Android OS Popularity Grows by Leaps and Bounds


Google’s Android mobile operating system has been out on the streets for more than a year and has changed the smart phone market! ChangeWave’s December of 4,068 consumers found that the Android operating system causing a stir in the smart phone market with the Motorola Droid as the biggest and most immediate culprit.

Among those who currently own a smart phone, ChangeWave found that 4% say they’re currently using Google’s Android operating system, which is  a 3pt jump since their survey in September. They also discovered that 21% of those planning to buy a smart phone in the next 90 days say they would rather have the Android OS on their new phone, which is a gigantic 15pt jump in just three months.


Three months ago, Android OS was tied for last place in consumer’s preferences among all the major mobile operating systems. However, since then it has exploded into second place just behind the iPhone OS X. The iPhone OS X remains the number one choice for operating systems but has fallen 4pts.


The Motorola Droid stands out as the biggest and the beneficiary of the growing demand for the Android OS. Motorola is showing an enormous 12pt jump in future buying, which is the first increase for Motorola in a ChangeWave consumer smart phone survey.



The Apple iPhone continues to lead all other major cell phone manufacturers in customer satisfaction levels with 77% of owners reporting they are very satisfied with their iPhone OS X. Android ranks second with 72% saying they are very satisfied.


Personally, prior to my Motorola Droid, I was the owner of a Blackberry Storm and I am now 100% satisfied with my Droid as compared to the 10% satisfaction level I had with my Storm. What are your thoughts? Are you happy with your Android device or looking to switch to one due to dissatisfaction with a different OS?

[via ChangeWave | AndroidGuys ]

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  1. Go android,gooo !!

  2. The trend is your friend…ah and today is supposed to be a big day coming up

  3. I am 100% satisfied with the android os.

    However, there are a couple things I don’t like about the motorola droid phone: keys too close (I find myself using the on screen keyboard a lot more than the physical keyboard which is a big surprise for me), no dedicated send key.

    I ended up writing a redialer app for the Droid (check it out folks) that mimics a double click on a dedicated send key because it bothered me to not have one already on the phone…so i guess that issue is resolved but the physical keyboard leaves me less than satisfied.

  4. Love my Android phone, if only it was a bit quicker (Hero running stock 1.5)

  5. This is great news for Android. Although there are alot of people who don’t seem to get the connection between Android, Droid, and Google. As a tech consultant, it’s easy, but I’m amazed at the # of people who are confused.

    IMO, I think Google needs to have better awareness for Android.

    I wrote a short blog trying to explain all this to a non techy: http://jonatechllc.blogspot.com/

    If you have any comments, please add.

  6. I was completely unsatisfied with my Verizon BlackBerry 8830. 100% satisfaction with my Droid. It has all of the capabilities I need and all of the stuff I want!

  7. @jkman, download the Swype beta virtual keyboard for droid at droidmuff.in and try it. I almost never use the physical keyboard anymore, and Swype is also vastly superior to the OEM virtual keyboard on the droid. Swype is a revolutionary virtual keyboard input system (no I don’t work for them). I just really like it.

  8. First I had a SE 800i – decent camera – simple phone
    Then I had an SE Xperia – worst phone I’ve ever used
    now I have a Milestone – best phone I’ve ever used

  9. Will we actually be able to buy the nexus one today?

  10. @webby I will have to try it out. I saw the post about it and just haven’t gotten around to trying it out yet. The default virtual keyboard is actually very easy to use (especially with a nice big screen like what the motorola droid has).

    Even if Swype works wonders it still does not change my satisfaction level of the physical keyboard. This is a small point, I know. The large screen really does make up for the less than satisfactory physical keyboard because you get so much on screen typing area.

  11. My wife had a Curve and thought she loved it, then she got the Droid – now the Curve would be rated at about 30%. As more people play with the Android 2.0+ phones, more and more will switch.

    jonatech – I do agree that there is a disconnect with Android/Google/Phones. Verizon’s campaign helped a bit (mainly naming the phones “Droid” was probably the biggest factor), but a lot of people don’t understand that when HTC says “with Google” that actually means with Google’s Android OS and not just Google search.

