Sony Ericsson X10 Hits Rogers Q2 2010


Looks like The Xperia X10 will be headed to Rogers come Q2 of 2010. Full press release follows:

•  The Xperia™ X10 introduces an open and integrated world of social media, communication and entertainment

•  New UX (user experience) platform lets consumers organize everything and discover more with one of the most open, human and intuitive user experiences yet

•  Rogers Wireless becomes exclusive Xperia X10 Canadian carrier and first in North America ; extends leadership in Android device lineup

Toronto , January 5, 2010 – Canadians will be among the first in the world to experience open and integrated social media, communication and entertainment with the launch of the Sony Ericsson Xperia ™ X10 phone, which will make its North American debut first in Canada, exclusively from Rogers. The Xperia ™ X10 is expected to be available in the second quarter 2010.

“At Rogers, we have built our legacy on innovation, bringing the most exciting and exclusive handsets first to customers in Canada,” said John Boynton, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Rogers Communications. “We are thrilled to be the exclusive Canadian carrier to offer this phenomenal mobile entertainment device.”

“Building on our entertainment heritage, the Xperia ™ X10 underpins our commitment to an open and multi-platform strategy that maximizes choice for the consumer and delivers the best possible entertainment experience,” said Andrea Gaal, General Manager, Sony Ericsson Canada. “This handset makes communications more fun and more playful while multiplying and enriching opportunities to connect.”

Introducing signature applications like Sony Ericsson Mediascape and Timescape™, the Xperia™ X10 lets consumers organize everything in their phone and in an intuitive way:

•  The Sony Ericsson Timescape™ application manages all your communication with one person in one place. Browse through your conversations and check out your Facebook™, Twitter™ and MySpace™ accounts 1, photos, emails 1, and texts 1 all in one seamless, easy to use interface

•  Sony Ericsson Mediascape application is the smart way to get all the music, photos and videos you want from your favourite friends and artists. It accesses this content from just about everywhere – your phone or YouTube™ and Facebook™ services 1 and presents everything for you in an integrated way

Intelligence capabilities, integrated into Sony Ericsson Mediascape and Timescape™ applications, automatically recognizes connections between contacts, content and media. By recommending alternative ways to communicate or guiding to new media experiences, consumers can discover more in a truly open way. For example:

•  Pressing the new “infinite button” guides you through the connected world, aggregating all your interactions with one person into one view

•  Intelligent face recognition features recognize up to five faces in any picture, automatically connecting them with your social phonebook and all other related communications with that person. The X10 also features an 8.1 megapixel camera including 16X digital zoom.

The UX platform builds on top of the Open OS (Android) and creates a unique Sony Ericsson user experience by combining best-in-class entertainment features with signature applications, unrivalled integration of social media services and a rich graphical user interface. The Xperia™ X10 phone is the first mobile phone to truly humanize the way people interact with their phones.

Sony Ericsson’s open approach gives consumers maximum choice. Xperia X10 users can download any application they want directly from Android Market, creating an experience that is entirely unique to them.

[ CNW via BGR ]


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  1. Dude, if you copy’n’paste a press release, please QUOTE it (!) in a block and don’t just slap it in our face like that. Thanks.

  2. I totally agree.

    On topic: Sony Ericsson are really missing out on a lot of opportunities by stalling their release for so long.

  3. @ fish just read the news , and be quite….!!!
    If you have something constructive to add
    the to the post do it if not just read it…

  4. @ jaestoner01:

    No, Fish has a point. By not blockquoting it, it looks more like Phandroid is shilling for Rogers and/or Sony Ericsson, rather than relaying a press release or creating a news article. It’s journalistic ethics.

  5. Is this thing still coming out with 1.5 or 1.6 or something like that?

  6. Don’t buy from Rogers.. They are an *bleep*!

  7. I wonder how much confidence Sony Ericcson has in this phone if it is releasing it in Canada before the U.S. I think it is cool that the Canadians get a phone before us since it usually happens the other way. It just makes me wonder. Besides, will this phone really matter now. I recall that it will be releasing with 1.5 or 1.6 (which makes no sense since 2.1 will be out). I really wanted this phone 5 months ago when I first heard about it; but now all I can think about is Nexus One or HTC Bravo.

  8. gah i really was expecting it to be released in like a few days…

  9. Sorry ’bout that. Corrected!

  10. @Dean
    The htc magic/mytouch 3g came out in canada before it did in the US. You’re not the centre of the universe, you know?

    Anyway, my contract’s up for renewal in june so I sure hope this is as good as well.. it used to look. Maybe there’s a chance they’ll update the OS before then but I guess there isn’t much of one. ugh.

  11. now that I’ve looked at the specs again, I’m actually kind of stoked. Snapdragon, 4 inch screen, and 1 gig of internal memory(something desperately needed by all android devices). It may be on 1.6 but with it’s awesome UI actually not that big of a deal and according to mobilesyrup, it will “probably be updated to 2.0 by launch”. Maybe this will be my next phone afterall..

  12. “Sony Ericsson’s open approach gives consumers maximum choice. Xperia X10 users can download any application they want directly from Android Market, creating an experience that is entirely unique to them.”
    They better not lock out the Market…

  13. Any application they want as long as it’s free, I’m guessing. Canada is retarded. And I LIVE IN CANADA. Sigh.

  14. Two words : two late !

    Do you know if Sony knows about NexusOne (available soon) and Iphone-V4 (available in june/july) ….

  15. Sorry to say that but as Little_iki said: Sony Ericsson as usually is too late.
    Even Motorola was faster this time ;-) with the Milestone/Droid…
    I really like the desing of the Xperia X10 but I’m not willing to wait for 3 months.

  16. Absolutely agree, me too not willing to wait for 3 months.
    Postpone syndrome, Sony.

  17. Don’t see how this can ever beat my jailbroken iphone…let alone the new iphone being released this summer.

    I used to be an android guy and slander iphones…until i actually tried one. The device has practically become as important to me as some sort of extra limb.

    I’m not hating of android- the devices ore okay, but the iphone is superior in all facet except for widgets, which i used to swear by but do not miss at all.

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