Nexus One SURPRISES: Will There Be Any?


surprise(1)We’re less than an hour away from the Nexus One press conference and we already know so much – at least we think we do. Google could have easily blown the hinges off this event by calling the phone “The gPhone” and playing their hand a little closer to their chest. But could Google be saving some secrets for the actual event?

Right now the Nexus One is looking like an awesome Andriod Phone – the best on the market – but from all we’ve seen it isn’t a game changing device that questions the basic infrastructure and approach of the wireless industry. We were told the inevitable gPhone would change the way the mobile world (as we  know it) works and seriously adjust the status quo. We heard of things like:

  • Complete Google Voice integration
  • 100% free, ad-supported service
  • No contract, Insanely cheap
  • World phone purchased in retail stores and activated anywhere

Are ANY of these going to come true? It doesn’t look like it at this point… (and perhaps that’s why they’re callng it the Nexus One and not gPhone) but we’re sure hoping that changes. What about something we HAVEN’T heard of yet? For example Google is offering free Wi-Fi in all American airports during the holiday season through January 15th – could they be working out a similar situation to provide Nexus One owners with tons of free Wi-Fi access points?

I don’t know what will or won’t happen – but you’ve still got time to make your own predictions so you can say, “I told you so” when you hit the nail on the head.

Ready. Set. Guess.

Rob Jackson
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  1. Not expecting anything but I did stumble on a link where a guy was trying to sell the N1 and he included “Sync Software”. You never know.

  2. hopufully is cheaper than $530.00
    that would be some awesome (whishfull thinking)

  3. Assuming rumored pricing is true…

    It’s significant that it’s launching on T-Mobile, because TMo is the only carrier that offers cheaper plans for those who purchase unsubsidized phones. Cheap enough, in fact, to lower the 2yr cost of buying a hyper-expensive phone like the N1 to a few bucks below the 2yr cost of a traditional subsidized purchase. This launch may not be the game-changer it was hyped up to be, but it may turn out to be Step 1 towards a less fucked-up market for mobile devices and services.

  4. Get ready for the big yawn of the year. The NexusOne announcement will be basically a new T-Mobile Android phone initially sold exclusively by T-Mobile.

    I could be wrong though.

  5. When is it GMT? 6 O’clock?

  6. My prediction is…Sprint is still behind on phones and will not be seeing the Nexus One.

    Hopefully we will get the HTC version of it though.

  7. where can i watch this live????

  8. @audiophile – I completely agree with you.

  9. you can try live.gizmodo.com

  10. The most updating live blog is here:

    There’s also http://live.slashgear.com/

    The event starts in just under 10 minutes now.

  11. Here’s hoping for a big Google Voice / Gizmo5 announcement.

    It’s been almost two months since the acquisition: http://www.google.com/gizmo5/ and things have been eerily quiet: http://googlevoiceblog.blogspot.com/

  12. @treefq:

    HTC manufacturers the Nexus One.

  13. What part of this phone showcases GOOGLE? all i see is the 2.1 software so far…

  14. will you guys be there? Will there be a live blog?

  15. Getting free wifi access at a reasonable number of hotspots is highly unlikely purely based on the platform they’re running. As a network architect for the largest hotspot provider/manager in the world I can say we’d never do this based on device id (too easy to mimic) and anything other than carrier/provider based backend authentication just isn’t reasonable. Now, maybe we could base it on the google account which then google could auth, but that also doesn’t necessarily restrict access to nexus 1 users.
    Sorry to burst the bubble there, though we’d certainly love to work out a roaming agreement with google ;)

  16. VERIZON VERSION IN SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Here is a surprise:


    Website up :P

    O and Verizon will be getting it as well.

  18. @Terry
    Yes I know. But HTC bravo or HTC incredible or HTC “insert Name Here” is what I am hoping for over at sprint. Basically the Nexus One with a different name and branded for Sprint.

  19. Oh and I was right!!! They even have the Verizon button ready to go on the google.com/phone website. Nothing for Sprint.

  20. Guys, the site is up.


    There is a phone for Verizon coming “soon” to the US! There is at least one surprise. Trying to check what sims work for the unlocked phone, perhaps they will add a dual-band one later when it releases for Verizon

  21. verizon!!!!

  22. Aside from the N1 going to Verizon in the spring and voice input replacing keyboard input, no surprises…

    Nothing about google voice (number portability, integrated VOIP, data only plans), nothing about spotify music, no google subsidy, no apps on SD cards (but coming soon so a semi surprise), no new software for syncing with a computer or online

    This was just basically announcing a new sexy phone with a new online phone store. No revolution here.. I might consider getting it, but I definitely wasted all my time reading the rumors about it.

  23. everything interesting is ‘coming soon’…

  24. Well, the surprise is… there is no surprise!

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