identical to surf the web on a standard PC. Among other things, Galaxy Spica is equipped with a GPS-module and a compass, which, in conjunction with the Google Maps service provide an opportunity to navigate anywhere in the world and find the necessary addresses, streets and facilities, whether it be pizza, a museum or a subway station in an unfamiliar city.

Galaxy Spica will appear on Russia’s market in November 2009 for 1 4000 rubles.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.-world technology leader in semiconductor, telecommunication and digital convergence, with sales in 2007 amounted to 105 billion dollars. State of Samsung Electronics-150 thousand people in 134 offices in 62 countries worldwide. The company consists of two units: Digital Devices and Communication (Digital Media & Communications) and Components (Device Solutions). Samsung Electronics, being one of the fastest growing brands in the world, is a leading producer of digital TVs, memory cards, mobile phones and TFT-LCD monitors. In 2008 the company won the Grand Prix of the contest “Brand of the Year / Effie” in the nomination “New Name” (phone Duos), and in 2009 won three awards “Product of the Year» (LED-7000 TV series and mini-notebook WiTuPS).

No word on price or when/if this will hit other regions of the world.


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  1. only thing that seems lite about it is the ram/rom and the camera. other then that it just seems like a revamped galaxy.

  2. How come this one has an 800Mhz processor, while the Galaxy only has 528Mhz? Doesn’t seem to be lite when looking at that.

  3. 128mb RAM? what kind of joke is this?

  4. Price is to high, in Europe you can by Galaxy for just a little more money. This was supposed to be low priced Android device.
    I’m interested to see this device in wild with price tag, I think there will be price changes after it hits market.

  5. So perhaps this means the Behold II will also get an 800Mhz ARM11

  6. Uping the cpu and keeping 128mb of ram is useless.

  7. I’d take the slower snapdragon and boost up the ram instead of this. I didn’t see what the rom was but come on companies, this should be 1 gig, no less.

  8. The price listed here is insane, a simlock free spica costs 250 euros,here in the Netherlands that is.

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