  12. Not only ChangeWave reports this, but AdMob reports some nice stats as well:

    Quote from this link:
    “Rapid growth: Worldwide requests from Android devices increased 97% from October to December. AdMob received over 1 billion ad requests from Android devices in Dec 09.”

    That’s almost a doubling of requests within 2 months.

  13. I disagree with the above statements. Well I mean I agree but so what? If you ask owner of a Nokia cell phone what operating system it runs an estimated 95% will NOT know it’s Symbian. So fucking what? Cell phone users simply do not have to know what OS is running on their devices. They just want it to work and you’ll get that with Android. So what exactly is the problem you say?

  14. it is important as people treat their phones as actual PC’s and not just as phones++

  15. Was previous owner of iPhone 2G from 2007-2009 on AT&T.

    When the contract was up, I decided to go to Verizon (had network problems with AT&T) and I wanted to move to an Android based OS as I am a huge Google whore, using all of their services daily including Wave and Voice.

    I must say that in terms of user experience, the iPhone wins. So far. I keep reminding myself that when my wife and I first got the iPhones they were a mere shadow of their current state and it wasn’t until 3.0 was released that they really shined.

    I love the openness of Android and there are so many apps available that would never see the light of day on the iPhone. Google Voice is one in particular. I’m not quite sure how I lived without it before as it was crucial in maintaining contact with some relatives from Sweden that were coming to the US right in the middle of our switchover from AT&T to Verizon.

    I do think that the openness is a double edged sword. Whereas on Apple, all apps are approved from Apple and in some sense, they “just work”. With Android, apps can be submitted by anyone – many do not work, many do not do what they claim, many are bug ridden, etc. While I can select an option on the Droid to reject any non-marketplace apps, Apple’s process results in a better number of quality apps that work properly.

    As a total gadget geek, I’m happy with my choice. My wife, who is not tech savvy and an average user, liked the iPhone much much better.


  17. @Dan,
    We recommend that you disassociate from anyone that is an iphone fan. And if it means you have to divorce your wife for the sake of the phandroid group then so be it. This is serious business.

  18. Love the HTC MyTouch 3G .. a little sluggish at times, but why get iPhone when Google makes the best apps? iPHone may provide a better UI, but I’m rooting for Android, for what iPhone could have been but will never be because it’s from Apple :)

  19. Stock HTC Hero was about 85% good for me due to its’ lag-ness. Switching to a custom ROM/kernel made the remaining 15% of lag fly with the wind. Now I would never buy an iPhone xD

  20. jo wrote on January 5, 2010

    You are totally awesome.

  21. thanks destardi. I offered my writing skills to Phandroid to do some articles .. but they haven’t responded to me. Maybe my humour doesn’t ‘fit in’.

  22. I’ve been 99% satisfied with my G1 mainly because of what it can do and how far it’s come seeing the OS upgraded a couple times. I’m very pro-Google and the disappointed reviews on the Nexus One are moot to me since it’s just what I expected. Another great improvement from previous versions of the OS. I very much want one for those improvements but also simply for performance as that has been very frustrating lately with my ole yeller G1. That said, even waiting for things to load I’m still VERY happy with my choice as it’s continually improving by OS updates or just by discovering new apps that make my life easier! I will likely first root the ole G1 before upgrading hardware and go with a custom ROM as I only see high praises for performance increases with them as well as the fact that I really don’t see G1’s getting updated further than 1.6 due to performance requirements.

  23. not sure how anyone can say the iphone user experience shines if you have to hack it just to change your wallpaper.

  24. Good point Free….hosever iphone does have a bit less laggy experience. ..net wise and ext. But I am happy with android and wouldn’t switch no….way

  25. Swype is amazing! I’ve always been a physical keyboard guy, but I am willing to forgo the physical keyboard for a slimmer phone with a large screen, since Swype literally is as efficient, if not more, than a small physical keyboard.

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